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October 30, 2019

Real Estate Purchase/Sale

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Property Saratov purchase / sale of property, whether commercial or land object has its own characteristics, which can take account of both the seller and the buyer a lot of time and effort. In this case, no is no guarantee that the transaction will take place without the complications and unpleasant consequences for one side or another. (Similarly see: Jeff Flake). Perhaps the only way to minimize the majority related to the sale and purchase of commercial property risks this is to hire the services agency specializing in transactions in this area. But even here there are some difficulties: on a par with the professionals on the market action of the masses of amateurs whose only goal – to provide profit as a percentage in the shortest possible time. Try to understand the difference between a real-estate agencies and how to make the right vybor.V primarily real estate professional can significantly accelerate the process of buying or selling land or commercial property. They create and maintain an extensive database containing information about the objects for sale, as well as keep records of buyers.

So way, the customer agency may not have to wait for a suitable property on the market or a buyer. On the other hand, the cost of maintaining their own databases and require large advertising expenditures, which Most lay people can not or do not want to afford. Therefore, a search with their help could be delayed for an indefinite period of time. The second major difference lies in the fact that reputable agency ensures verification all necessary documents for the transaction. Due diligence has two sides: the verification of documents for real estate and verification of documents the parties. An example of the need for it are situations where buyers over several years could not bring the documents to the purchased land in accordance with the applicable legislation. Required documents can not be on the structure or its part, which was subjected to redevelopment, not approved by the competent authorities.

August 8, 2019

Qualification Examination

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Qualification examination and assignment status of the lawyer qualification examination is conducted in two phases: the answer to written questions from the applicant requested an oral interview and select a ticket for prepare a written response to questions the applicant submitted the required time. General requirements for the exam and apply to take a qualifying exam for lawyers. During the exam Minutes shall be taken, which contains all the questions posed by members of the commission, and a summary of their responses. The protocol is the Secretary of the Qualification Commission and signed by all committee members, as well as a person passed the exam. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jeff Flake and gain more knowledge.. A person who is full and correct answers to most questions, it is considered to pass the exam.

If, in respect of the applicant, passed the exam, issued a negative decision, he has the right to appeal to the same Qualification Commission, which was seen in a specially established for this day, in the presence of the applicant. Applicant who do not pass the qualification examination may be allowed to resit it no earlier than a year later. Term solution to the question of assigning the status of the citizen lawyer – 3 months from the date of application. Filed under: Chief of Staff. And after making the decision on granting the status of attorney challenger becomes his owner, but before that he must take an oath, as it was since it was adopted shall enter into force the decision of the Qualification Commission of conferring status as an attorney and the applicant becomes a member of the Bar Association. The oath taken by counsel in festive atmosphere. An applicant who successfully passed the qualifying exam can not be denied the status of the assignment of counsel. This is possible only if, after examination and before the adoption of Qualification Commission decisions will be identified circumstances under which the assignment is unacceptable status as an attorney may decide to refuse the assignment of the status of counsel. Possession of the status of lawyer not limited to any terms, including with regard to its age.

May 3, 2018

Employee Rights

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Impact of economic crisis affects not only the big companies and owners of stock shares, but primarily to ordinary citizens. One of the consequences of economic decline are all frequently dismissed employees. Moreover, despite claims of impending exit from the crisis, some economic forecasts paint a favorable picture is not completely predict and succeeding waves of layoffs by the end of this – the beginning of next year. Termination process is almost always painful for both sides, but as an employer in this situation is in a stronger position and his hands are the levers of economic pressure, the employee is particularly important know your rights. Below is a brief list of the main emoluments to the employee severance and the rules for calculating them. Principal repayment in the event of dismissal is the severance pay – pitsuey piturin. According to the current law, severance pay supposed to employee, spent one and the same employer or at the same place of work at least one year and seasonal employees at least two seasons for two years (season defined as three months of the year, during which the employee worked a minimum of 60 days).

