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May 28, 2021


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And if it will get healthy glow and radiance – this is your color. Now back to the base of the wardrobe, it should include: v black formal trousers; v blue jeans; v five blouses one of which is extravagant, for special occasions (white, black and three colors your basic wardrobe); v two classic trouser suit (one of them black or blue-gray); v a skirt suit your color scheme; v coat and a cloak (black, gray or beige); v 2-3 skirts of varying lengths and cut. Good option is a combination of skirt with a jacket from a business suit. v 3-4 turtlenecks; v vest; v sweater; v spruce top bright, black or white; v pair of bright scarves; v dress. Dresses can be worn with a jacket from the suit, if color Styles and fabrics are coordinated, and colors of dresses can be brighter than the colors of the costumes.

It is better to buy clothes for every season, then you will be comfortable in them. Do not forget a few festive dresses, and of course, a small black dress. Learn more about this with Kenneth Feinberg. v tights (black or flesh-colored). Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. A good one-color handbag, shoes and boots, preferably black, which will fit all your wardrobe. We invite you to visit our online catalog of female clothes at. Here you can choose as casual wear and clothes for all occasions. You will be pleasantly surprised by the price and quality of the models, as well as the quickness of the order.

For more the convenience of our shoppers with every order free of charge service – fitting for a house where you can appreciate the quality and choose the appropriate model garments you order. At your request, delivery on the day of order. All our clothing is made by the best Russian factories, has a certificate of conformity, made in accordance with state standards and meets all sanitary rules. Due to the fact that Products delivered directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse, it is subject to lower premiums and delivered as soon as possible. We try to do what is necessary in order to buy clothes that through our online catalog delivered to you convenience, comfort and cheer up. Order apparel made with registration, adding the clothes in the basket, and electronic order confirmation, then you associated consultant that would specify the date, place and time of delivery. If you have any difficulties, our consultants will answer all your questions, as registered on our website and by calling you be able to order, arrange the delivery and ask all the questions. It is also available on our website has useful articles, you can leave your comments and ask questions. Online directory of women’s clothing you want great shopping!

March 30, 2021

The Eucharist

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We cannot despise anything that the Church with particular, not putting difficulties to make the celebration every day better. A sense of doing what the Church sends, but the Church does not send and sort, so so, because each item that is in the celebration of the Eucharist has its meaning, has his theology has its raison d ‘ etre. The Eucharist, encounter of God with the Christian faithful.-we ask ourselves many times do, the Eucharistic Celebration does not commit more the life of the Church in the life of Christians?, do, are not our Eucharist attractive for many Christians, who have gradually left behind practical it Sunday?, why cults attract many faithful Christians who leave Christian practices? They are questions that puts us to think in this year of the Eucharist. The questions are many and many answers, but I think still today at the 40 years of the liturgical revolution, we need an inner enthusiasm, which is expressed to the outside. The liturgical saying celebrates what viva and viva which held perhaps still have not achieved that the Christian life is an extension of Eucharist, and the Eucharist is the center of our life. If out of the Eucharist we did a survey and asked how has participated in the Eucharist?, what is what impressed you more?, was found with the Lord? I remember once, in a school had a school choir, he sang wonderfully well, but the people not singing anything, and comments were heard leaving the celebration: me singing that have sung entrance, I liked I liked the other, middle of the mass which is, that mass had become a festive song (laughs) all these are questions that we can formulate, but let’s see. The phenomenology of encounter-we have a human encounter, an encounter of religious expedicioncita.

Defined man as a being for the meeting, because it is one person, a being social. A man found with other people, with other human beings. Every day we are with dear people, friends, known, unknown. Educate the encounter that may be in the House, street, in the Office, at work, at school, etc. But to ensure a relationship, communication, the word is needed. The word is the most common communicate of men, without Word not us we can communicate, although sometimes they are signs through which we communicate. For more clarity and thought, follow up with millennium management and gain more knowledge.. A look, a smile, by the words we understand the thinking, the feelings of other people, we penetrated their secret, inside, because that person communicates it. Continuous.

April 1, 2020

Globalization Iii

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Envy pointed out the virtues of the envied, and the desvirtudes of the envious. Globalization is a fact, where all countries are involved in different ways that significantly influence the cultural, economic, political, social, education, technological. Therefore, it is an issue that cannot be avoided, should be taken into account by management in order to guarantee the company under their charge, a participation favourable, taking into account the opportunities that arise, threats, weaknesses and strengths. Be considered, that in the last twenty-five years of the century twenty and beginning of the 21st, there have been three revolutions. These revolutions occurred in transport, communications, and finance. Globalization is the result these revolutions. Globalization can be understood from two points of view: 1.

at the macro level, can be defined as the result of a historical process that promotes change towards a model of market economy in which there are no barriers to international trade and a social cohesion takes place. 2. At the micro level, it is the result of a growth in the use of flexible forms of production which tend an international application instead of a national one. It is known that there was a first wave of globalization from the late 1800s until the first world war. The second wave of globalization is that we are living.

It starts then it breaks or collapses the Berlin wall by putting an end to the era called the cold war. Now the world is not faced by ideological reasons, nor military, confrontation is by the conquest of markets and by the conquest of knowledge, within a global or planetary vision that is facilitated thanks to the revolution of information technology and communications. The truth, which is essential to understand the impact of globalization on the three most important aspects of development: social, to determine how a social balance in this new progress of humanity towards the conquest of new goals in this new society which is society can be achieved in the knowledge.

December 8, 2017

Labor Code

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This information should be submitted not less than two months to reduce, and in case of mass layoffs – not later than three months. Cash compensation for the reduction According to Art. 178 of the Labour Code for terminating an employment contract due to downsizing or staff workers are laid off employee shall be paid an allowance equal to the average monthly earnings, as well as it saved the average monthly earnings for the period of employment, but not more than two months from the date of dismissal (with the offset of severance pay). Thus, the average earnings for the period of employment for the second month the employee is paid only if the employee can prove that in this period, it did not work. So can serve as a confirmation of employment history, in which there is no record of a new job.

In exceptional cases, the average monthly salary is reserved for retired during the third month from the date of dismissal. Documented rationale for this is the certificate authority employment services for registration. The certificate is issued if the employee who applied within two weeks after his dismissal, was not employed service employment within two months from the date of dismissal. Payment of the average earnings for the period of employment is made after the end of the month during which the employee was not employed, and after submission of the relevant documents. When dismissing an employee he must also pay compensation for unused vacation days (Article 127 of the Labor Code).