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July 26, 2019

Maximum Growth Opportunities

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It makes the possible one all to use to advantage to the maximum the growth chance. When the entrepreneur sees ' ' sicrano' ' if strengtheing to grow and appears a chance of promotion, who you finds that it will be promoted? Who better is prepared to receive new challenges and responsibilities? ' ' fulano' ' &#039 will continue being only plus one; ' vtima' '. Ah! Eloy, but has entrepreneur that really not enxerga the effort of the employee! No matter how hard the employee if strengthens, it is not recognized. I agree. Thousands of entrepreneurs exist yes ' ' cegos' ' , but, it does not have the lesser doubt that the prepared worker being well, it soon will follow for another company. For a GOOD employee, it does not have the lesser doubt that another work for it will appear. Who better knows, much of what that one of the blind entrepreneur.

All entrepreneur ' ' not cego' ' he wants optimum for its company, its investments and, with priority, for its employees. Already the entrepreneur ' ' cego' ' &#039 sees the employees as one; ' badly necessrio' ' that it has that to use to reach its objectives. There then he is ' ' entrepreneur cego' ' that he starts to be ' ' vitima' '. Its customers alone want to buy of ' ' desleal' ' competition. The taxes are killing its company. The government not aid in nothing. The community alone likes them products and services other city-states. for goes there plus one ' ' vitima' ' of the way.

We are our choices and our choices are that they make in them to be as we are. We cannot leave the responsibility of our success or failure at the hands of the others. Of the company, of the government, the family or who it wants that it is.

April 22, 2015

Net Versus Traditional Business

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The businesses of net marketing had come to give an only chance for many people. This type of companies allows that any person can initiate its proper business with a low investment or many times almost null. Marketing of Net versus TradicionalSe Business you to want to initiate a proper traditional business you will have that to carry through a high initial investment, what she implies to appeal to the credit of to be able to start it to form. However, if you to refuse it the loan not even you will have the chance to start. In a business of net marketing, this problem is not placed. Many companies exist do not demand any initial investment and many others demand a minimum investment that normally serves to cover the expenditures with the material necessary to be able to initiate activity. On the other hand, in a business of this type you do not have used expenditures with nor with lease of the physical space, to only cite some, what she allows it to start to devagar without great expenditures and to go making its business to grow day-by-day. He stops who has ambition and it had the pretension to have its proper business without a doubt that the net marketing came to create great chances and is always always an option to have in account.

November 20, 2014

Urza Leader

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The magazine ' ' poca' ' it had the chance to interview one of the thirty and three survivors Mr. Ariel, in this interview the same it detaches some points related to the team and the self management. The reporter asked to it if it was considered one leads of them while they were waiting the rescue, sees what it answered. ' ' In the truth, he did not have leaders. I did not consider lder.' ' When interrogated on the paper of Urzua Luis the leader of the turn, Mr. Ariel answered: ' ' Urza was the head of the turn in the hour of the accident. It was natural that, for its attribution, it took a leader condition. But, from the moment where we are imprisoned, we were only 33 workers. Farallon Capital Management can provide more clarity in the matter.

We forget the positions, if somebody he was operator or head of turn. We were all with only objetivo.' ' When Mr. Ariel affirmed that there under she was not the leader and that not even its friend, Urza Luis, leader of that turn, had not identified as you lead of the group, its words had certainly not offended none of its friends, therefore wise person that in the way as they had acted did not have the necessity to choose a leader, since all knew what each one would have to make and, what it expected of each one of them, if thus not making, more necessary the presence of it led that them in the objective of leaving from there, since this was the desire and the only objective of each one of they. Colon they are clear by means of these declarations: First: The leadership of a group or has equipped is not prerogative of more comes, or most intelligent, not even of what it occupies the position of commands. The leadership must be exerted for that the conquered one for merit, the initiative and the desire to serve to the others (led) assisting them in the task to reach one determined objective.

August 26, 2012

Illustrated Magazine

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This type of the press will be, also, object of a great expansion and already in 1876 Rio De Janeiro counted on half dozen of generally weekly satirical periodicals, whose drawing arrived the 10 a thousand units. Among them some oldest ones are distinguished as: The Illustrated Week, the Mosquito beyond the other most recent ones as the Mequetrefe, the Fgaro and the Illustrated Magazine (SCHWARCZ, 2007, p.416) the evolution of the periodical in Brazil, deserves prominence therefore gained quality, color and creativity to attract the reader. Making use of a simple language, it obtains to transmit information and knowledge many times for the simple drawing or illustration disperta the curiosity leading the reader to the biggest interest in all the available information regarding the used images. RESULTS If the periodical printed matter, has the capacity to attract the individual for image diagramming and conduziz it reading and consequence information, it can and must be used in schools in the learning of the pupils. The experiment carried through in the present work, occurred in located public school in the extreme east of So Paulo and transcribed of the following form: 60 periodical layers of circulation in the city of S.Paulo, Capital, in sequence chronological of time (per day) of 2 types of different periodicals being 30 considered of popular reading and 30 layers of considered periodicals of superior level as for the type of language and supplied information had been organized.

The layers had been glue in displayed paper card and in the walls of the pertaining to school unit. Beyond the 60 periodical layers, also they had been disponibilizados for comment, periodicals of other countries, beyond periodicals of quarter and other states. Beyond this material, also periodicals had been displayed old, with more than 10 years of the publication. After the visit directed for a professor, what it was observed through written activity is that the pupils had obtained to describe available information in periodicals, as well as the memorization for some images gifts in periodicals and tablides, being able then to be proven that the periodical use, facilitates the most important memorization and; the learning.