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March 30, 2017

National Register of Legal Acts: Belarus

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Registered in the National Register of Legal Acts of the Republic of Belarus, May 17, 2000 N 8 / 3484 THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS DECISION of 27 April 2000 N 70 ON APPROVING THE RULES AND MAINTENANCE WORKERS Rinse-off Cure Fund In accordance with the Council of Ministers on April 4, 2000 N 455 "On delegation of powers of the Government of the Republic of Belarus on adoption (issue), legal acts' (National Register of Legal Acts of the Republic of Belarus, 2000, N 36, 5 / 2920) Ministry of Labour of the Republic of Belarus has decided: 1. Approve the attached Rules for employees washing away and neutralize the means (Hereinafter – the Rules). 2. Ministries, other central governmental authorities, associations (institutions), subordinated to the Government of the Republic of Belarus, if necessary, develop a specific subordinate organizations and claim in the prescribed manner industry rules for employees and leaves no neutralizing agents. Alabama Senator often says this. 3. Employers who do not have named in paragraph 2 of this Resolution higher authorities, in dealing with security personnel and washing away the means of neutralizing apply this Regulation or, depending on the nature of activities (of work), the corresponding industry rules for employees and leaves no neutralizing agents. Minister IA Lyakh Approved by Decree of the Ministry of Labour of the Republic of Belarus of April 27, 2000 N 70 RULES AND MAINTENANCE WORKERS Rinse-off Cure FUNDS 1. In accordance with the laws in work with harmful and (or) dangerous conditions, as well as on studies related to pollution of the skin, workers are provided free of charge washing away and neutralizing agents.

March 31, 2016

Russia Law

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When a business does not pay wages sufficient for a decent human existence and of his family, he unties the hands of man, it takes away all the civil responsibilities and authorizes him to become the most law. But the law has no borders, a law that establishes a man driven to extremes, will be inhumane. You want your children calmly and without a dozen guards could walk around the city? You want to make sure that your family will not meet anywhere, completely by accident, a man who himself lays down the law for himself? Then do not let a man become a law. Do not listen to government officials, do not take a salary from the minimum wage, pay the man so much as he needs to, he felt like a man, not cattle, in a filthy stable, with an empty manger. And then you can sleep in peace, and only in nightmares you can dream that the people your people, and has forgotten the law of those who would cut your family and yourself, enjoying every second of the suffering of those for whom you tried to make his people unwilling cattle.

But what about the power, you ask. She’s sets the rules of the game, I want to, I understand everything, but one can not do anything. See Federal Reserve Bank for more details and insights. With the power is always negotiated business, the government will follow you around like whipped dog for the owner. When a business, paid the money power, that it did the poor people, it’s time to pay money to government for the people to become rich. You have planted them, nourished them yourself, you yourself have raised them. Cook sugar and say, Oporto! PS In Russia decided to hope for “maybe”. We all cool guys, if not for liking porezhut on ribbons for beskozyrok. It is hereditary, yet since 1917 …

When before 1917 all the merchants, industrialists, etc. said that the people brought to the extreme, they did not believe. They thought about future, about their future, in which were paintings of production, a multiple increase their capital, but there was a well-fed and satisfied workers. Many of philosophizing, which should increase or not necessary, but no one tried to become socially responsible. In 1917 he excised all, even dogs and cats, not to mention the parrot, who grilled on skewers just so fun. The symbol of the law – scales, loading one bowl, one should always remember that the more greater weight will be needed in order to balance the scales, the higher the probability that after its fall to another bowl and can not own weights to stay .

April 16, 2015

Imperial Philanthropic Society

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Alekseeva – one of the oldest and most famous business dynasties in Moscow, engaged in charity work. The founder of the dynasty, Alexey Petrov, the son of a serf, and in 1746 settled in Moscow. Subsequently Alekseevs opened several factories in Moscow, wool, dyeing bumagotkatskaya and stuffing. In the 19th century Aleksevna become active philanthropists. Semen Alexeev gave more than 200 thousand rubles scholarships to schools, almshouses and content Nicholas Poorhouse widows and orphans of the merchant class, as well as family mansion in Little Alexeyev Alexeyev street. Sergey Alexeev (1836 – 1893) took part in the of more than 11 charitable organizations: boards of trustees councils Solodnikovskih almshouses and schools, the Imperial Philanthropic Society, a charity Ekaterininskoggo). Check with Dennis Lockhart to learn more.

