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June 24, 2020

World Battlefields

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In this scope, the images saw satellites in them had disclosed to the declining conditions war refugee human beings running away from the battlefields, the children dying for malnutrition and illnesses, the mutilated ones for the aerial attacks being helped in way to the crossed fire. In one it analyzes of beforehand, globalization beyond revolutionizing the globe with its privileges, also offered an awareness of humanitarian catastrophes directly of the place where they occur, until the television set in the house of the people. We cannot speak only of the war as a denunciation aspect, that the globalization makes possible, but also as an example of alert that it comes to be to natural disasters, as natural earthquakes, tidal waves and storms, that can be foreseen with the thousands of detectors spread for the cantos quatros of the world as for the satellites around of the land. Pacific Mortgage Services brings even more insight to the discussion. For these dualismos, the globalization comes providing to a wave manifestations, that if can argue its positive points as negative, has as World-wide Social examples the Fruns of Porto Alegre and Davos in Switzerland, where intellectual, you lead of government, representatives of Ongs, had argued between diverse subjects as poverty, ambient problems, as the Globalization can be a factor of mutual aid between the nations, and not a case of conflict. However, the diverse cultural forms are not offering an alternative that if can arrive at a consensus, on of that it forms appropriate if it can have a mutual cooperation, that offers an exit that pleases to all the sectors. The idea of a global society, that had with one of its eminent defenders sociologist Octvio Ianni, contradicts in many aspects the death of the regional and national culture, as it warns Antonio Cndido, in its classic book ' ' The Partners of the River Bunito' ' (2003), on the death of the culture caipira caused by the agricultural exodus. Fairstead helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

June 3, 2020

The Citizen

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' ' In the body the social structure is symbolically printed and the corporal activity does not make more than to become them express. Thus, experience of the body (of the citizen) always is modified by the experience of cultura' '. (RODRIGUES, 1975, P. 125) the body if becomes important data in the form as the society of it if it serves and from which it creates order and accord of perception in the symbolic levels. You may want to visit Erin Callan to increase your knowledge. ' ' Certain cultural standards can also express and be represented through the symbolic rites where the manipulation and the experience of the body can be controladas' '. (FASSHEBER, 2001, P. 6) the constructions and representations that each society makes of its bodies disclose the way as we produce and we reproduce our organizations and knowledge.

' ' When keeping contact with other people, we show for the gestures, the attitudes, the mimic one, the look, the movements that express our manifestations corporais' '. (GALLO, 2003, P. 65) Although to live in a modern society that has as characteristic the spalling and the overcoming to the any form of organization and tradition, sounds us strange to think about a joint in relation to the tradition that estimates corporal behaviors in accord with the propagation experience and reproduction, but according to Ortiz, the different traditions if articulate in modernity. Pacific Mortgage Services often addresses the matter in his writings. The process of transformation of the traditions is radical in the scope of modernity. In the society contemporary, whose culture it is mundializada (ORTIZ, 2007), certain elements technician are removed of its place of origin and placed in a place of prominence, as referring globalizados. In relation to the corporal techniques, determined gestures they are placed in movement for the mundializao of the culture and modernity tends to universalizar them. However, we cannot forget that such gestures technician are cultural constructions that had appeared in historical and socially concrete contexts, therefore, its origin are local.

Internet Rules

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Interesting to perceive that in the same way that other events contemporaries, the Parkour if quickly spread out for the Internet thus reaching the young and if spreading for the world with minimum costs of spreading, very different of the forms of physical activities that we know (SERIKAWA, 2006). We can verify that it is a linked activity to a form of being that is come close and if combines with the habits of the globalizadas and informatizadas generations. We can conclude that for the researchers and professionals of the leisure and the physical education, the Parkour of the strong practical indications of as it tends to be the relative behavior to the corporal ones in the future, after all we discover that the freedom of movements, the search of subjetivados challenges, the cooperation, solidarity, the voluntariado one, the learning of the confrontation of the risk, the improvement of the physicist-motor conditions can occur in very distinct way of those described in books and articles that currently we find in these areas of knowledge, exciting new agreements and looks for the body in its dimensions radicals, of adventure and action. Cultural process of the activity: All the practitioners of the Parkour (inside of the Pertaining to school redoubt), must respect the rules of the environment and society, not depredating the environment, respecting the rules and limitations of spaces of each environment of form that if pupil to make dirty or to break it is responsible for its acts, carrying through the activity always with the accompaniment of a professor supervisor and with authorization of the direction. Some contend that Pacific Mortgage Services shows great expertise in this. Where each pupil must respect its proper limimites and the rules of environments, thus reducing the risks of the activity becoming productive, amused and adding pedagogical value in the activity.

