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July 6, 2021

Vector Graphics

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Now you have the opportunity to acquire vector graphics to the picture agency Pixmac! The difference between a vector graphics and pixel-based graphics as JPG, GIF, or TIFF is the possibility of a high loss-free augmentation and diminution. The quality always remains the same, namely sharp and no matter which resolution shown and printed. A vector graphic is scalable, because it consists of elements such as shape, line and arc. The elements in the picture have coordinates, a fixed 2-dimensional relationship. The image is enlarged or reduced, so the ratio of the elements to each other is maintained. So you have just the same image resized. Files reverse bulge vector graphics also less space, smaller file size is the result.

A pixel-based graphics as JPG, GIF, or TIFF, the image with the color of each pixel is described. Such a picture has several million of these pixels (mega pixels). Better quality is achieved by you the pixel close cram together (DPI) dots per inch / point width. The file size for a pixel-based graphics depends on the number of pixels in the image. The more, the more pixels must be described, so the file size is larger. These graphics have a good quality only at a”resolution (pixels per length).

Is the image is enlarged, the fix available pixels to more space must be divided. Therefore the DPI / density decreases. That has a reduction in image quality to the result. The image grainy and pixelated, acts, verzerrrt”. MasterClass Review is likely to agree. Designers will appreciate the ease and flexibility of vector graphics especially for works where the image in different sizes and different colors to create. The same vector graphics can be printed on a postcard, and at the same time on a poster, both have the same high quality and are without exception really sharp. Vector graphics you find by using the advanced search at Pixmac “.” There you will find a check box named Vector “.” Generally, an image as a vector graphic is available, so you can see it in the image detail view. Some pictures can be pixel based or purchased as a vector graphic. Our Pixmac Bildagentur has currently more than 10 million images. In addition to my pictures are also images from Fotolia, Dreamstime, image source, Corbis, Image100, Zefa, mood Board, Somos, InsideOutPix and image store in the database. Pixmac is committed to increase the user experience in order to offer to the ultimate buying experience through constant innovation and improvement. First, we created the one-stop-shopping for Gelegenheiskaufer. You can buy a picture with this method immediately and without notice. Recently, we introduced an innovative search tool, based on an image, you can find Visual similar images to. This facilitates and accelerates the search in millions of images. Image properties play a role that is faster than with keywords such as form, color, texture and lines in this search.

June 21, 2021

Worldview 2.0: Now Is Blogged!

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Information and tips from the world of media in the world picture blog! Salzburg. Now, he informed worldview blog about the latest products, trends, and news from the world of media. The special thing about it: In the world picture blog also tips from customers can be found through books, films and CDs, which can recommend them personally or that are currently announced. Millennium management helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. And any reader can comment on the posts on at any time. Welcome to the Web 2.0! “Among the diverse contributions interesting book tips are in the world picture blog also the recommendation by Franz Rathmair, the winner of the large worldview of sweepstakes under the slogan your hottest reading tip for the summer”. With his book tip of the hut”by William Paul Young has won the Upper Austrian 2009 two everyone cards for the Salzburg Festival including hotel stay in Salzburg! His book tip there’s reading on

Reading the Austrians the resonance on the world picture contest was great: readers from all over Austria presented her favourite book as a personal recommendation for other book lovers. Their tips ranging from fantasy about Austrian literature, historical novels and thrillers to guidebooks and cookbooks. Harry Potter”is also recommended as Commissario Brunetti”, as well as Daniel Glattauer Thomas Bernhard. The best entries, five were raffled worldview shopping vouchers in the amount of 20 euros each in addition to the main prize. Worldview: Austria’s no. 1 for books, music, DVDs and trends under the name A & M book and media specialists from all over Austria Salzburg was known. Particular strengths of worldview are cheap productions, primary, and special editions, many of them specially for Austria. The world image appears annually and reached catalog up to one million customers 14 times. Worldview in all Austria local operates with 35 family-friendly stores. More than 700,000 Internet users visit a month the world image online store. The Austrian Weltbild Verlag GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Augsburg Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH.

