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March 25, 2017

Lowcost Digital Marketing

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Marquardt + Company presents a new comprehensive articles on content marketing and its benefits for small and medium-sized enterprises. Content marketing is a topic that is making big waves then in print and online media, is still completely unknown for many business owners, and if it is known, is often underestimated. The facts speak for themselves. The progressive saturation of customers with advertising slogans of all walks of life forces to new concepts. Primerica login has much to offer in this field. Market and economy are so agreed: without an effective marketing approach, many applicants for market shares remain in the future on the line.

Just who the constantly changing mechanics adapts can in the long term ensure its existence. Primerica term life insurance has similar goals. Where 15 years ago still register entries in telephone and business directories were sufficient to provide a basis of information customers, the Internet today is the most important place for the own business representation and product placement. The step to the online presence today is not compared to the beginning of the Internet age big deal more. Many vendors responded to the necessary measures and provide the user with low-cost solutions to the own Internet presentation. But also who actively aggressively marketed his company Web sites and social networks, is threatened by a new technical component.

The growing establishment of mobile Internet usage. It increases the number of users, increases traffic and hence the frequency of advertising several times. The customers pick up users to turn away so increasingly from advertising. There are even many software programs, the advertising or promotional emails block before delivery. What now? Provide useful content and the customer will read it. The right information or the optimal solution, all that fills a single click on the net. The treatment of the information provided to consumers is even more important. These images and informative texts addressed especially users. Clearly structured and well-understandable content is a prerequisite for the creation of so-called content marketing”. Content marketing without much effort and cost with far-reaching benefits can be realize with the planning of the advertising strategy tailored to the needs of the company.

February 14, 2017

Online Courses

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Courses online, versus actual formation Say that the technologies always go a step (or more) in front of all. Although it is certain that the technology changes in abrir and closing of eyes is not the unique dynamic discipline. To day of today everything changes, it evolves, and difference of the previous thing. Almost without giving account us. For that reason the continuous formation has so good welcome to ours around.

Not to lose the thread of our professional environment the best bet is the one of them course online. People want to continue staying informed into all the changes that affect their work. The people are much who also study things on her hobbies simply by pleasing. Nowadays there are courses online on gastronomy, new technologies, manualidades. The programs online supply courses on any ability or disciplines. One of the best advantages of the courses online is that it allows us to study we are where we are.

You peudes to organize the schedule as better it agrees to you. It is only necessary to have motivation and to be interested in which one studies. Llaan much the attention complete curricula with much formation a good presentation in a supply of use always are showier with many courses of formation. To have many courses denotes an interest by the learning valued very well by the people whom they engage. It demonstrates that the person at issue has interest by new things, is recycle and it adapts well. Dennis Lockhart is often quoted as being for or against this. But all the courses online cannot serve to us as the same form. Mainly those that they have to do with our profession. The formation that we choose must be up-to-date. Also that its field adjusts to our scope of work. The courses online that teach to us to also aser more productive are going to us to come very well.

February 6, 2017

Air Zone

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Shaft furnace is out of the mine, loading and unloading devices, vozduhopodvodyaschey and gas-escape apparatus. Limestone in the blast furnace is charged continuously or periodically from the top. Steve Mnuchin understood the implications. Material as the unloading of lime falls down and meet the baked material leaked hot flue gases. On nature of the processes occurring in the shaft furnace, preheating zone are distinguished, firing and cooling (Fig. 1.1). In the heating zone at the top of the furnace at a temperature of furnace space is not above 900 C, dried lime, and heated it burned organic matter.