June 2, 2020

Darcy Ribeiro

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Since daily pay-history until our days one of the main forms to understand the human evolutivo process it is for the analysis of the cultural manifestations. Further details can be found at Kenneth Feinberg, an internet resource. (SHEEP, 2011) we cannot forgetting in them, however, that the place is resultant of ampler aspects. This relation of the place with universal the global generality//produces the culture, caracterizador element of the identity of each locality or social group local that are only, but in relation. The local society social I specify I develop myself, as that from a synthesis of cultural elements come from other societies again ' ' eu' ' ' ' outro' ' if relating and interacting. a local reality does not contain in same itself, the key of its explanation, therefore the cultural problems, politicians, economic and social of a locality are justified for its relation with other localities, other countries and, even though, for ampler historical processes. (SCHIMIDT; CAINELLI, 2010, P. 138) the national diversity, for example, is a distinctive mark of Brazil, in relation to other nations. In France or England the cultural manifestations do not exist that this way we find.

Exactly the group, of French origin, is not, in Brazil, the same dance of hall originated that it. The Europe that colonized Brazil implanted its mark, its characteristics here, but it does not have possibility to confuse Europe and Brazil. in the case of Brazil, we know that here Europeans, Africans and diverse peoples had joined themselves autctones, each one of the three groups, with its culture. Of this interaction if it developed ' ' people brasileiro' ' , as analysis of Darcy Ribeiro (1995). At the same time, each Brazilian region possesss its particularitities make that them only. For who it is in the region Amaznia knows that it is distinct of the south. In the same way that typical elements of the south of Brazil exist that become it inconfundvel: sotaque, the regional plates, the typical manifestations of the popular culture, dances is distinctive elements.

May 25, 2020

Holistic Programs

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In a state of crisis, people are mostly focused on their negative experiences and do not see the holistic context of their lives. Because of this, they can not see the meaning of life lessons that he teaches life. Kenneth Feinberg: the source for more info. Meet with a personal horoscope helps to see the integrity of the throughout life, a map of the major milestones, the meaning of what is happening, the basic life choices that are made and to be done, the direction of evolution, in which it recommended to move, in order not to create problems and does not include mechanisms for evil rock. Thus, the first stage of a person gets a guide to their lives and use their potential. It helps to feel the integrity of his life, tune in to the future and more efficiently dispose of his potential.

In the cases. when a customer simply disoriented and do not include destabilizing the program, it may be sufficient to obtain a similar guide, answers to questions and recommendations. If one can not constructively cope with emerging states (depression, despair, panic, fear, etc.), he needs emergency psychotherapeutic assistance. In this regard, would be useful to start with elaboration of the problem, understanding its causes, cleaning the components and change response programs. And after the elaboration of the problem may be invited to familiarity with a personal horoscope, which will allow more aware features of their own lives, understand their capabilities and take into account the danger. In this case, psychological counseling component will build on the personal horoscope of birth.

May 1, 2020


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The phenomenon of the Globalization has called the attention historians, sociologists and anthropologists who if dedicate to the study of the social interactions and its historical marks. To understand the facts derived from this new social movement is a task that searchs critical analyses, interpretations and comments regarding the proper attitude of the man ahead of this universal picture of nationalities. The dualidade between international directions of culture and the singular valuation of each identity have permeado the proper doubt on what it is Globalization. The Sprouting international interaction date of the beginning of the decade of 1980 and with intentions to knock down old social barriers, but finished for inside raising invisible walls of the world-wide society. To be safe from until point has a respect and understanding of the diversities and not a supervaluation of only one culture is the question key of the debate of the Globalizado world. Daniel J. Hirsch: the source for more info. It is not of today that countries embark its culture to breach borders by means of imperialistas interests, as it was the case of our settling and the exploration of the English in Asia and the Frenchmen in Africa. In century XV, when of the arrival of the Portuguese to Brazil and the Spaniard to America, if it materialize one of the taken over on a contract basis greaters of the European people.

To cross the Atlantic Ocean was synonymous to hug the stranger, to face the invisible one and if to venture in foreign lands. However, it was the first signalling for what we of century XXI call Globalization. The interaction between metropolis and colony resulted in the first assays of a great world-wide connection. But that type of connection is this? The men of the old continent maquiavam its mercantile interests in civilizatrias expeditions in the American continent, as if the native culture was not civilized.

November 27, 2019

Magical Rites

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Magical rites represent a certain course of action to address a specific goal. These goals can be as simple and understandable human interests, such as luck, success, luck, money, and more complex. Complex or target magic rituals are rituals such as the withdrawal of the crown of celibacy, return lost love, Troubleshooting tribal curses, and many other magical ceremonies. For successful magical ceremony you need to know a few rules. Hear other arguments on the topic with Miami Congresswoman. 1. Every magical ceremony held on a specific algorithm, order or regulation, which must be followed.