Calculation of severance pay as follows: employee receiving wages a global (ie, the rate of one month or more) supposed to severance pay equivalent to one salary for every year worked. An employee who receives a salary at the rate per hour / day / week / etc. to develop, to receive severance pay equivalent to one salary for every waste per year from 01.08.1983 year. During the period before that – in the amount of two weeks salary for every year worked. In both cases, severance pay for a portion of the waste, the calculated relative. Severance pay shall be be paid to whichever is the later of the following: the date of termination to an employee-employer or within the period stipulated in the individual contract or collective agreement or other legal instrument, as it propagates to data of the employee and employer.

March 20, 2018

Russian Federation

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Exclusive intent to harm, according to Clause 1, Article. 10 g of the Russian Federation should not include in its terms of actions that are performed not only for the sole purpose of causing harm to another person, but to get some benefit for themselves. Otherwise is an expansive interpretation of the law. However, we can assume that there might be such cases where a person performs actions with the sole intention of causing harm to another person, but the damage is not objectively caused by circumstances beyond his control. Moreover, the damage has not yet arrived, but the threat of attack exists, but the intention to harm another person can be known not only him but also others.

Can say, in this case that in these actions no chicane or you must enter an additional institution – the attempt in the form of chicanes? In the literature, expressed an opinion on this matter. Thus, the author of the monograph – Yatsenko TS answers this question in the negative: "So, apparently, and in fact his actions were as a realization of the rights belonging to him. The issue of prosecution of the person performing the right, just not may arise. " In our opinion, the potential victim at this stage can prove in court the existence of objective harm him. This person may file a petition to ban the activities, which creates a danger harm in the future on the basis of Clause 1, Article. 1065 GR RF.

At the time of the assassination attempt in the form of chicanes is a direct encroachment on protected public relations, which are under threat of causing the desired perpetrator of harm. The offense has already begun, but not yet completed and if completed, without harmful consequences to another person, due to circumstances beyond the control of it. Therefore, in order to balance interests of preventing crime and, importantly, the harm should be in a separate attack in the form of institution chicane.

December 8, 2017

Labor Code

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This information should be submitted not less than two months to reduce, and in case of mass layoffs – not later than three months. Cash compensation for the reduction According to Art. 178 of the Labour Code for terminating an employment contract due to downsizing or staff workers are laid off employee shall be paid an allowance equal to the average monthly earnings, as well as it saved the average monthly earnings for the period of employment, but not more than two months from the date of dismissal (with the offset of severance pay). Thus, the average earnings for the period of employment for the second month the employee is paid only if the employee can prove that in this period, it did not work. So can serve as a confirmation of employment history, in which there is no record of a new job.

In exceptional cases, the average monthly salary is reserved for retired during the third month from the date of dismissal. Documented rationale for this is the certificate authority employment services for registration. The certificate is issued if the employee who applied within two weeks after his dismissal, was not employed service employment within two months from the date of dismissal. Payment of the average earnings for the period of employment is made after the end of the month during which the employee was not employed, and after submission of the relevant documents. When dismissing an employee he must also pay compensation for unused vacation days (Article 127 of the Labor Code).

September 30, 2017

Registration Of A Trademark

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The procedure for registration of a trademark consists of several stages: Stage 1: Search the FIPS confusingly similar to registered or applied for trademark registration with the newly established trademark. This test notation is not obligatory step in the registration of the mark. However, this is a very useful procedure – having spent her relatively small amount, then you do not waste money and most importantly – time. Since in the case at the stage of examination will be revealed identical or confusingly similar mark, will be directed refusal decision, and paid taxes not return. Kenneth R. Feinberg is likely to increase your knowledge. Stage 2: 1) Filing. Filed under: Farallon Capital Management.

When applying specified classes of goods and services (classes ICGS), for which protection is sought. Registration of trademarks is carried out in certain classes of goods and services identified by the International Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS), the entire class of 45. One name (a word or phrase) you can register 45 times. 2) Conducting a formal review. At this stage the patent office verifies that all required documents and the correctness of their registration.

