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May 23, 2024

Hair Care

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The use of honey for hair care Honey is widely used in various folk remedies kosmetologii.Izvestny body care products that use honey. Now we will talk about its parts, namely, about caring for volosami.Dlya improve hair growth, strengthen them, grate the onion, add honey (in 4 parts onion pulp 1 part honey). If hair is very dry, a mixture of onions and honey to add a little olive oil. Rub into the hair roots in an hour before washing, and then put down a rubber cap. Honey shampoo to soften the hair. Pour 100 ml boiling water 30 g of chamomile and pharmacy for an hour. Strain, add honey. Pre-washed hair a bit wipe with a towel and moisten well prepared infusion.

After 30-40 minutes rinse hair with warm water. Sheila Bair shines more light on the discussion. If they are very dry, then this procedure done every 10-12 days, and if the fat-times of 6-7 days. For dry, brittle hair, and with the loss very effective in this way: 30-40 minutes before shampooing make a mask out of a tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of castor oil, a teaspoon of aloe juice. Stir to mix well, rub in hair. After that, wash your hair, rinse it with broth or infusion of chamomile, nettle, and then clear water. Such procedures should be done every week, 1-2 times as long as your hair will not become strong and flexible. Necessary to make such a mask for the head and after perm. To strengthen and improve hair growth.

Grind a tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers and pour the oil in a ratio of 1:10, cover and place for a week in a dark place. Strain, mix a tablespoon of honey, well beaten. Washing your head, comb your hair, rub the mixture into the prepared root and spread through your hair with a comb. Wear a rubber cap on his head and wrap her with a towel. After 20-25 minutes wash the hair. At strong loss of hair, use this tool. Mix a tablespoon of honey and aloe juice and a teaspoon of garlic juice. Before you use a prepared mix, take a tablespoon of it, add the egg yolk, stir well and, after dividing his hair parted in the middle, put on your scalp. Tie the head with a towel, put a plastic bag on top and hold a "wrap" 20hv. After that, rinse your hair well. Take one egg yolk, Apply to hair and rinse with water. For the last rinse is possible to prepare a decoction of camomile or nettle (3 tablespoons grass to fill in 3 liters of boiling water, 30 min). Before rinsing solution drain. Necessary use this tool at least 5 times in a row. And remember, nothing will help your hair look as beautiful as a healthy lifestyle.

June 3, 2020

First More

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But the fact is that this energy can be stored in you and will never belong to you. All of the energy belongs only to the universe. That is not special practices or procedures to accumulate a large amount of energy. You can only do so much to your feeds cleaned, and you could pass through a greater amount of energy. But that's not all. Even if you become like a powerful conduit for the transfer of energy, you have more accurate know where and what you spend it. If you have read about Kenneth Feinberg already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

That is, you will never be energetic and cheerful, if nowhere aspire. The universe always gives you just enough energy, so you need to achieve your goals. The more brighter and bigger goals, the more you will be allocated for energy (unless you are ready to accept it). If you do not dream about anything, do not want in your life, you have no energy, respectively, because you it's just not why. AND Conversely, the more global your goals, the more you released energy. But there is no need to fall into another extreme and to set such goals, the realization that you simply do not believe it. Then you just give up on yourself and you will have one more reason to suffer and ponyt for fun. Often people ask me questions that should be taken when nothing you do not want to do. Or when there is a specific target but not the strength to achieve them. For First, I answer it.

December 7, 2019

Infertility Treatment

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Systematically monitor their health and well-being should be to everyone – this is a truism known to everyone. However, we do not always follow this recommendation, forget about their health in the daily hustle and turmoil. Nevertheless, even if you do not take special measures to take care of yourself, a lot of smoke and drink, carry the disease on their feet and do not listen to the special sensitivity to the signals your body, then at least once or twice a year should undergo a medical examination by doctors. After examination and recommendation of doctors can contribute not only to maintain health, preserve the beauty of face and body, but also the possibility to have a baby. On the men’s and women’s infertility is discussed separately, since these states arise from different reasons and under the influence of different factors.