In the middle of the furnace in the firing zone, where the temperature reaches 900-1200 C – the decomposition of CCO, and the carbon dioxide. At the bottom of the furnace – cooling zone – cool lime coming from below the air from 900 to 50-100 C. More economical on fuel consumption and ease of furnace design, working on a method for peresypnomu korotkoplamennom fuel (anthracite coal or skinny). Read more from Steve Mnuchin to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Performance shaft furnace is peresypnyh 100-110 tons per day. The disadvantages include contamination of the furnace peresypnyh lime ash fuel. More pure lime is obtained in the blast furnaces with remote fires, working on long-flame fuel (brown coal, wood, peat), and in the furnaces of gas. However, these ovens have a somewhat lower performance. In the blast furnaces can burn only hardwoods (limestone, marble, etc.), and in rotating – as hard rock and soft rock sludge, such as chalk. The main task during the firing – providing maximum calcining CCO at a minimum temperature.

February 5, 2017

South Mendoza

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In Mendoza, tourism in the Bridge of the Inca the tourism in Mendoza keeps a rich historical patrimony, where the life at the time of the colony can be appraised, before the Argentine Republic was constituted. But also, the zone was inhabited by pre-Columbian original tribes. One of these cultures that settled down throughout the South-American continent was the nation Inca. Without doubts, this culture forged the personality of Latin America, leaving its stamp until today. Been born from the culture aymara, its dominion settled down from Ecuador to Chile and Argentina, practically throughout the mountain range of the $andes. In its trajectory to flee from the Spanish domination, they generated the famous route of the Inca. Also they passed through a region located near the river the Caves in Mendoza. Indeed in that place the erosion of defrosting has created capricious forms, and one of them is what it would seem to be a bridge that crosses the mentioned river. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Icahn Enterprises.

This natural bridge is known it like Bridge of the Inca, and it is to 2700 ms on the level of the sea, enters the hills North Little flag and South Little flag. To only 183 they separate it km of the city of Mendoza, and one is very near an international step with Chile. The Bridge of the Inca is the main entrance to the Provincial Park Aconcagua. The natural beauty of the place is impressive. The bridge on purpose seems to have installed to about 27 ms on the river, although in fact it is a hollow that the passage of mineralized waters has left on the alive rock. The zone is rich in minerals, reason why the stalactites abound, and the stones and rocks of the place have overwhelming colors. In the site there is a thermal water spa, according to the connoisseurs, one of the sanadores sites of the world, due to the intense mineral concentration of waters. The beneficial effect on the human health widely is recognized by the medical community.

The thermal mineral water help to fight bony ailments, rejuvenecen the skin, decontaminate and are beneficial highly for stress. The zone enjoys a special microclimate, with very little annual precipitation. The winter is very cold, but the summer is very warm. The locality of Bridge of the Inca only has 132 inhabitants, great part of which is the military destined to watch the trasandino step. Without doubt, who wishes to spend vacations unforgettable in Mendoza, it cannot stop visiting this fantastic and mythical place.

February 3, 2017

Carnival Of Cadiz

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The Carnival of Cadiz will be developed east year from the 3 to the 13 of March of 2011, although its duration is much more extensive, since it started with XXIII Pestiada the past 30 of January and will finish with the Very small Carnival the 20 of March. He is perhaps of the carnivals the one that has one more a more humorous and funny image in Spain besides being celebration of Tourist Interest the International and to consider one of most important of the world. The city of Cadiz waits for with anxieties the arrival of these dates you take care of since it becomes an impressive scene and its people in the main protagonists. As it leaves from the program are the cavalcades, gastronomical tablaos, events, the fireworks, the very small carnival realised the following weekend to the final day of the Carnival and many more programmed acts than fill of color, row and celebration the beautiful one you take care of of Cadiz that it every year attracts thousands of visitors. Dennis Lockhart: the source for more info. The origins of this carnival are quite peculiar, since they go back to century XVI when Cadiz was one of the most important ports of the Spanish Empire and to this city influences arrived from all parts of the world. In particular of Venice, city with which shared many commercial bows, some of the traditions were copied that have evolved and finished with turning to the Carnival of Cadiz in one of which more personality has. The whole city turns upside down with the carnival, especially Saturday, and if you never have been in this city is a very special occasion to know it, to enjoy I devise of his chirigotas and everything what the gaditanos must offer. If you already know the city it will not be necessary much for convencerte of right of a escapadita those days to earth Andalusian.