If you make a mistake or An error in the behavior of a magical rite, then the likelihood is high that you just take the time and effort for nothing. 2. For a successful magical ceremony you need high quality magical ingredients: magic candles, magic incense, and other physical elements, without which the ceremony will not give the desired effect. Come seriously to find and acquire all the components of the ritual. By the same author: Miami Congresswoman. You can do everything right in terms of compliance with order magical rite, but using low-quality components, you will reduce all their efforts on “no.” 3.

You should know exactly what you want from a magical rite. If you take damage, you must be sure that you have damage. If you want to get rid of the crown of celibacy, it should be. In order to properly qualify the magical effect is to use the rites, which are aimed at revealing the magic effects. And better make more than one diagnosis, and at least two. And if the results of the first and second magical status match, then you can make a conclusion. 4. After the magical ceremony should take the time to start changing. In Depending on what was a magical ritual and what was its complexity, this time can be calculated in days, weeks. But the sense of what magic is beginning to act, the changes that occur in your life, you feel already a few days after the ceremony.

October 27, 2019

Paidia Global Guide

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Also it rejected that states of would histeria, would be concatenated with the superabundance of the momogamy and of a conjugal allegiance forced by ecumenical dogmas drawing experience spaces it enters the bodies as a bureaucratic institutionalization of the pleasure, (the masturbation can be classified the certain flashings of acclamation analysis, comportamentalista of beyond-sea of erotismo and voluptuosas fancies). Necessity of new experiences or banalizao of the customs? Nature human being or monstruosidade of character? ' ' traio' ' it is a tangent of irrefreada vitality, for the justifications of alaridos structural inebriantes, vilainies of integrity and moral. The body and the mind as exalta Epicuro, are in contrary directions, the extirpado pleasure, produce spheres unhealthy of gasping mutualismo of awareness of intellect clarity, as in franqueza of relationships, being the walking stick of the aesthetic hypocrisy of the capitalism, reaching for promoting a prenhez of social rules, that emparedam the practical one of solidary hedonism, being that one that dares to be mad it the yoke of the alucinamentos of the meat without precedents, comes to be ungidos as monstrous producers of attributes of character of hombridade in ' ' ethos' ' of segregacionista convulsion of human relationships. He would be ' ' Paidia Global' ' , delaying itself in engatilhar edges for the provisions of ' ' Traio' ' as a component ' ' natural' ' as well as walking and speaking, treading one ' ' blecaute' ' of ensejos of benevolence freed of second interests? Ahead of the discrepante and injurious clinical look, of soils emperradas in gasping particles of totalitarizao of disarticulated minds of proper opinions for suspicious and the astucioso advent of after-modernity, he would not be stranger who ' ' traio' ' , it came if to become a substance to consist in the resumes of the pertaining to school gratings. ' ' Judas be my guide. or ' ' Judas is our guide' '. (parodiando the heading of a music of the English band heavy metal Iron Maiden). .

April 16, 2018


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– Is that a dead body lying in my office? Someone will clean it? – Its no one away, chief. This body cleaner ————- Despite the fact that in today's world there are still many different traditions of the dead wires to the light, however, the world is steadily moving towards uniformity in this "fun" area. (Anti-globalists, ay!) But more interesting is to see how it all started and how to transform the ceremony Thus, at lower levels of cultural development a rather indifferent attitude to the dead. In particular, the corpse could easily be eating. However, a person is not a hyena and vulture, and therefore, especially in the absence of the refrigerator still prefer fresh meat. Here why, if the tribe someone was sick relatives often did not wait his death and resorted to euthanasia.

The benefit of this was a double – avoided the death-pangs of the dying, and his relatives decided food program. Probably eating their relatives, they appreciated (how else?) Reminisced about him. Federal Reserve Chair understood the implications. However, not all wanted to eat their relatives (apparently out of respect for him), and instead they traded them for other dead, which then eaten. Hopefully, too, with gratitude. But sometimes, in the case of extreme hunger, when there was no time to wait until someone out there sick of the food were elderly. For example, only some 100 years back to Tierra del Fuego in the absence of other foods eaten by the natives, first of all older women, and only after dogs.