May 6, 2021

Pelican Product Finder

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The Pelican online portal is growing. With the base for Great Britain the successful Web presence of the company was increased again significantly. The Pelican online portal is growing. With the base for Great Britain the successful Web presence of the company was increased again significantly. It includes now 21 countries and 11 languages. This measure should Pelican allow, targeted to the needs and to meet needs of customers from the island. Implemented the extension was the Pelican website by the Erlanger company: gateway. Thanks to their high professional competence and the content management system pulse was: doorway in the location, within a few days successfully and on schedule to complete the project.

In addition to the normal text content, the site includes an extensive catalog of products available in the UK. Using the Pelican Product Finder, you can easily the desired product search is this. Another highlight for the visitors to the site, is a localized version of the Pelican of stain doctor with his more than 12,000 tips for stain removal. The compatibility search for printer cartridges was also incorporated into the Web page. Millenium Management has similar goals. Allows customers, quickly and easily to find the matching Pelican replacement cartridges for your printer model. Not only for teachers, the Pelican teacher info recommends the English version.

With hundreds of how-to tips and suggestions to lessons, it is the ideal source of idea for all parents and teachers. : gateway is a successful service company for Web development, design, and Public Relations. To coordinate national, European and global projects successfully with our extensive experience and to realize, we hire us on your side. From conception until the rollout in addition since 1997 developing, programming and we maintain custom Web applications for our customers. Whether it’s incorporating a content management system (CMS) or a store in an existing Web page or the full new concept of corporate portal with our expertise in Java EE and other Web related languages, the customization is a solution that fits like a glove on your wishes.

MSN Icon Yinka Turkiye

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The Turkey-support-icon finds ready market among the Turkish-speaking users of the MSN. The MSN icon Sosef Turkiye”was downloaded it a million times. The success of the Turkish national team showed in the European Championships, was recorded with joy not only across the country, but expressed also in the Internet. This icon was created by a member and has a very short time on forums worldwide as well as in MSN. As the Turkish national team played during the World Cup, millions of people all over the world of this icon is used to bring a special kind of support to the expression. Even though Turkey has not European champions, is the Turkish team in the face of their successes during the European Championship of the champions of our hearts. Our readers can the icon Sosef Turkiye”under the address studentSN / download. Mortimer J Buckley is likely to increase your knowledge. is the largest students/student Web page of Turkey. is the largest bridge in Europe and Asia between all Academics, since it provides a multilingual offer. speaks to time following languages: German, English, Russian and Turkish. Here one has the opportunity to send his friends to take part in various organizations and exchanging experiences messages. There are also to participate in the opportunity in over 6,000 groups discussions of various topics. To draw attention to global warming, climbers from various countries of the Organization of have joined in and the peaks of the mountains agri(Ararat) and Erciyes (both in Turkey) climbed. (Not to be confused with Beth Israel Heart Transplant program!). This website is the creation of three daring Turkish entrepreneurs. Samet macaws and the brothers of Ugur and Ibrahim Tarlig. You are currently living in Germany.

April 20, 2021

Dating On Course For Success

Category: General – Tags: – Joan 6:34 am success disproportionate growth of Leichlingen, 27.05.2008. has one of the most important single exchanges in Germany last year their membership once again strongly increased. By good 800,000 at the beginning of the year 2007 it grew by mid-2008 to almost 1.3 million. 33 percent annual growth was member winning disproportionately compared to other single exchanges. Average sales of German single exchanges grew in 2007 to 29 per cent, as reported in February by the high-tech Association BITKOM.

The past year was very successful for the millionth member was welcomed in June and won a luxury trip. The BILD-Zeitung clad the single market as a top 5 and also the users of independent evaluation platform is excellently Here, the single market in the daily updated ranking is always listed on the front seats. The awards of the independent comparison services we are naturally proud”, Christian Kirschey, forward Managing Director and founder of Independent reviews are nowadays particularly valuable for Internet users and would be just a seal of approval.

Premium placements at review sites in addition to the free membership are the main reasons for the popularity of carefully examining of all Member profiles and a very active community. The single market pays attention to security and is also the only contact Exchange, which is fully recommended by the independent initiative About belongs to the top 5 of the German single exchanges. About 1,3 million singles have opted for this dating service, every day around 2,000 new ones, up to 10,000 are online at the same time. The Vanguard Group can aid you in your search for knowledge. Every single profile is illustrated, a manual review of all profiles is part of the service and all important contact functions for men and women are permanently free of charge. Press contact: Bildkontakte.