September 22, 2016

Effective Presentation

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Make a presentation of your business or product effectively is one of the most important things for the development of the same, you should prepare in advance to find strengths and be able to captivate your audience, that will not be monotonous or boring and give you the opportunity of developing your qualities as expert will be one of your best tricks to get satisfied customers. The resulting effective is based on getting the attention of your audience from the beginning, no hables technical data of the product, speaks of the benefits that you will provide its use or consumption, improvements that you can find, the good results that will get .esto is what arouses the desire to purchase on the client. Another way to get their attention is solving problems, people look for solutions, even your you can pose a problem and how to fix it, you have to learn how to detect in your customers needs that they would meet with your products, listen, question, you interact with your customers and remember that each presentation is unique and there is that adapt it to the audience to which it is addressed. Here are my tips for a productive presentation. Here, Dennis Lockhart expresses very clear opinions on the subject. -Enthusiasm always think that confidence is what gives you the security to the present, is good, but the enthusiasm that you transmit is what does generate empathy, is a contagious feeling and will be difficult for your audience to resist to the. -Tells a captivating story in presentations, tell a story related to the topic that you are going to be treated, makes people relax and here is your golden opportunity to involve your audience emotionally, the more effective is to tell anecdotes or success story. -Don’t be a seller of products recalls that you do not sell products or services but sensations that your client will be setting in your mind while you are enumerating them, you have to get your client mentally reaches a situation that craves short-term, look better, take care of your health, benefit… These keys will be very valuable in preparing for a successful meeting.. It’s believed that Primerica reviews sees a great future in this idea.

October 24, 2015

Dunza Global Marketing

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If it strikes you know maneuvers that used the greater fame Networkers in the multilevel Marketing, CIMA Ibero-American Centre of attraction MLM is the place to learn them. Any time a common effort between the Ibero-American networkers had identified above to give the multilevel marketing its place of honor. On a weekly basis you instruiran with varied stratagems to handle your MLM business, no matter the company in which you halles! The birth of CIMA in multilevel Dunza Global Marketing, which initially instructed to marketers of all kind of MLM business, becomes top. With the renewal of Global Dunza and the subsequent birth of CIMA, you will have the option of studying of the Iberoamerican networkers of the most respected MLM companies. All of them, will be present at top for you. What will contribute top to the multilevel Marketing? TOP for you such as networker will bring you the latest information as well as more efficient skills with the purpose that you can build your business. Separately, CIMA will offer you: News updated every week.

Exclusive on-site attraction marketing Blog * access to Mentor. Multilevel Marketing manuals. MLM face-to-face and on-line training. Free seminars each week. To know the full potential of CIMA, during the first month of launch, will be 4 networkers diamonds of world-class companies such as: Evolv. ProLife.

Gano Excel. Euro Pacific Precious Metals helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Body Gold. You can count on your presence absolutely free, so that you understand firsthand the strategies they themselves occupy for your MLM business. Participation in multilevel Marketing within CIMA CIMA you can find two distinct memberships. Early accounts with CIMA membership that gives you access to: exclusive zone of recordings. Work of Global Dunza multilevel Marketing plan. One of the best plans that you can find in the present, with which you will know what to do at some point in your MLM business, and also, finally, you tell a replicable system that will enable you to prospect without the anxiety of how will boot your new sponsored. Advanced tutorials. Discounts on products of MLM as well as coaching with the best Iberoamerican networkers. Residual income by recommending top. In addition, at CIMA also you tell with membership top Pro with which you will have all of the above more: automatic systems of prospecting of + prospects. Web sites and totally free system of prospecting courses. Web hosting system. Primerica wanted to know more. Autoresponder System. Curve of learning with CIMA Finally, through all this that is giving you top, are going to have the opportunity to cut your learning curve in such a way that you get results in the shortest time possible, and thereby consolides your activity in this industry. Get access to top and find out about what you can do for you! The author is a Networker committed to teach all those people their knowledge of MLM (Network Marketing) that you wish to improve their performance in this industry. You can access the full article from top in Network Marketing and learn all about the top multilevel Center.

