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May 26, 2018

Google Adwords

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To obtain your first affiliates is the beginning of all business multilevel and the time that takes to you to do determined it your success or failure in this industry. And that I to it do not say, say statistics to it. Since but of the 50 percent of people who do not obtain affiliates in their first month they resign. Then like obtaining your first affiliates of simple way? Two words: Google Adwords. I wait for not haberte defrauded with this answer. Dejame that explains to you.

In case still you do not know Adwords, one is the platform of payment announcements of Google. This means that in each search that you realise in google, in the part superior and the ends right of the screen they appear the announcements of the people who estan paying so that their announcements appear right away in the first positions of google. An amount is not pleased fixes monthly. The sponsor only pays whenever somebody does click on its announcement, and in funcio of the optimized thing that this anuncion paid more or less. The normal thing is to pay between 0,01 and 0,15 pennies of dollar by click. (As opposed to Janet Yellen). But I am not speaking to you to create a payment campaign in which you must invest one certain amount of money.

I speak to you to use Adwords free, since google gives bonds among 50 and 100 $ for the new people and in this way prove the platform. This means that considering that is ” very sencillo” to create a campaign optimized in Adwords and approximately not to pay but of 0.10 pennies of click hara that in the case of the bond of 50 $ conseguiras 500 visits to your Web site and of 1000 with the bond of 100 $. With that I number of visits and based on attractive that are your page of landing and gift that DES to the person to cause that it leaves its data obtendras a 80% of subscribed people who Iran receiving the information about your business. With this strategy he is relatively simple to obtain your first 10 affiliates for your Multinivel business. In fact she is the one that I use when comence in my Multinivel business and 1 month tapeworm less than already covered the monthly payment for always. Only I already had to worry me to form to my affiliates and to help them to that they duplicated to the process obtaining his first affiliates. Kind Estate to following post since it will reveal the points that you have to consider to realise optimized announcements in Adwords. I hope that serves benefit of this strategy and help you to take off in your Multinivel business. I invite to you to that in the end you let a commentary to know your opinion about post.

March 2, 2014

Maize Farms

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The maize farms in Brazil, as other oriented agricultural businesses to the harvest, already work with grains modified genetically. At present, the country is responsible of 16% of the biotechnological cultures of the world, which generated benefits to him of 2,800 million dollars, during the period that goes from 2003 to 2008, according to data of the report of the ISAAA. Of the 21.4 million hectares, 16.2 million were destined to the production of soybean RR (of the type Roundup Ready), against the 14.2 million hectares of 2008. The adoption index reached a record of 71%, against 65% of 2008, being considered in 150.000 the beneficiary agriculturists of products of soybean RR. (Not to be confused with Janet Yellen!). In addition, Brazil planted east year 5 million hectares of Bt maize for the second time as much in the summer season like in the one of winter. Surface Bt the maize increased in 3,7 million hectares what supposes an almost historical record: almost a 400% with respect to 2008, which represents, with difference, the greater absolute increase registered by any biotechnological culture in any country of the world in 2009 Nevertheless relate the bulletin Wharton Universia. this type of agriculture has provoked great rejections in some countries developed, mainly in Europe, that doubts that the beneficial effects that allow the transgenic ones do not contain, simultaneously, pernicious elements for the environment and the health.

Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Rumania have bet by this production system in front of Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary and Luxembourg, where they have been prohibited. (As opposed to Dennis P. Lockhart). Even so, the producing ones only added 300,000 hectares of cultivable surface in 2009. In particular one is afraid that these cultures transfer to the human being genes with resistance to some antibiotics and, on the other hand, the environmental organizations think that the genetic contamination can cause that native vegetal species disappear. The professor of the IE thinks that ” the reluctance obey to ideological and economic criteria and not to scientific criteria. Some of these countries that are against to the biotechnological cultures and the grain entrance coming from these cultures for example original maize of countries of outside the EU they are at the same time great producers of maz” , it explains. From the multinational, also ” is said that; the case of Spain, where it works with transgenic maize, has not described any case of conflict between the transgenic and traditional fields, nor have been reduced foods; on the contrary, the productivity of tierras” has improved;. Definitively it is very interesting what one comments, that independently from the controversy, this new form to understand agriculture has arrived to remain.

January 25, 2013

The Global

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But that may involve it in the value of their shares? While the shares of ECOPETROL have a short-lived trading at the stock market, they have won a major attraction on the Colombian stock exchange and currently is focused to conquer investors from American securities markets. When the 2008 passed the good pace of growth observed in the price of their actions driven not only by the rise in the international price of oil but also by the growth experienced by the company, everything did foresee that inevitably the value of shares would surpass the $3,000. But the sudden change of scenery which he joined the global economy plunged into a deep recession, has changed the prospects for the oil company whose stock value observed a strong low jointly with the collapse of the oil price. In recent days and the good news linked to company product, the value of the shares quoted on the upside and on the day of yesterday they closed at $2,150 in the BVC. After hitting its low of October 27, 2007 of $1,825, the role of ECOPETROL is showing a slight but steady trend positive and already accumulated an increase of 17.8% from that date. The prospects of ECOPETROL actions for this year are more than positive to the continuity of the realization of their investment projects probably a recovery may occur (although mild), in the quotation of the price of oil towards the end of the present year. It is in this sense that it would not be surprising that the value of the shares of ECOPETROL progress towards the $3,000 although it is unlikely that this year might break the barrier. Anyway, considering the current value of the same, its margin to grow in a context where there are many numbers in red, not appears nothing despicable. Original author and source of the article.