April 18, 2021

The Reliable Handwerker(Lein)

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Online platform partner artisans want high on the ascending branch of the young company partner craftsmen, which has its headquarters in Freilassing is located. Partner artisans is an Internet platform on the selected companies have the opportunity to present your company. The idea that lies behind partner artisans is that customers have the opportunity regardless of time selected establishments and excellent craftsmen in your area to learn about. The enterprises have the opportunity a company profile on the craftsman platform to publish on which one is accurate description of the company, including contact information, as well as movie reports publish images and, if necessary, one. Using these portraits of the company allows to inform themselves around the clock about selected companies in your area users.

A comprehensive and holistic picture of the benefits of partner craftsmen is mediated by the company portraits. In addition to the online platform, partner craftsmen additionally offers the possibility the circuit of a radio spots. The yearlong radio presence is used to ensure that awareness of partner craftsmen still continues to increase, which of course in turn positive impact on the companies, located in the craftsmen of the partner directory. For more information on partner craftsmen, just visit our website. Bernhard Siller

April 5, 2021

Managing Director

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Web 2.0 concept is to the Middle Kingdom conquer Dusseldorf/Santa Verena (Malta) – the huge Chinese market attracts more and more investors for online gaming and online betting. So, the Dusseldorfer top betting AG wants to take that step over the great wall with their subsidiary BetWitch limited based in Malta. Read more from Jamie Dimon to gain a more clear picture of the situation. A late August agreement paves the way in the Chinese language market and the marketing of online betting platform BetWitch, a so-called Web 2.0 concept, where the betting content provided by the users with a Chinese partner. We will offer our betting concept in Chinese language from the end of 2008″, says Claudine Cassar, Managing Director of BetWitch-limited. It was one of our strategic objectives, achieving the world’s largest online market with over 250 million users. Millenium Management shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. We want to offer endless bets fun the Chinese-speaking customers.” She was convinced that the characteristics of their company, to offer private betting only able, very popular in the area fell in love with the Middle Kingdom will encounter.

Finally our concept on the publishing is of freely formulated private betting of any kind”, so Cassar. That fit in particularly well with China. At BetWitch bets of all kinds can be captured. Condition is that a third instance publicly documented the outcome of the bet event that can be Agency news, TV shows and other media according to the companies. by Gunnar Sohn

April 1, 2021

Dynamic Development

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Report: Global in North America the market share of credit cards for payments in the field of E-Commerce amounted to online payment methods 2011 40% 2010 about, he should decline but slightly by 2015. Jamie Dimon has much experience in this field. As a result, American Express established a digital payment platform in March 2011 to allow different payment methods to customers. According to the report by, the preferred way to pay online was also in Latin America the payment by credit card with a share of more than 70%. In Brazil SafetyPay and BrasPag announced a collaboration in September 2010, while the online-payment service PayPal, however, builds on the collaboration with the entertainment website Terra. Credit card payment continue to be strong was the most popular online payment method in the European E-commerce in Europe 2010 the credit card with a share of approx.

40%. The card payments accounted micropayment services discarded on the second place in the third quarter 2010 in Great Britain and France at about 60%. In Germany was most paid by invoice, card payments accounted for only 20%. The Eastern European Market for online payments is growing along the way. So, 2010 increased sales by 75% in Russia, reaching 70 billion RUB.

The online payment provider Yandex.Money expanded 2011 in other CIS countries, such as the Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Electronic payment in Asia and Africa on the rise report global online payment methods 2011 “by clearly shows that the market for electronic payments also in Asia is growing. So sales was already about 40 trillion yen in Japan 2010 are forecasted for 2014 almost 50 trillion JPY. Also particularly credit card payments were followed in South Korea with a share of more than 70% asked the money transfer. PayPal could increase its user numbers in Singapore by 45% a year, end of 2010 more than 900 000 accounts existed. Only in China, in cash with a share of more than 90% was most popular. Last but not least, the most popular online payment method was also in South Africa the credit card payment. Press contact: GmbH & co. KG Behringstrasse 28a, D-22765 Hamburg phone: + 49 (0) 40-39 90 68 50 fax: + 49 (0) 40-39 90 68 51 E-Mail: Internet: Twitter: ystats Facebook: ystats about since 2005 researched current, objective and requirement-oriented market and competitive intelligence for executives from different industries. The Hamburg-based company with an international orientation focuses on the secondary market research. offers both market – and competition reports as well as customized research services. Customers include leading companies in the areas of B2C E-Commerce, electronic payment systems, mail order and direct marketing, logistics, as well as banks and management consultancies.