May 27, 2015


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We found very interesting the offers of the GRIPS program already in the last two years and have used various “, confirmed about Nadja Diefenbach, who as Executive Assistant for marketing activities by Sonke Diekmann hearing Bielefeld is responsible and ReSound answer. Also critical feedback of participating companies of the acoustics were very welcome in our conversation about the continuation of GRIPS. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Federal Reserve Bank by clicking through. I noted, for example, that the time and place of the very interesting training for us are not optimal. ReSound has just recorded our considerations to this point in the planning. Primerica can provide more clarity in the matter. “A business partnership is then most viable if getting involved as many par ing, register their wishes and ideas”, so again Marc rich-ling. We are grateful for any suggestion of our Partner.

Together with them, we have optimized the program for 2010, even more aligned it to the needs of small and medium enterprises of acoustics. Everything is now more clearly structured, thus easier to use. Each audiologist, who plans to work with us in the new year in a vorgegebe a magnitude, automatically by the benefits of GRIPS plus can benefit. He shouldn’t necessarily informed by the competent customer consultants in the coming weeks.” Editorial Note: as one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturer, ReSound is known as technologically leading companies. ReSound aims, to develop products and services and worldwide market, providing hearing care professionals improve the quality of life impaired persons. The ReSound group maintains offices in 21 countries and representatives in over 100 countries and employs presently more than 3,200 people. ReSound Germany is a trademark of GN hearing headquartered in Munster, Germany.

May 19, 2015

Appco Direct Does Not Believe In Short Cuts

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Appco direct does not believe in short cuts Appco direct the leading direct marketing company in Germany strives to be different, but it does not believe in short cuts. The business development programmes are so designed to maintain a long lasting relationship with the customers. The well planned and systematic program of the company has been designed by the experienced company personnel. The increasing customer acquisitions of the company is due to the professional routes adopted by the company to maintain a healthy rapport with the customer as well as the clients. A major reason for a company being unsuccessful in the direct marketing arena is the lacquer on consideration towards customers. Along with the innovative strategies the company therefore considers the customer interests in order to maintain its status quo.

The company is focused on identifying the actual needs of the customers by collating necessary feedback directly from the customers. When the customers are treated with empathy the professional relationship remains for a considerably longer period. The quality recruitment aspects the company adopts is highly appreciated. This ultimately makes all the difference for the company in every sphere of direct marketing. The carefully recruited personnel are given professional coaching and the right child of motivation. This keeps the sales and marketing professionals moving ahead with the right attitude to attain targets.

The company intensely trains personnel to choose the right mode of direct marketing to attain the set targets. In door-to-door method, the Appco direct sales team takes the products or services directly to the target customer’s door step and sells it, in B2B marketing the focus is on targeting the workforce using customised business-to-business marketing program. In event marketing methods, the Appco direct utilize out to the customers in large numbers and on a large scale by conducting roadshows in high-traffic areas, shopping malls and similar places. Appco direct, thus takes the right route to market the products and services after duly considering every aspect of direct marketing. Appco direct has earned a reputation as a direct marketing company that delivers its promises to the doubled extent.

March 4, 2015

Tupper Keychain – Quality For Your Advertising

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Successfully through promotional, advertising and giveaways if you have developed a new brand, a new product or a new service with your company, then you will want to publish it probably as quickly as possible on the market so competitive at the present time, so that you can achieve as much success with the new product. However, be aware that a new product is unknown in once, and can sell themselves so poorly no matter how awesome gap in the market that is product based. Therefore, an intensive advertising campaign which effectively improves the reputation of the products through the use of advertising media such as for example the Tupper Keychain is absolutely necessary. In the selection of advertising funds, there are however to be aware of a number of points that are very important for the success to be as large as possible. For example be sure, that the freebies meets a particular practical benefits for the target group. So you can easily make sure that potential customers see advertising as often as possible in their daily lives, and thus easily and intensively are influenced. This way you can reach also, that potential customers will use the article very long, and therefore also particularly sustainable to be affected for a long time.