Clinic “Center for Reproductive Technology” was developed by a team with many years of experience in the field of infertility treatment. It is equipped with the latest technology and in the process of creating standards used by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and the experience gained in cooperation with similar clinics in the United States. Work with embryos raises specific requirements for power supply systems and ventilation systems, and this was taken into account when designing the center. “Center of Reproductive Technologies” – is accredited in the U.S. and an official certificate of compliance with all U.S.

standards. The main advantage of our center – high level laboratory of embryology, equipped with the latest equipment. Part laboratory equipment is a unique authoring, patented in the U.S.. In the laboratory, introduced the strictest quality control system certificate validation College of American Pathologists. The center has established an extensive with clinics in Europe and America, scientific cooperation with the best professionals and scientists in the field of artificial insemination. Experts of the center not only make use of advanced technology, but also participate in development of new technologies together with well-known foreign clinics IVF (in vitro fertilization). Our center is well respected and popular not only in the Russian Federation and CIS countries, but throughout the world. About 20% of patients come to us from abroad. “Center for Reproductive Technology” works in strict compliance with all standards of evidence-based medicine, approved in Europe and the United States and approved AORM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) and EORChiE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology). Standard of care at the center of a discussion with patients of all stages of treatment, a full justification the method chosen. Center for Reproductive Technology – a specialized medical facility, where you get professional advice and expert help. Our IVF clinic – the actual implementation of your expectations. Contact the Center for Family Planning and Reproduction, and your family will forget about infertility. We offer modern methods of infertility treatment: surgical techniques, auxiliary techniques (IVF, ICSI, donor sperm and eggs, as well as intrauterine insemination). IVF and ICSI Clinic.

December 6, 2019

Treatment In Israel

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The patient is facing the choice of where best to provide treatment, should have information about treatment methods and their effectiveness. Is of great importance and reputation of the doctor, as well as the likelihood of complications. In some eternal summer. We must pay tribute, in Israel, all geared to people suffering from the heat. Air conditioners everywhere: in hospitals, public transport, taxis, in the flats. Winter in the center of the country daytime temperatures are usually not falls below 15 degrees plus, there may be moderate showers. Local residents, immigrants from Russia have in their wardrobe fine autumn jacket, the indigenous people (the so-called Sabra) can dress in a fur coat.

Israel is associated with other countries, mainly by air. Airlines operate regular flights to Tel Aviv from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. The flight from Moscow takes just over three and a half hours. Ben Gurion airport is linked to all the cities of Israel motorways. In addition, from Odessa can be reached within three days to the port of Haifa on the ferry, a high level of comfort.

In Israel, more than a dozen major medical centers. Among them are world famous hospitals like ‘Soraski’ (‘Ichilov’) in Tel Aviv, ‘Rabin’ in Petah Tikva and “Hadassah” in Jerusalem. Israeli medicine is proud of its highly qualified doctors and advanced medical technology. In medical centers there are always staff members who speak in Russian, and in the hospital ‘Wolfson’ 50% of doctors and nurses are bilingual. No such section of medicine, where would the Israeli experts have not achieved success, but some of it is worth mentioning separately. This, of course, artificial insemination, giving a high percentage of positive results. At the clinics, the Dead Sea, treatment psoriasis, vitiligo, achieve 80% long-term remission. Heart of Israel is proud of the inventive stent is ‘Cypher’, which in addition to orthopedic features – support the normal diameter of the vessel – and has prolonged therapeutic effect, highlighting the drug, which prevents the narrowing of the vessel. Has its positive features, and in the conduct of coronary artery bypass grafting in Israel. As shunt used is not Vienna, and the artery wall which is represented by a thick layer of muscle tissue, and therefore capable of withstanding higher blood pressure. This feature is important – we are talking about the blood supply to the heart. The undoubted progress in orthopedic implants can be called using the female knee of the American firm ‘Zimmer’. These prostheses designed to address the fact that the bones of the skeleton of female more slender, and spines Mount more flattened than in the male skeleton. Accounting physiological characteristics reduced the rehabilitation period, and most importantly provide a better functioning of the joint. Carry out this operation as possibly in clinics in Israel. It is worth mentioning a minimally invasive per-cutaneous surgery nucleotomy, which has as its goal the liberation of disadvantaged root of spinal nerve. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. In the absence of soft tissue injuries and nerve root, blood loss and sparing technique on the next day, the patient may be discharged from the hospital. Get more information about the treatment in Israel you can by contacting company ‘InterMedEkspert’ – a network of leading medical centers abroad.