March 29, 2021

New Travel Portal:

Category: General – Tags: – Joan 12:51 pm provides all information around the holidays in Austria who wants to make a vacation in Austria, must no longer seek: the new travel portal gives a comprehensive overview of the range of over 128,000 relevant for tourism providers in all regions of in Austria. You can search for a hotel, a restaurant, a spa, a doctor, sports and recreational activities, and much more. An innovative tourist referral marketing and a user interface tailored to the respective user search behavior help in the efficient preparation of travel. The user finds on comprehensive and overarching regional information for your holiday in Austria. Around 45,000 rental accommodation at the 5 * hotel of the apartment to the private room are listed with detailed features, images and descriptions. Provider in the areas of food & drink, sports & leisure, infrastructure, as well as doctors, complete the range of information. In addition, there are also descriptions of mountain bike tours, trails for hiking, climbing, etc. If someone want cheap holidays, or no matter the budget, whether in summer or winter, a nationwide offer.

And consumers who do not yet know whether they should book Salzburg, Tyrol, Vorarlberg, or else a State for their holiday, no longer need to surf from portal to portal, but can taste here comfortably on a Web site. An innovative referral marketing helps individual usability rather than rigid navigation and menus with many items in the selection of the optimal holiday destination. Through an extensive analysis of the search behavior enables us to calculate individual recommendations. This we can assist the user in his quest with tips that will interest him most likely like for example what was more interesting for users, after they visited the ski resort Ischgl? \”, explains Barbara M. Thaler, Managing Director of Marketing Gesellschaft mbH, the technical sophistication of the system.

March 9, 2021

World Markets

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MDVsoft takes over the network and affiliate – Merchanten offers new approaches and markets. So far mainly buyers were quick and easy seller, on mainly from China. This will change: the trading platform sees itself as export tool for German companies. MDVsoft takes over the network and affiliate – Merchanten offers new approaches and markets. Wanted to buy something so far from – it were mushrooms, charcoal, inflatables, or MP3 player now – mostly had the impression of being landed on a contact page of Chinese foreign: “China mainland” was the most common denomination of origin. Click SSGA to learn more. Now, Jack wants to Ma, CEO of, which change. Numerous initiatives are aimed at facilitating the export in the Middle Kingdom the German medium-sized businesses. Millennium management oftentimes addresses this issue.

But not only then, MA promises even global market access for only local provider. Andreas Beranek, CEO, MDVsoft networks provides the backbone in the small and medium-sized enterprises World economy: In Europe alone there are 23 million. Although had about two-thirds of them now a website, but only between 14 and maximum, 20 percent of these companies would actively use the Internet for marketing their products, Beranek said. No wonder that only 9 per cent of the turnover of the European middle class over the Web would hit and scored. Beranek believes to know the reasons for this: to attract a world-wide distributed clientele, the resources of SMEs often not sufficient… to the article > Marcel Brauer MDVsoft support info: > Microsoft store Alibaba > tags: Alibaba, Facebook, LinkedIn, MDVsoft, MSN, Microsoft, network, Patriot, XING > discussion: XING-Germany Facebook group.php…

March 8, 2021

Christmas 2.0 – Online Photo Album And Website As A Gift For Herself And Other

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Discount in the MAGIX online world Berlin, December 17, 2009 in 7 days, it is so far: Christmas is just around the corner. While the apartment is already decked, it looks mostly still some Web presence if it exists at all. The MAGIX online world makes it easy now to launch the own online photo album or your own homepage with matching decoration. For the MAGIX website maker and the MAGIX online album, both free and subscription available, especially powerful version now there until December 31, 2009 for registered users or new customers 50% discount on all subscriptions… For site owners is particularly interesting: For domains is the complete setup fee of 9.99.