Stage 3: Examination of the sign. In the course of this examination is carried out: check compliance with the application materials requirements for content and design application and attached documents, except for application materials, verification of which is carried out during the formal examination, checking the list of goods and services, as well as the correctness of their grouping into classes International Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS), establishing the priority of the trademark; check its compliance with the conditions of registration. Following the review of examination can be made decision on registration of the trademark or to refuse registration. Stage 4: Decision on registration. In the Register shall mark, data on the rightholder, the priority date of the trademark and the date of its registration, as well as a list goods for which the trademark is registered. Total time of registration of trade mark from 1,5 to 2 years (registered trademark – about 1,5 years before making a decision to register a trademark, and about 4 months to obtain a certificate of trademark registration). Possible accelerated registration of a trademark in over 6-7 months.

May 1, 2017

Registration Of Legal Entities

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Registration of legal entities – this is the first procedure, facing aspiring entrepreneurs who decided to start his own business. Already at this stage, many problems arise. Business registration in public bodies are required to pass all entities (regardless of the amount authorized capital and ownership), whose leadership wants to operate freely and in the legal field. According to Carl Icahn, who has experience with these questions. To begin to agree upon what legal form of organization will be the future of the enterprise. In addition to individual enterprise, there are also joint-stock company of closed and open types, as well as society limited liability and nonprofit partnerships.

The actual procedure is necessary in order to legitimize the creation of new enterprises, as well as all subsequent actions with them, for example, when you sell. The whole process takes approximately five days after the granting of necessary documents to the registering authority. But it is in theory. In practice, the course of the process is often delayed because there are many nuances in the design documents deliver the leadership of the company a lot of problems, as state agencies make to correct errors and inaccuracies. Also look for the missing documents. So it's best to go directly to the firm which provides audit services, and will help to register quickly and painlessly – with minimal effort, time and money. Our experienced staff of such firms are already being said, the dog had eaten at such matters, and soon will safeguard its customers from potential problems and delays.

Registration should take place at the location of the company. The main thing is to prepare the respective lists of documents and submit them on time the registering authority. This can be done independently or through a registered letter, after describing the value of all the letters and attached documents. Must submit an application for registration, incorporation documents, a decision establishing a legal entity, as well as payment order on state duty. When you apply be sure to get receipts for the documents. If the documents were sent by mail, a receipt will be sent to the address applicant. Audit services include the list of services and filing documents for registration. Therefore, by contacting a company, where a team of true professionals, management of the company have nothing to worry about the favorable addressing this issue. The main thing is to turn to qualified professionals who can take care of your future business.

March 31, 2016

Russia Law

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When a business does not pay wages sufficient for a decent human existence and of his family, he unties the hands of man, it takes away all the civil responsibilities and authorizes him to become the most law. But the law has no borders, a law that establishes a man driven to extremes, will be inhumane. You want your children calmly and without a dozen guards could walk around the city? You want to make sure that your family will not meet anywhere, completely by accident, a man who himself lays down the law for himself? Then do not let a man become a law. Do not listen to government officials, do not take a salary from the minimum wage, pay the man so much as he needs to, he felt like a man, not cattle, in a filthy stable, with an empty manger. And then you can sleep in peace, and only in nightmares you can dream that the people your people, and has forgotten the law of those who would cut your family and yourself, enjoying every second of the suffering of those for whom you tried to make his people unwilling cattle.

But what about the power, you ask. She’s sets the rules of the game, I want to, I understand everything, but one can not do anything. See Federal Reserve Bank for more details and insights. With the power is always negotiated business, the government will follow you around like whipped dog for the owner. When a business, paid the money power, that it did the poor people, it’s time to pay money to government for the people to become rich. You have planted them, nourished them yourself, you yourself have raised them. Cook sugar and say, Oporto! PS In Russia decided to hope for “maybe”. We all cool guys, if not for liking porezhut on ribbons for beskozyrok. It is hereditary, yet since 1917 …

When before 1917 all the merchants, industrialists, etc. said that the people brought to the extreme, they did not believe. They thought about future, about their future, in which were paintings of production, a multiple increase their capital, but there was a well-fed and satisfied workers. Many of philosophizing, which should increase or not necessary, but no one tried to become socially responsible. In 1917 he excised all, even dogs and cats, not to mention the parrot, who grilled on skewers just so fun. The symbol of the law – scales, loading one bowl, one should always remember that the more greater weight will be needed in order to balance the scales, the higher the probability that after its fall to another bowl and can not own weights to stay .