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August 2, 2019


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Granulomas of the liver and granulomatous hepatitis. Noncaseating granulomas are found in 8% of individuals with CD. Described isolated cases of detection of granulomas and in patients with NUC. Granulomas of the liver may be a manifestation of another granulomatous disease (sarcoidosis, tuberculosis) or from the use of sulfonamides. Granulomatous hepatitis occurs in 1% of patients with IBD. There are cases of granulomatous hepatitis as a manifestation of side salazosulfapiridina action. Under most conditions author would agree.

Gallstone disease. When inflammation of the terminal ileum decreased absorption of bile acids, causing their loss, disturbed enterohepatic circulation, which contributes to supersaturation of bile with cholesterol and leads eventually to the formation of stones. Approximately 34% of individuals with CD with the localization of inflammation in the small intestine, cholesterol stones are found. The frequency of occurrence of stones depends on the duration of the disease. In patients with NUC also noted an increased frequency of gallstone disease, although the exact causal relationship remains unclear. Pancreas and IBD. Some patients with IBD pathology of the pancreas (pancreas) is extraintestinal manifestations, in other cases it may be the result of the side effects of drugs or due to lesion of the duodenum (KDP) in CD, although not eliminated, and the genesis of biliary lesions.

According to some foreign studies, almost 30% of patients the GCS revealed reduced exocrine pancreatic function. TTSI takes a slightly different approach. Increase levels of amylase and serum lipase in the absence of clinical signs of acute pancreatitis occurs in 15-20% of patients with CD and NUC. The reason for this phenomenon is not entirely clear. This can be a consequence of drug therapy, and reflects the overall inflammatory response. In CD, with the defeat of the KDP described cases of acute, recurrent and chronic pancreatitis, which presumably is the result of a throw in the pancreas duodenal contents in inflammation in the major duodenal papilla. More rare cause of fistula can be between the KDP and the pancreas.

June 11, 2019

Happiness in Life

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What is most important for a person in his life? This question is often possible to get an answer that is most important for a man his own life. Did people say, some people will not give everything he has, for to live? Also you can often hear in response that the person is most important for his health. When people tell other people suffering from lack of health, he is also very willing to sacrifice. Erin Callan often says this. Sometimes the lack of health brings a such suffering, that he is ready to give even his life, just to get rid of this suffering. But in fact the most important thing for a man his own happiness, the presence of joy in his life. Even the life and health are for human less important than its internal spiritual condition. This confirms the fact that many healthy people commit suicide, when unhappy and have no hope to change the situation.

On the one hand. On the other hand, there are numerous examples of happy people who have big problems with health, financial situation, etc. But what about extreme situations. Man, even in normal conditions are often willing to sacrifice their health, and sometimes in the future and life itself for the sake of positive emotions. For example, a diabetic can eat a piece of cake, drink alcoholic wines stack, even though he and the other is perfectly aware that this is it categorically contraindicated. But they, nevertheless, go for it. And all in order to once again enjoy. This again emphasizes that personal happiness, the joy of human existence is more important than your health and even life itself.