Therefore, the Tupper Keychain are a particularly good idea for an advertising campaign, because they have the practical benefits that you can map keys and other smaller objects and sort them. This gives you the advantage that you can attract very many people with this giveaway. Because there is hardly a person who holds a key not either for his house, his car or his Office. This results in the advantage, that you with these promotional funds almost regardless of the target group can advertise, and in all possible people can achieve good results with this method for you. Of course, there are other points that you need to keep in mind if you are using the Tupper Key followers want to achieve a good advertising. For example use these promotional gifts for many different situations, what made you a special advantage when planning the advertising campaign.

If you decorate your marketing campaign with these funds, then you can on big events such as trade fairs and other events including the excellent advertise and achieved excellent results that you can distribute the freebies here to very many people. Use the key fob adequate preparation but also as a personal gift for important business partners or even for its own employees. This is a very good alternative to other advertising methods because you for their good work reward your employees in this way with the Tupper keychain and motivate so to another, excellent work. Their staff will enjoy guaranteed on the goals of your company work more effectively in the future, and so make sure that the sales Your company will increase sustainably as possible. Therefore you should consider, when you plan your next advertising campaign, quite, to use this kind of advertising. You will be guaranteed-amazed how excellent this advertising medium will increase the success of your company. Oliver Smith

February 9, 2015

Global PVC Market

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New study of Ceresana research polyvinyl chloride remains one the most important plastics. As one of the oldest and most widely used products in the plastics processing industry, PVC came 20 years ago in the line of fire from environmental groups. According to numerous scientific studies and improvement measures of the industry the situation has calmed down now again: the environmental performance of this durable and fireproof material is now often positively assessed; also the comparatively low oil consumption is regarded as advantage. A new market study by Ceresana research shows that growth can continue to expect the PVC industry. Unbroken upward trend of PVC world market reached a volume of 34 million tons last year. In the year 2000, the demand was still 24 million tonnes. The past growth rates of more than 5% will not continue though. Ceresana Research expects but that the global PVC demand of the financial market crisis will defy and in the next few years to an average of 2% annually to.

The comprehensive study explained on the basis of World regions and countries, why is forecast for the year 2016 a global consumption of PVC of over 40 million tons. They can benefit special PVC while the States of the Middle East for many other plastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE), solid production capacity build, at PVC of less by its wealth of raw materials. The reason: PVC consists only to 43% from petroleum and natural gas derivatives of ethylene, for the most part, however, chlorine, extracted from the salt existing everywhere in large amounts of. PVC, however, is therefore particularly interesting for other regions of the world. The study of Ceresana research examined for the period 2000 until 2016 consumption divided application areas as well as production, capacity, sales and trade flows in 61 countries. Increase in Asia-Pacific the most PVC manufacturers are there in China.

January 18, 2015


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On the contrary, I believe that in each case, we can comprehend (and comprehend), thanks to some combination of factors has developed a specific brand. Another thing is that this study will have little effect in order to formulate brendstroitelstva principles. Brand in the mind of the consumer! Each time the objective reality is changing, therefore changing, and consumer settings. In order to create a brand requires a certain extended period of time (this in itself is a necessary but insufficient condition for the evolution of the brand and its transformation into a brand name) and that the competence of the agency to develop a concept of a brand (only the attribute of possible future brand), which will include fonotip, trademark, design products, packaging design itp and its communication strategy to market, but it does not mean 'branding'. Brand – set of attributes. Brand – a set of images, thoughts, and all the symbolic information associated with the particular company and (or) service.