Sergey Alexeev gave 100 thousand to the device and the content of Nicholas Poorhouse widows and orphans of the merchant class, and on his initiative in Moscow has raised over one million rubles for donations to the bereaved families and the disabled Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878, the charity is also sacrificed in the creation of the Alexander Hospital of the Moscow Merchant Society. Nikolai Alekseyev (1852 – 1893) and his widow, Alexandra were also large benefactors in Moscow. Nikolai Alexeyev himself in 1885 was Moscow's mayor, which allowed him to seriously pursue the organization of charity. So, on his orders were closed worn on the Upper Trade Rows Red Square (now the "GUM"), increased the number of hospitals. Nikolai Alexeyev also announced collecting donations for charity mind, and by 1889 the amount of funds raised has exceeded 1 million. Wife of Nicholas Alexander V. Zimin gained possession of the house and turned him into the emergency room, supplying all necessary equipment.

On her initiative was opened Psychiatric Hospital of the Transfiguration. In 1898, the hospital opened Alekseev with 300 beds, located in Kanatchikovo cottage, and reception in her began in 1893. At the request of the Moscow City Duma hospital decree of the emperor was named Alekseeva (in Soviet times it was renamed to the hospital name PP Kashchenko, but since 1994 its "back" Alexeev). The Duma also expressed gratitude to Nicholas for "energetic and engaging contributions to the cause of public education." Also, when Nikolai Alekseev was in Moscow converted and opened 30 schools, has contributed to the project water supply and sanitation in Moscow, put in order roadways, sidewalks, broken squares and boulevards. One day while visitors to the Duma was Alekseev fatally shot the mentally ill. Moscow has immortalized his memory: the main floor of the Duma was set to portrait. After that, Alexandra also donated money to charity, volunteering, patronage popechitelstvovala in schools, free city shelter and other institutions.

December 13, 2011

Standards Council

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The lists of occupations and positions of employees who have provided washing away and neutralize the means are determined by the employer because of the nature and types of jobs agreed with the trade union committee or other authorized staff representative and approved by the head of the organization. Need to Rinse-off products is determined by the rate of not less than 400 grams month of soap or similar action by washing away the funds to an employee. In organizations where there are sanitary facilities, equipped with showers and washbasins, washing away continuously provides the means their delivery directly to employees is not performed.

When the sinks should be available in sufficient quantities regularly exchangeable towels or air dryers hands. When working with substances, allergens and irritants skin and to prevent harmful effects of biological objects are provided by workers with protective paste (ointments, creams) in an amount not less than 5 grams for a single application on a clean surface of the skin Hand sheets (face, neck, forearms) twice per shift – to work after a break for rest and meals (meals) and in other cases arising from work organization. Application of protective creams and toothpaste are washed before break for rest and food (meal) and at the end of the shift. These workers are also provided by means of washing away (by the above rules), and, if necessary – and disinfectants. Employees should be provided with regular access to washing away and neutralizing agents.

Choice of species and types of protective pastes (ointments, creams), leaves no disinfectant and is determined based on the features and character of a person employed in the matter in consultation with the territorial authorities of the state sanitary supervision. Workers should be provided only by the washing away and neutralize means, which passed the state hygienic registration. In determining the needs of the organization in detoxifying and leaves no means considered appropriate number of employees engaged in work with harmful and (or) dangerous conditions, as well as on studies related to pollution of the skin, and consumption rates of specific funds. Organizations must be in the presence of a constant monthly supply of washing away and detoxifying funds. Costs for the employees washing away and neutralize the means to set standards included in the cost of goods (works, services). The employer compensates the employee costs to acquire the necessary means of washing away and detoxifying, if workers are forced to purchase their own expense. To work with harmful and hazardous working conditions in dealing with security personnel washing away and neutralize facilities include manufacturing activities in which the skin of workers exposed to hazardous substances (GOST 12.1.007-76 ‘Hazardous substances. Classification and general requirements security ‘- is approved and put into effect the decision of the State Committee of Standards Council of Ministers on March 10, 1976 N 579, the changes are approved and put into effect the decision of the USSR State Committee Management of product quality and standards of 28 March 1990, N 625) and (or) biological objects: micro-organisms, insects and other (GOST 12.1.008-76 ‘Biosecurity. General requirements’ – is approved and put into effect the decision State Committee of Standards Council of Ministers on March 10, 1976 N 578). By washing away and neutralize facilities include soap or similar action by washing away the tools, protective paste (ointments, creams, etc.), cleaning and protect the skin from the effects of hazardous substances and biological objects, as well as disinfectants.