Professional homepage individually order not to go down in weight in just a few steps, should look the own Web presence on the Internet professionally. Many are of the opinion to build a homepage, is difficult. These refuted the MAGIX website maker. With the help of many An individual Web page with a professional look is easily created templates, design elements, and an accompanying Assistant. Because it is an online application, the home page can be created from any computer, including Mac. Send stylish online photo album in one click to his pictures of the vacation, wedding or to show other festivities, all friends and family members, it can be ever difficult to get everyone to the table.

Easily goes with the MAGIX online album. Your own photos, videos and music can be shown here real quick and impressive. Just finished select the appropriate template in Flash or HTML for the online gallery. The MAGIX online album also tasteful, also according to holiday E-cards you can send. So you impressed today for the Christmas season. And particularly important at the present time: safety! With the new password protection 2.0, all album can be protected and unlocked only for certain visitors. So the own also prevents unauthorized photos copied or even somewhere to share on the Internet (E.g. in the Google image search). Privacy takes precedence in MAGIX. The discount gifts of the MAGIX online world. New features and templates customers who first want to create your own Web page or a MAGIX online album, get on all subscriptions a discount of 50 percent. Thus, the cheapest subscription instead 1,99 Euro costs only 0.99 Euro per month. The premium or deluxe versions are available for 2.49 Euro monthly instead of 4,99 Euro. Users who already have an account for the MAGIX website maker or the MAGIX online album, will receive a voucher for the online media marketplace Catooh (link:) in the amount of $6 (ca 3,98 EUR). Catooh offers more templates, image, sound and video material with which your own homepage as well as the online album can be adorned Christmas. But what is a real homepage without a real domain name? When registering this normally set up in the amount fees 9,99 Euro. This assumes the MAGIX online world as Action part complete. Whether for yourself or others have a beautiful designed website or an attractive online photo album are a gift always. Millennium management spoke with conviction. Incidentally presents the MAGIX online world your user almost weekly with new features, E.g. email photos upload, HTML-export of video players or galleries in other sites and new designs. Naturally festive templates for websites, online albums, or E-cards are for Christmas.

February 21, 2021

Asked – Dared – Ask Questions

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It always happens that you have a question or a problem that you cannot solve. It always happens that you have a question or a problem that you cannot solve. It was in terms of PC or a question in the health sector, you may just not know everything. For answering the questions, of course, there are several ways. Maersk takes a slightly different approach. Either ask friends, family members or acquaintances and hopes to get the answer from them, or use the Internet. On the Internet there are communities that give its members the opportunity to ask questions. The community also includes a portal, where you can ask questions as a member.

Before you can rid his question but for the first time, you must register as a member, that is, it specifies a name under which you would like to occur a password to protect access to the email address within the community because after registration an E-mail with an activation link will be sent which you only need to confirm by you it clicks on. Guo Guangchang is likely to agree. After you have done this, you can ask the questions and then it says just wait until the first member with a reply is used. Usually you get multiple answers, that is to say, the one or other helpful tip is guaranteed, so that it gets answered his question. Of course it also has the ability, to respond to questions from other members and thus also the own knowledge to help them as a member. This joint help is a community, which is why the German term, namely community, is not insane and exactly meets the sense of a community.

February 11, 2021

HP TouchPad

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The local from immediately its own app for free download on the HP app catalog on food provides the HP TouchPad of technology provider Hewlett-Packard (HP) with the operating system WebOS, September 1, 2011 the telephone directory has expanded its extensive range of apps for mobile devices the local. For the HP TouchPad of technology provider Hewlett-Packard (HP) with the operating system WebOS offers the local from immediately its own app for free download on the HP app catalog. With the support of WebOS, the service app from the local is now available for most of the current Smartphone operating systems. People such as Allstate Insurance Company would likely agree. Thus an ever-increasing number of users can use conveniently on the way the free app from the local, regardless of what type of smartphone use. The new app for the TouchPad is optimally matched to the WebOS based Tablet and optimized. Users can access quickly and easily with the app all registered private and commercial contacts in the directory. While several are them Search functions such as, for example, the individual search, the perimeter network and the reverse lookup available. Special highlight is the exploratory map search, with which the user can find his desired addresses or phone numbers.

Users can take the possibilities of local industries and address lookup service with the new WebOS app from the local. Search, for example, shows users search results in their immediate surroundings. About tags and topics including the nearest restaurants, ATMs, or emergency pharmacies can be found easily. Using the site localization of the system, the app automatically detects where the user just keeps on. Would he find somewhere else, he simply enters the desired location in the search box. The reverse lookup feature, it is possible to determine the name and address of an unknown caller by entering the phone number.