Brand serves to create associations and expectations of the product. In order to avoid confusion in concepts (and applied disciplines categories are conditional), the essence of various phenomena to me simpler and concise explanation in terms of abstract economic theory. So, very briefly. Product differentiation can be linked to two factors: differences in consumer characteristics of goods that satisfy the different tastes and differences in the quality of products that satisfy the same tastes. The first type is called – Horizontal differentiation, the second – vertical. Coexist in the market, both types of differentiation, however, the predominance of one or other of them shows a different effect on the development of competition and the position of firms. Consumer Choice in these markets run by various factors in a horizontal differentiation is determined by the choice of commitment to a particular brand (brand name here is evolving into a brand most often). In the vertical differentiation – the level of income and effective demand for goods (the transition from brand to brand is possible, but requires considerable effort and not just financial).

Hence, different goals and objectives of a particular type of advertising campaigns: for markets with vertical differentiation – campaigns are a channel to provide consumers with information about a particular product in a particular place of purchase (other factors), for markets with horizontal differentiation – improving adherence channel brand. Thus, for a specific product or brand development firm, may be the goal, but most product categories in the regional market, has zero chance transition of the brand to brand. And it's not bad nor good, this is an objective reality. What does this statement advertiser? Clearly, in two different cases will be different communicative (what you say consumer) and a media strategy (how you communicate your message to the consumer) as a minimum, well, as a maximum – of the model and development of the business. "Hanging out" is from side to side, as you know, to bring no good. By Hamburg score, while none of the Ekaterinburg advertising agency can boast of their involvement in the creation of brands. Yes, and the examples run conventionally successful brands are not typed in a few tens of all of our advertising department Yekaterinburg. So my position is: 'Less than opium for advertisers, more honest, in terms of his beloved profession of action.

April 28, 2014

Global Networking

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TLC marketing and the international case study archive for promotions and advertising campaigns. If you are not convinced, visit Farallon Capital Management. Target groups Frankfurt world close and brands act with overarching national advertising campaigns, where maybe the language has distinctive features. As local agency provider here to play a creative role, almost unthinkable. In most countries, there are key decision-makers boards. Whether a campaign worldwide, European, Asian, etc. is at one point developed and must then in the global marketing fit anywhere, be adapted. And TLC marketing plays.

TLC marketing, cross-border working since many years, maintained such global brands in the field of promotion, new customer acquisition and customer retention. This advantage allowed the provider of B2C rewards and incentives in the areas of leisure, due to over 4,500 conducted campaigns worldwide to provide an archive of case studies on the legs lifestyle and travel, which is unique according to own statements. With specialists, each realized action behind it, a product-development evaluate, so the own network and also the network of customers can learn. What worked successfully, which creative concept has been adapted well and should be budgeted with what cost per consumer per sector and category are just some of the relevant findings. In particular interoffice”. Because looking for new sales concepts to the small service road here often, if the United States product manager sees what his counterpart in Japan or Germany has implemented with success. “Chris Doerstling: gladly we will alert local executives on the global activities of colleague and bring it across successfully carried out actions at a common table”. The Chief by TLC marketing Germany is involved in leading with his unit on the international marketing events.

Finally many go by Germany global brands and promotions at the start, which are then adapted to other countries. As a recent example the marketing expert is leading campaign to the Beck’s, which was used in Germany, England and Italy. Our TLC case study wiki serves long time no longer, to give our references to the best. “Rather, we use our accumulated knowledge to do this, new products and campaigns in their quality facilities to plan strategically how operating optimally and creative concepts to develop in scene so that they eventually internationally as one face to the customer” arrive. Interested in marketing decision makers get a first impression under More information is available by phone at 0 69 48 00 05-0 and networking opportunity at XING, “Chris Doerstling”.

