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August 7, 2019


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In times in which commonly accepted it is that, to the great majority, the routes of financing of those goods are closed to us worse that we yearned for or, still, we needed with quickness, also arise other routes to make it possible. Ingenious alternatives that prosper as it is the case of leasing, more and more extended in our country. Entering us in the field of the automobiles, or by labor, familiar needs or by desire to enjoy the possibilities of certain vehicle that stops when lacking financing, leasing comes to be an option of most valid whereas he is feasible and it offers to us to choose between different end. Of this form, once our contract of leasing expires, we were with three routes: the possibility of giving back the vehicle, of having left we it in property or of proroguing the contract. Besides this flexibility, that can make us enjoy the car and think at great length, or based on the events, what to do with the vehicle, also puts at the disposal of the lovers of the world of the motor the option to be changing with relative frequency of vehicles, something that without a doubt will also be thankful for certain professional groups. Finally, it is possible to emphasize, in this sense, that every time they are plus the companies that, in view of the predicament that is having leasing in our country (although it counts on more tradition in other points of the planet), offer facilities for which they show preference for this option, which simultaneously constitutes one more a form to promote his vehicles.

February 15, 2018

Thomas Jefferson

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Barack Obama affirmed that " we must make the process easier and faster to turn the innovating ideas into positions of trabajo". The Office of Patents accumulates 1.2 million pending cases. A patent now takes almost three years in completing its procedure. The USA already has an ample reform of the Law of Patents, the major in 50 years, with which it tries to facilitate that the inventors can commercialize their creations, according to promulgated east Friday the president of the United States, Barack Obama. (Similarly see: Nicholas Carr). In an act in the school Thomas Jefferson, in Alexandria (Virginia), in which it signed the norm, Obama affirmed that " we must make the process easier and faster to turn the innovating ideas into jobs ". The new law, well-known like ' The Inventa&#039 USA; , it tries to guarantee that the Office of Patents, that accumulates 1.2 million pending cases, has the money sufficient to make agile the procedure of the intellectual property of those inventions or discoveries. At present, a patent takes almost three years in completing his procedure in the United States.

" In that battery of requests it can be the next miraculous medicine, the next great advance tecnolgico" , it said the president, that it considered the new law a tool that will allow to foment the use, his great objective in which him mandate subtraction, until 2012. Visit Nicholas Carr for more clarity on the issue. Among others innovations, the measurement will change the present system to adjudge the patents to the first person who presents/displays the request, not necessarily the original inventor. The norm counts on the endorsement of some of main the companies in the sectors technological and pharmaceutical, two of the most affected by the delays in the concession of patents. The new law was approved the week last in the Senate with the support of both started off. Source of the news: The USA reforms the Law of Patents to facilitate that the inventors commercialize their creations.

February 27, 2017

Beautiful Arts

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J.Y.O. The Galician locality has two of best urban beaches of Spain. The Marine Stroll crosses more than 10 kilometers of the coast. Alto mount is the alternative district. With the arrival of the summer, To Corunna it shines his better finery. The Galician locality can be conceited to have two of best urban beaches of Spain: Riazor and Orzn. The water of the sea is considerably cold for which they are not customary to the Atlantic, but both sandy grounds are located right in the center and their infrastructures are optimal.

Besides beaches, great the attractiveness of the city in summer is its enormous Marine Stroll, one of most extensive of Europe with more than 10 kilometers in length. The Stroll crosses all the coast of the coruesa peninsula, from the Port to the zone of Or Portio, in which there is a wonderful terrace to enjoy the sun putting accompanied by a glass. It can cross the Stroll walking, in car, bus or tourist street car, but, at this time of the year, the best option is to rent one bicycle. In this way, it will be able to stop in the multiple places of interest that lay out the passage, like the Castle of San Antn, the millenarian Tower of Hercules (declared Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO for two years) or Monte of San Pedro, from whom the best views of the coruesa bay are descried. Local gastronomy Like any other city of the community, To Corunna is perfect to enjoy the Galician gastronomy. The options are multiple and are establishments for all the pockets. If the budget is reduced, it can approached the zone of wines and to taste traditional covers by a reasonable price, around 1.5 Euros. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Alabama Senator.

Also in the same district, there are economic seafood restaurants (40 Euros of average by person). In case a tribute wants to occur, numerous restaurants exist that serve fish, meats and seafood of great quality. Brown house, the Chorale, Artabria, Beach Club, Or Bebedeiro and Domus are some of most famous. Nocturnal life the coruesa night is especially attractive the weekend, although, in summer, the tourists are in charge to animate to the city the rest of days. Like it happens with the gastronomical supply, the leisure nocturne is varied. The zone of the Orzn is the one that pubs agglutinates more, whereas the Old City is the district with more enchantment. If it prefers the alternative premises, Alto Mount is its site. The Bar of Juan, Or Patachn and the Puticl is safe bets. Culture and purchases In A Corunna there is an interesting group of cultural institutions, between which they emphasize the Museum of Beautiful Arts, the MACUF and foundations Caixa Galicia and Pedro Barri of Maza. As far as the purchases, the city is well-known for being the place of origin of the greater empire of the fashion, the Inditex group. Besides the marks of the Amancio industralist Grouse, To Corunna of Galician designers and other Spanish communities counts on a remarkable number of boutiques. The surroundings of Juan Flrez and the zone of the Obelisk lodge the best stores.

June 22, 2012

International Monetary Fund

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The IMF warns of ” great consequences globals” if the problems of the peripheral countries extend to central countries of Europe. The organism asks that the measures of all along necessary monetary support stay and that the capital of the banks is extended. The Eurogroup meets Thursday to look for a solution for the Greek crisis. The International Monetary Fund (the IMF) has urged east Tuesday to the zone Euro to act of urgent form to contain the crisis and has alerted of ” great consequences globales” if the problems of the peripheral countries extend to central countries of the region. ” An intensification of the crisis of the zone Euro, mainly if the ample tension to the central zone, could have great consequences globals” , it has noticed the Bottom, that it has published east Tuesday his annual report on the economy of the zone Euro. ” The delays in the resolution of the crises could be expensive for the zone Euro and the economy global” , the IMF has insisted.

In order to prevent a worsening of the situation, that threatens now to infect to Italy and Spain, the Bottom asked that the programs of adjustment in Greece, Portugal and Ireland are implemented totally. That implementation must go accompanied of a financing ” adecuada” that it endorses, it said the Bottom, the viability of the debt and solutions based on the sector deprived for the banking problems. The executive advice of the IMF dndi, by the others, after analyzing the conclusions of the report, that the measures of monetary support stay all along that is necessary and that the capital of the banks beyond the requirements of Basel III is extended. In that sense, Light Everaert, person in charge of policies for the zone Euro of the IMF, are east Senate Tuesday in telephone press conference that ” the majority of the banks would have to reinforce their coffers of capital because that would reinforce the confidence in the capacity to surpass pockets like este”.