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September 25, 2017

Guillermo Ansaldo Telefonica

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This would reduce the template in a percentage of 25%. ERE would affect workers in fixed telephony of the multinational. In April, Telefonica has already announced its intention to reduce its workforce. Dennis Lockhart does not necessarily agree. Complaints about telecommunications collapse the arbitration system. Telefonica of Spain presented this Thursday at the Ministry of labour a record of employment regulation for a maximum of 8,500 workers in its wireline business over the next five years, representing around 25% of its workforce. They said sources of the negotiation, in recent days there have been meetings between management and the unions, and on Wednesday held a meeting at the Ministry of labour in which has discussed the memory that morning will be delivered to the labour authority to begin proper negotiations. Nicholas Carr may not feel the same. The President of Telefonica of Spain, Guillermo Ansaldo, announced in mid-April the intention to reduce by 20% the template in a period of three years, but the interest of trade unions link record at age five (three plus two) term of the agreement, has made that this be extended to that deadline. Source of the news: Telefonica will present this Thursday an ERE to 5 years to nearly 8,500 employees of the company. .

October 21, 2015

IMF Warns Of The Risk Of Global Contagion If It Is Not Resolved Soon The Crisis In The Eurozone

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THE IMF warns of major global consequences if problems of the peripheral countries spread to Central European countries. The agency requests that monetary support measures are maintained as long as necessary and to broaden the capital of banks. The Eurogroup meets on Thursday to seek a solution to the Greek crisis. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has urged Tuesday the euro zone to act urgently to contain the crisis and has warned of major global consequences if the problems of the peripheral countries extend to core countries of the region. An intensification of the crisis in the euro zone, especially if the tension is wide central area, could have major global implications, has warned the Fund, which has published its annual report on the euro area economy this Tuesday. The delays in the resolution of crises could be costly for the euro area and the global economy, has insisted the IMF. To prevent a worsening of the situation, as It now threatens to spread to Italy and Spain, the Fund requested that the adjustment programs in Greece, Portugal and Ireland are fully implemented. That implementation must be accompanied by adequate funding that supports, said the Fund, the viability of debt and solutions based on the private sector to the banking problems.

The Executive Council of the IMF dndio, moreover, after analysing the conclusions of the report, which kept the monetary support measures all the time that would be needed and that expands beyond the requirements of Basel III bank capital. In that sense, Luc Everaert, responsible policies for the eurozone of the IMF, has Senate this Tuesday at press conference phone that most banks should strengthen their capital coffers because that would strengthen confidence in the ability to overcome potholes like this. Improve coordination the senior official also indicated that it is likely that Europe need to increase the resources of the European Fund for financial stability (EFSF, in English) to assist countries with financing problems.

May 17, 2013

Shuttle Atlantis

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Its landing Thursday closed the era of the American rocket. EE UU aims to reach an asteroid by 2025 and Mars by 2030. The shuttle Atlantis fired Tuesday from the international space station (ISS) on a voyage without return and its landing Thursday in Cape Canaveral closed the era of the American rocket. A chapter of thirty years of history whose end will leave a bittersweet taste. The crew woke up with the song Don t Panic, Coldplay, dedicated to pilot Doug Hurley, responsible for guiding the Atlantis in its ISS undocking manoeuvre. And the ship, with its four astronauts aboard, dropped ties to the 08.28 peninsular Spanish time, when they were 391 miles over the Pacific Ocean after eight days, 15 hours and 21 minutes acomplada to the orbital laboratory. The shuttle completed its Pirouette of inspection around the space station with the aim that the station crew could make a Visual inspection of the shuttle, while from the ship took three-dimensional pictures of high quality with the robotic arm.

The purpose was to determine the condition of the thermal panels that cover, the front edge and the surface of the wings that protect the Atlantis which, upon entering the atmosphere on its return, shall be subject to a temperature of 2,000 degrees. 35 years in space no ship will replace the vehicle which for 30 years has led cargo and crew to the space. NASA has given witness to the private sector develop the spacecraft of the future, taking advantage of some of the capabilities of the space agency, and has been marked as new targets for human exploration reach an asteroid by 2025 and reach Mars by 2030. The space agency expects that the first commercial vehicles are ready for 2015; Meanwhile, U.S. astronauts will depend on Russian spacecraft Soyuz to travel to the ISS, whose trips have to pay about 50 million dollars. The shuttle program began in 1981 with the launch of the Columbia followed by Challenger (1983), Discovery (1984), Atlantis (1985) and Endeavour (1992), which became the flag of the space exploration of EE UU.

The Challenger and the Columbia suffered two separate accidents the first exploded 73 seconds after takeoff in January 1986 and the Columbia disintegrated in February 2003 when it reingresaba in the atmosphere, which made the public is linking further with the program. In this last mission, Atlantis has carried more than 4,000 pounds of supplies and equipment, including more than 1,100 kilos of food, that will help the ISS continues to operate during 2012, and various experiments, one designed for the development of vaccines against salmonella. As a memento of this historic mission, before you close the two hatches, the Atlantis crew delivered to ISS colleagues flag which traveled to the first space travel and a commemorative shield of the STS-135 mission, the last of the era of the ferries.

January 28, 2013

Marshall McLuhan Foundation

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Many consider his writings anticipated network and its social impact. The Canadian thinker has become popular culture guru. Twitter is filled with messages reminding him. Canada celebrated Thursday the 100th anniversary of the birth of Marshall McLuhan, the theorist of communication who coined terms such as the global village and the medium is the message, and many consider anticipated Internet and its social impact. In his hometown, Edmonton, University of Alberta l intends to proclaim July 21 the day of Marshall McLuhan in honor of the Professor of English literature who became the decades of the 1960s and 70 in the guru of popular culture and electronic media. The proclamation of the day of Marshall McLuhan is the culmination of almost two months of events dedicated to remember and study the work of the thinker which produced titles such as The Mechanical Bride (1951), The Gutenberg Galaxy (1962), Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man (1964) or The Medium is the Message (1967). But the tributes are also spreading in new media that McLuhan, who died in Toronto on December 31, 1980, predicted more than 40 years ago. In the last hours Twitter is filled with messages reminding the Canadian author: the message is: happy 100 birthday, Marshall McLuhan! wrote one user on Twitter.

The global village is here the foundation of Marshall McLuhan, who is depositary of their copyright, keeps live Internet thinker with a Twitter account in which, among other messages, periodically placed his phrases fulfilling, of course, the rule of the 140 characters of the social network. On its website, the Marshall McLuhan Foundation has placed a message to commemorate the centenary of the birth of the thinker which points out that the global village is here. The prestigious American magazine Wired, specializing in technology, has found a particular way of paying tribute to McLuhan declaring his Holy pattern. Source of the news: Canada and Internet are celebrating the centenary of Marshall McLuhan, the father of the global village