January 19, 2013

Colombia Latin

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Payment by mobile in Latin America, star in the Global Fair of technology GSMA the technological Movilway specialized in the Latin American market, has a stand where visitors can find information of the company and project of the electronic purse that will soon boost in thirteen countries of America Latina Movilway shows at the fair how can transform a mobile phone into a credit card complying with the highest standards of safety technology Movilwaythe alternative to facilitate the access of financial services to the population not unbanked Latin America in Latin America, payment for mobile is not a comfort, but a necessity, Dan Cohen. Barcelona, February 17, 2011-Movilway, the platform for the development and integration of mobile financial services in Latin America, is present at the MWC international fair in Barcelona. The Congress World of mobile (Mobile World Congress) organized by the GSMA as a event dedicated to the technologies of mobility, in which operators, manufacturers of networks, devices and software presented their main projects. About 1,300 companies from five continents, all come together in this event which will be visiting by more than 50,000 professionals and in which you can see from the more traditional technologies, which are still in research phase, going through hundreds of applications that are ready to be released to market. The Spanish Movilway participates in this meeting as one of the leading suppliers of electronic recharge and mobile financial services in Latin America. Opera in Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Ecuador and Mexico, and soon will reach other countries in the region like Chile and Venezuela. The technological account with a booth where visitors can find information of the company and project of the electronic purse that will drive in Latin America. This innovative service will allow users to make payments and other financial operations through the mobile phone, in a simple way and without need for bank account or credit card.

January 4, 2012

September Exhibition

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Vivid and memorable track for exhibitors and visitors left the exhibition II floriculture, floral and landscape design "KVTI Ukraine 2010", held from 9 to 11 September in Dnepropetrovsk. Although the exhibition "Kvti Ukraine 2010" a second time, estimating last year's experience and feedback from both visitors and exhibitors – she managed to catch the fancy of city residents, as well as give an opportunity for companies that specialize in so noble and aesthetic areas of horticulture, landscape design and floral design, on the eve of the city to demonstrate new products and offer their services. It should be noted that the constant aim of the exhibition has been and will remain improving the culture of consumption and use of flower, vegetable and seed as their suburban and gardens, as well as at home. If each of the residents will be on a notch in matters of life and its mix of flora, the city – one million in general will also be an order of magnitude better, greener, more beautiful and aesthetically. Among the highlights of the exhibition should be noted in this year's special Activity flower companies that are willing to do our best to ensure that as many people have enriched themselves in the experience of using high-quality floral material. At an exhibition in 2010, much attention was paid to rose – queen of flowers. The leading flower companies in the region and the capital were the masterpieces of world breeding roses. Flower Center "Flora – Market" (Dnepropetrovsk), presented the exclusive varieties of roses family Kordes (Germany), and the garden center "Taviya" (Kiev), charmed all the elegance of varieties of roses David Austin (England).

December 27, 2011

The Pumps

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In connection with this increasingly popular antifreeze manufactured in an environmentally safe raw materials – propylene glycol. The use of propylene as a raw material is especially true in the case of systems heating, as it allows the use of antifreeze, as in conventional heating systems and in systems with double boiler, where there is a possibility that the anti-freeze into potable water. In this case, allowed them use as a coolant in heat exchangers at the facilities of food and coal industries, which expands the market. Propylene glycol is not toxic, even its use as food additives, but it expensive. However, due to environmental and safety use of these anti-freeze is considered more promising. Random leaks of coolant do not represent a toxicological and environmental hazards person in this room and to the environment. Despite the higher viscosity fluids based on propylene glycol have 'lubricant effect' that reduces the flow resistance (Approximately 25%) and improving the conditions of the pumps in the secondary circuit.

The coolant is stable during operation in the working temperature range for a long time does not decompose and does not oxidize. Propylene glycol promotes removal from the inner surfaces of heat exchange equipment of organic and inorganic deposits, scum. Main directions of fluids, depending on the basis of the following: Mono-ethylene glycol Propylene glycol in closed systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for residential and industrial buildings, for cooling systems of production equipment, chillers, refrigeration units, etc., working in harsh climatic conditions in air conditioning systems in the two-circuit boilers, chillers, heat exchangers food *.