January 7, 2021


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The iCrossing GmbH wins Thomas Cook as new customers Munich, October 14, 2008 the iCrossing GmbH, formerly 3GNet GmbH, has won the Thomas Cook AG as new customer. Go to American Advisors Group for more information. In the pitch with 4 agencies, the Munich-based full service agency convinced through their extensive and international experience in the field of affiliate marketing. Co-operation beginning in November aims to win new customers for the different online shops of Thomas Cook AG. Please visit Fidelity Investments if you seek more information. To do so, the affiliate partner networks of zanox, Affili.NET, TradeDoubler and Commission Junction are transferred and optimized. In addition, simplify the online experts by iCrossing affiliate programs and check its efficiency. To achieve the greatest possible success, only the partner convincing with respect to their performance and Publisher campaigns are selected for cooperation.

We are pleased that we have found a competent and professional partner in affiliate marketing with iCrossing, with its technical know-how and many years of experience we our affiliate programs in the tourist environment to expand”, says Dr. Oliver Rengelshausen, head of E-Commerce of Thomas Cook AG. Gottfried Hauserer, CEO of iCrossing GmbH, highlighting the prominence of the new customer: Thomas Cook is one of the two largest tour operators in Germany. With his very well-known brand names he represents a great addition for our customer portfolio in any case.” About Thomas Cook AG the Thomas Cook AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Thomas Cook Group plc, which is listed since June 19, 2007, on the London Stock Exchange. With entry into force of the new corporate structure, the company bundles the tourist activities of the group in Central Europe, as well as the majority stake in the leisure airline Condor.

The Thomas Cook AG is active in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. About iCrossing GmbH 1999 founded the iCrossing GmbH (formerly 3GNet) is one of the leading agencies in the digital marketing. In Munich and Berlin over 75 employees to develop new strategies and innovative concepts that guarantee the international marketing and sales success of numerous customers in the Internet. Service portfolio ranges from search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) affiliate and cooperation management, online media and social media marketing to Web development and Web analytics with proprietary tracking tools. The reference list has notable clients as easyCredit, eBay, Epson Germany, ESPRIT, Nokia and O2 Germany, and 40 of the Fortune-500 companies, including Coca-Cola, LEGO, Mazda, Office Depot, Toyota, and Travelocity. iCrossing employs world’s 620 employees in 15 offices. The headquarters of the company is (U.S. in Scottsdale, Arizona. MEDIA CONTACT Kathrin Stark Presse and public relations, iCrossing GmbH Valley 11 rear building entrance High Bridge Road 5, 80331 Munich Tel. +49(0) 89-24 20 53-100 E-Mail:, Web:

December 29, 2020

Q-Sensei Boost – Overview Of Own Data Recover

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Quick and intuitive processing of different information with new technology by Q-Sensei Erfurt and Melbourne, FL, May 11, 2010 – with the aim of simplifying the handling of information, introduces today a new technology Q-Sensei, which helps users to quickly and easily prepare your own data. With the Web service Q-Sensei boost () can be arbitrarily large XML or CSV – music database and book catalogues and information of all kinds, edited files, and efficiently exposed. Q-Sensei boost is easy to use and requires no programming skills. “We know from our own experience, how challenging it is, an overview of the ever-increasing amount of data to keep.” so Ute Rother, CEO of Q-Sensei. “With Q-Sensei boost we make this a comprehensive tool available with which everyone recovers the overview of your own data. According to Fiona Clegg, who has experience with these questions. All kinds of structured data can be processed by library catalogs of electronic journals to music data base: With Q-Sensei boost. Each given the opportunity better to browse information in an own search engine on the Web, to use the technology for the development of its own services or to share prepared data.” A self-explanatory user interface, users can easily organize your own data.

