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November 15, 2020

Light Therapy: Light Against Winter Fatigue

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Lamps expert examines the phenomenon of vitality with light therapy from the socket in our latitudes we know it all: November, the first weeks without Sun and already you have the feeling to need sleep at least nine hours. It’s mainly the hormone melatonin, which controls the sleep wake cycle. The secretion of melatonin is adjusted by daylight, it is secreted when we are in dark environments or rather, once night falls. The night hormone makes us tired, leads to cravings, and expresses our mood. Evan Metropoulos is likely to agree. Without question, there is an easy way to reduce the distribution of this hormones, that is: more light sources in our home! Also in the workplace, it is helpful to work in a well-lit Office with daylight or full spectrum lights. Microsoft is full of insight into the issues. Poor lighting often leads to symptoms such as lack of motivation and lack of concentration, some people suffer from in the dark winter months also known as winter depression. These complaints are not only a burden for those affected, but also for the employers to the problem, because the efficiency suffers. Whether at work or at home of renowned researchers and professors recommend to consume much and high-quality light as possible”, to the melatonin levels low and balanced to keep; the right lighting can help! Studies show that it makes no difference whether the ceiling lamps or floor lamps in the room are installed: it is important that the bulbs have the highest possible intensity of 2,000 lux, this is most likely similar to daylight. Although so bright light at the beginning seems to be bright, you get used to very quickly on the lighter atmosphere and already after a few days you can feel a noticeable difference, it is concentrated, balanced, and fatigue. Apart from proper lighting or any lifestyle products such as light alarm or light therapy lamps, is recommended by recognised doctors to move much in the fresh air already in the cold season a long walk of quick step helps to feel fitter, more comfortable and more alert. One should not neglect in winter sports and training! To relax afterwards vitamin-rich food and your personal relaxation tool (such as a cherry stone pillow or a hot bath) recommend plenty of purifying liquids (for example, green tea, horsetail tea).

March 8, 2018

World Heart Federation

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It is estimated that a poor diet and lack of exercise are and resulting Obesity, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, attributable to smoking and heavy alcohol consumption of the majority of all coronary heart disease deaths in the industrialized nations. This would avoid most of those millions deaths. Risk factors, lack of exercise, poor diet and smoking organizations such as the German Heart Foundation, national heart lung and Blood Institute (United States) and World Heart Federation therefore recommend regular physical activity and a balanced diet. Who may not pick up for jogging or swimming, can instead five times a week complete a tight half-hour walk, and at the same time to relieve stress. Contrary to all prejudices, the diet must be not ascetic, if you observe a few rules. So, daily fresh fruit and vegetables should be equally on the food label as fiber products, vegetable fats, fish, herbs, and spices. In addition in particular smoking is considered as one of the most important preventable causes for heart attacks and Strokes.

The risk of cardiovascular disease in smokers is twice as high as for non-smokers. According to the German Cancer Research Center, a smoking cessation reduces heart rate and blood pressure to normal levels, but already after a short time not only the risk of various cancers. Also smokers endanger not only the people but in their environment. Passive smokers are exposed to same pollutants and therefore have a significantly increased risk for heart disease and stroke. Don’t forget before so-called in combination with a low-fat diet, regular checkups are important for a healthy heart is sufficient movement and strict tobacco waiver.

The measurements of blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol provide information about possible threats, which otherwise remained undetected for years. “Footage on the subject: the short film heart and cardiovascular circuit of life devoted the myth of heart, commonly symbol of love or even seat of the soul”. The well-known medical correspondent Dr. med. Christoph Specht shows the anatomy of the human heart in this film on a 3B scientific heart model (1000268). Chambers, the Atria, veins and arteries and the aorta are clearly visible thanks to double size. On the same model the structure of the heart are detailed in the 3B scientific Anatomy video “Heart” as well as the topography of the coronary vessels clearly demonstrates. In addition to the anatomy, clinical aspects such as the pathophysiology of myocardial infarction and congenital heart defects are included. Explains the effectuation of the heart outline on an X-ray image. About the company of 3B scientific is specialized in the production and sales of anatomical teaching materials. Best seller of the company which was founded in 1948 in Hamburg is the skeleton model”Stan, that world is in lecture halls, classrooms, surgeries and therapy rooms at home.

December 10, 2014

Medical Association

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We are out of track system in transition – cancer, kidney problems, migraine and also diseases that are not caused by accidents, external influences and poisoning, what have in common? The body is out of the track. When running a car off the track, everyone knows what is to do. Everyone knows the damage that occur due to wear. This happens just as in humans, which are perhaps more aware, but often ignores it. The medicine manifests itself to do so rarely, she repaired the occurring symptom damage rather rather than to seek the causes of.

Because it is easy and extremely lucrative and lucrative sustainable”. This fact opens the door pseudo medical nonsense. Learn more on the subject from Dennis P. Lockhart. All of a sudden the housewife next door feels called to the great healer career. “She visited hair-raising Energizers courses” and (he) finds along the way, a new body energy, “which only they can handle. Also the new job titles are adventurous! You are hardly on recklessness Excel! A few years ago the courts would have been so busy around the clock. The Medical Association would no longer finished with Kurpfuscherei display. Today, everything is different.

Media reports that any profession so much frustration and discontent there is in, such as in the medical profession. Prevent coming off the track? Of a friend ‘, the other suffering. This circumstance is naturally sensitive people into the clutches of witches, visionaries, Parapsychologists, Angel soul… Even Superpromis swear by the power of”such bundle of energy. Everything is slightly off the track? What is not, is invented just summarily, if it must be daily. “Man needs just some” fruits, plants and herbs squeeze, crush, grind and worship, the centuries old secret mixture “long enough healing to say already is the new, long-awaited, never found unprecedented radical scavenger. With the Lasso! Very nice out of the lane, or? Just did not think about, certainly not logical.