November 23, 2019

Magic Stones

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Stone Therapy – a treatment energy stone. What is it – the fashion! I think not! Unleash the power of the stone, which for many years to affect us, just time. Power stone – is bestowed by Nature the opportunity to bring their body to be calm and harmony. Powerful effect gems, complemented by massage, and thermal effects – not the last argument in the struggle for a healthy mind in a healthy body. Massage with gems and precious stones, entered into vogue in recent years as a useful procedure for the body – not a new invention, because the roots of gems for the treatment of body and soul lie in the ancient times and go back to the days of the first Chinese Emperors and rulers of the Indian "pre-Columbian" era. Under the stone-therapy (treatment of stones) usually refers to a specialized massage cabin with hot and cold stones, accompanied by the aroma and color effect by relaxing music.

However, unfortunately, a classic stone-therapy session is not available to everyone – it takes several hours, carried out not all beauty salons, and the fun is not cheap. An alternative may be a masseur from the stone, with which you can own, at home, quickly help your body at precisely the moment when it is needed. Especially since the cost of a massage device which will serve you for years to come, several times lower than the cost of a massage in the salon. There are countless varieties of tumblers.

August 2, 2019


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Granulomas of the liver and granulomatous hepatitis. Noncaseating granulomas are found in 8% of individuals with CD. Described isolated cases of detection of granulomas and in patients with NUC. Granulomas of the liver may be a manifestation of another granulomatous disease (sarcoidosis, tuberculosis) or from the use of sulfonamides. Granulomatous hepatitis occurs in 1% of patients with IBD. There are cases of granulomatous hepatitis as a manifestation of side salazosulfapiridina action. Under most conditions author would agree.

Gallstone disease. When inflammation of the terminal ileum decreased absorption of bile acids, causing their loss, disturbed enterohepatic circulation, which contributes to supersaturation of bile with cholesterol and leads eventually to the formation of stones. Approximately 34% of individuals with CD with the localization of inflammation in the small intestine, cholesterol stones are found. The frequency of occurrence of stones depends on the duration of the disease. In patients with NUC also noted an increased frequency of gallstone disease, although the exact causal relationship remains unclear. Pancreas and IBD. Some patients with IBD pathology of the pancreas (pancreas) is extraintestinal manifestations, in other cases it may be the result of the side effects of drugs or due to lesion of the duodenum (KDP) in CD, although not eliminated, and the genesis of biliary lesions.

According to some foreign studies, almost 30% of patients the GCS revealed reduced exocrine pancreatic function. Increase levels of amylase and serum lipase in the absence of clinical signs of acute pancreatitis occurs in 15-20% of patients with CD and NUC. The reason for this phenomenon is not entirely clear. This can be a consequence of drug therapy, and reflects the overall inflammatory response. In CD, with the defeat of the KDP described cases of acute, recurrent and chronic pancreatitis, which presumably is the result of a throw in the pancreas duodenal contents in inflammation in the major duodenal papilla. More rare cause of fistula can be between the KDP and the pancreas.

June 11, 2019

Happiness in Life

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What is most important for a person in his life? This question is often possible to get an answer that is most important for a man his own life. Did people say, some people will not give everything he has, for to live? Also you can often hear in response that the person is most important for his health. When people tell other people suffering from lack of health, he is also very willing to sacrifice. Erin Callan often says this. Sometimes the lack of health brings a such suffering, that he is ready to give even his life, just to get rid of this suffering. But in fact the most important thing for a man his own happiness, the presence of joy in his life. Even the life and health are for human less important than its internal spiritual condition. This confirms the fact that many healthy people commit suicide, when unhappy and have no hope to change the situation.

On the one hand. On the other hand, there are numerous examples of happy people who have big problems with health, financial situation, etc. But what about extreme situations. Man, even in normal conditions are often willing to sacrifice their health, and sometimes in the future and life itself for the sake of positive emotions. For example, a diabetic can eat a piece of cake, drink alcoholic wines stack, even though he and the other is perfectly aware that this is it categorically contraindicated. But they, nevertheless, go for it. And all in order to once again enjoy. This again emphasizes that personal happiness, the joy of human existence is more important than your health and even life itself.