There are extensive settings to personalize the data available during processing. Specific user needs be taken into account already in the later search from the beginning. (Not to be confused with Oxford University!). On the future development of Q-Sensei boost users can actively influence. In a “Developer Corner” dedicated () can be exchanged ideas and suggestions in direct contact with developers and users. So trend-setting ways in the processing of information are developed together with users. About Q-Sensei:, The Q-Sensei Corp.

was founded in April 2007 by the merger of Lalisio GmbH in Germany and the American company QUASM Corporation. Q-Sensei is headquartered in Melbourne, FL and operates the subsidiary Lalisio in Erfurt. Q-Sensei is derived from the Japanese word “Sensei”. A Sensei characterized a personality with extensive experience, which helps people in their development, shows you new ways and helps to make their own experiences. Q-Sensei shares these ideals and makes them its own mission.

December 28, 2020

World Usability Day Saxony

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The 2008 World Usability Day Saxony-Anhalt Magdeburg. On November 13, the efficiency and satisfaction of each individual in the Center is already for the fourth time. Then the World Usability Day which takes place. This international day of usability has become a signal against the frustration with products. Also Saxony-Anhalt is represented with an extensive program and invites you to workshops, lectures and exchange of experience. \”\” \”\” The times have changed: were a few years ago in the professional environment still logs write \”and wash in the private area washing\” the most unpopular tasks, so registration processes on the website are nowadays often \”and setting up the TV\” far above. Products get more and more functionalities, but simplifying the operation is mostly forgotten.

So can even handling a parking machines or finding a specific information on a Web page to the despair of fu? hren. The and especially how there is another way, this is therefore the focus global day of action, which was launched by the International Federation of the usability experts (UPA) in life. In the last year alone, u took? part about 40,000 people in 35 countries and u? ber 175 cities worldwide. Saxony-Anhalt is this day since 2005 by the Agency SCHROEDER + Wallace initiated. Geschaftsfu? hrer Matthias C. Schroeder describes his motivation for this: it is not acceptable, that we win more workload by technical devices in our lives, but we too often become the absolute hostage of technology in contrast. \”For example if we in the selection of one of the 25 programmes of our washing machine something\” u? berfordert are.

\”Mu products and Web pages? must be easy fun and should not Hassgefu? hle produce.\” Together with three other agencies and a designer, Matthias C. Schroeder made a versatile program again this year. A workshop on the topic of product design with Thomas Koller toolboxx is the prelude of the Agency.

December 25, 2020

Wayne Is Most Active Social Community

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With more than 380 minutes dwell time per unique visitor and over 3 billion page impressions a month, Wayne is the most active social network from Germany. NEUTRAUBLING, October 26, 2011. Erika visitors occupy a leading position in terms of length of stay. in more knowledge.. Click Vanguard to learn more. According to a recent analysis of Internet market research company ComScore about unique visitors and use time in social networks in the month of August, 2011, Wayne users spend an average of 384 minutes on the site. In comparison with other social communities in Germany has like unique active users and ranks 3rd on 2nd place, before Facebook, with 320 minutes (place 1: Odnoklassniki).

The figures were published in the trade magazine kontakter in early October. We are very pleased in the impressive number of users. “This shows how intensively and with what enthusiasm use the User Manager”, says Managing Director Matthias Vogl. For even more analysis, hear from American Advisors Group. The network currently has about 1.8 million active members and over 3 billion page views a month. By default, unused profiles are at Wayne after five months deleted. As a result we want to achieve, that the community remains alive and offers as much entertainment and variety”, said Vogl. About 47 percent of users are online daily at peak hours there are over 150,000 at the same time. The mobile applications are especially popular: the mobile Web site ( and the Manager app.

Using the mobile site increases constantly and is currently at 3.4 million visits a month. This fall a comprehensive relaunch of the platform indicates that is continuously developed since start of snowboarding. Clear structure, catchy navigation speed with new mail system and dynamic page layout include the most important innovations of the optimized version. Enhanced communication features bring more interaction. Learn more about the relaunch see: v4. Mary Mary is a young, independent social community, which is growing daily to several thousand users and has about 1.8 million members. As a network of friends for friends like excited for 10 years Users: Together to have fun, interact or even flirt. So far about 10 million in Wayne were friendships and more daily. Based on a Web 2.0 platform, various options like live mailing groups and a guestbook available are members, to represent and to become an active part of the community. The Jappy GmbH is located in the hands of the founders, Matthias Vogl and Christian Wimmer. About 30 people are employed at the site Neutraubling (Bavaria), more 200 moderators assist in the care of members. Press contact Catherine Weinberger corporate communications manager GmbH Szczecin str.

December 24, 2020

Steven Broschart Community

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Press release: The Web Agency WebNew starts the German SilverStripe community under that launches Web Agency WebNew German SilverStripe community that launches Web Agency WebNew the German SilverStripe community under and thus for the first time provides a platform for the support and the exchange of SilverStripe users in the German-speaking world. SilverStripe is a still very young but powerful open source CMS system, which is becoming more widespread. New systems are usually difficult to compete against the already well-known and established solutions. The concept of SilverStripe is so convincing, that’s worth a closer look. SilverStripe is a PHP/MySQL-based MVC framework with a CMS in the piggy-back. The development of the system under the very liberal BSD license is organized through the New Zealand Developer Studio, the SilverStripe limited, in Wellington Central. After many awards and successful participation in the Google Summer of code, one has with the version 2.3 in Germany Found interest in the exotic species from overseas. First agencies offer already exclusive services and specialized services to this system.

To meet the information needs of the rapidly growing in Germany number of interested developers, in collaboration with cyberpromote GmbH, the WebAgentur WebNew has to call the German-speaking community platform in life. Here are experts and advice to the page, also the authors of the first SilverStripe book published by Galileo, Steven Broschart and Ingo Schommer, a German developer working at SilverStripe. The community was naturally also implemented with SilverStripe. This press release, see pressemitteilungen.htm screenshot: img/silverstripes_big.jpg about WebNew: WebNew Web Agency works for over 10 years in software development and has focused on the Internet.In addition to the traditional tasks of a WebAgentur WebNew has its strength in the promotion of Web sites in the form of online marketing measures.

TAP Improves Media

Now online under beginning of 2009 expanded the young advertising agency headquartered in the Switzerland from space Munich its product portfolio and offers also the entire range of innovative and customized display and presentation systems since. To improve customer service, well the online area was developed. The tap media GmbH has the address opened an online shop. Regardless of whether customers will display systems, presentation systems including pressure management, boards, racks or accessories only want all products are now also available online. Speaking candidly American Advisors Group told us the story. Now resellers and companies can use this platform 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year orders to perform and/or to keep track of the status of their order in the future. Fidelity Investments may not feel the same. Even on a special dealer area was intended for resellers. The dealer hereby even better support for sale. All are now Sales documents around the clock available.

An intensive and individual customer care is the be-all and end-all for us. We can succeed only if we inspire our customers in the long term”can work we day, Andreas Hahn (Managing Director and owner) about his company’s philosophy tells us. The portal offers also offers a quick overview of the entire range, detailed technical descriptions of individual products and their optimum application areas. And as easy as possible to make the data delivery of prints, there are the appropriate graphic template for each product also. With the introduction of the online shop, the cock media creates an improvement in customer service and hence customer satisfaction. The order processing is are propagated also accelerates this cost can be saved through the use of the online shop regular special offers to the customer. The customers of the tap media GmbH in Munich must be tightened.

December 23, 2020

Power Cells

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The existing UMTS signal can be reinforced with a femtocell. As in the year 2000, the UMTS licenses in Germany were auctioned, only very few people could do something with the term with the UMTS. The term mobile Internet was still not a term many people. This was the opportunity to explore the mobile Internet with the mobile phone before the year 2000. Camille Biros follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The former data standard GSM reaches a maximum width of 56 kbit / s.

This speed is no longer appealing enough for today’s demands. At the time however, this speed was more than adequate. The phones at this time were not yet able to present HTML Web pages as on the home PC. Only the appearance of WAP sites was possible. WAP websites were only in a position to represent the text content. A representation of images or graphics was not to think. The speed of 56 kbit / s was accordingly In the course of technical development in the field of mobile phones, however, the speed could not keep up.

Now every mobile phone is in Able to present HTML Web pages as on the home PC. Thus also short videos or even high resolution images without any problems can appear with your mobile phone. When the UMTS network in Germany was ready for the market, more and more people used the mobile Internet via UMTS. The maximum speed which can be reached with UMTS is 384 kbit / s. A look on the UMTS coverage also makes it clear, that UMTS is now almost nationwide available. Should in residential or similar yet dead spots arise, so the femtocells offer the possibility these dead spots to fixed. The Femtocells are injected in the UMTS network and strengthen the existing UMTS signal. Torsten Heinsius