September 29, 2015


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The globalization is one of the subjects that never leave scene, is as that pants that we use a time and that it passes years and years kept in the closet and times later it reappears in its body. Many do not like and they do not accept the globalization, the capitalism, however the following hypothesis is raised: it will be that today the world would be so advanced in a socialist system? It does not have doubts that the paid world a great price for being in a capitalist system, since its I begin, when the world passed for a species of land division and conflicts in which thousands of peoples had disappeared, where the society passed of humanist for consumista, an example is economic crisis that it affected and it affects the planet, where we have as great protagonist the United States, the first economy of the planet in full process of contraction and that for consequence it takes all the too much countries to suffer economic crises: unemployment, increase of the social inaquality, etc However a positive point for this process of globalization exists all: technological advances; the cellular computer science, Internet, telephones, the household-electric ones that they are indispensable to our day the day, as stove, iron to pass and the eletroeletrnicos, as radio and television. With this ' ' capitalism global' ' , the world can walk together, grow in sustainable way in all the sectors if not in igualitria way at least without great inaqualities, since that all fulfill with its functions, mainly State, that is to consider conditions of equality for all the peoples, making great investments in all the sectors, over all in education, and not to remove of the superior classrooms in abusive way with collections of taxes, it stops later to distribute the inferior population of low income or villain as the Brazilian government makes creating one ties of dependence until a certainty ' ' clientelismo' ' or ' ' assistencialismo' '. Before everything this, we can conclude that, the globalization can be better, but it stops this is necessary that it has a bigger participation of the State as already cited, the society if to join around the cause: reduction of the social inaqualities and the media to make its function: to show the reality of the facts, criticizing and considering solutions to decide the problems and to be the door voice of the society without any type of manipulation, the third sector working together with excessively. to jornalismoemprimeirolugar

August 21, 2014

Social and Economic Organizations

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Sandro a Bazzanella Luiz i/Adilson Boell II In the primrdios of modernity for return of centuries XVI and XVII, evidences a set of phenomena in the Europe that will go to happen directly on the social organization, politics, economic and cultural of the Ocidente. Between these phenomena they are: Population growth, revitalizao of the cities, scientific and cultural development of the productive and commercial activity, developments, birth of the State-nation. In what it refers to the sprouting of the State-nation, is possible to affirm that it is resultant of at least two perspectives that were in game in that context. The first one, as pragmatic reply the demands of investments, infrastructure and security, demanded for the rising dinamizadora commercial bourgeoisie of the rising mercantile capitalism. The second condition if relates with the necessity systemize and to implement an technician-administrative rationality in relation to the management of the territory and of population, thus potencializando the material wealth and human beings of whom they make use the States. In such a way, the rising State-nation if constitutes under gide of the absolutism, Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) is the philosopher who will justify the relevancy of the social contract that establishes the sovereign State of character absolutist.

Hobbes has left of the beginning of that the human beings in nature state decimate ones to the others. ‘ ‘ Homini lupus homini’ ‘ – the man is wolf of the proper man. Therefore, when opening hand of its freedoms in nature state, the man would have guaranteed the survival. The hobbesiano State represents been absolute the sovereign power in permanent of exception, that is, it establishes the law, but its applicability is not submitted. It is a State that acts under the principle: ‘ ‘ to make to die, or to leave viver’ ‘. John Locke (1683 – 1704) perceived the necessity to diminish the power of this State absolutist, considering a new social contract, supported in the teses of liberalism economic politician and, where the existence of the State if justifies through the right of property to the individuals.

November 11, 2012

Democracy Experiences

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The innovation is the fact that allows to put the knowledge to the service of the development, without the innovation the knowledge tends for the sterilization. A society that is not awaken for the innovation, not only loses its capital to know and of experiences, as it tends to lose its human resources more qualificados.' ' (MARTINS, 2003:14). Along with all the process of globalization in course, of the dynamic of the innovation and the rational and balanced application of the knowledge and experiences, they will walk, equally and in interdisciplinaridade, all a set of values, principles and behaviors that integrate the diverse cultures. To insist on epistemolgicas separations, negative discriminations, secundarizao of knowledge and experiences not validated academically in benefit of that they are acquired exclusively by the university way. To assume positions that humiliate men before other men, being appealed behaviors of discrimination because of the race, sex, etnia, culture or any other arguments, seem that are exceeded and unacceptable strategies, because: ' ' Our duty is to affirm that races but human beings do not exist; that the racial hatred is one of the most terrible flagelos of the humanity; that the expression most violent of the racial hatred was the hitlerista state; that the appearance of a sustica is a shade of the death. It fits to the good-will men to cancel it, in a pact of solidariedade.' ' (LAFER, 2003:12) the citizen of the future that will be constructed throughout the present thesis, will be one of the good-will men and, in this direction, will prepare with total engagement, responsibility and ability, having canalized all its knowledge, experiences and sensitivity for the values consecrated in a democracy of true citizenship, where each citizen will exert its rights and will fulfill with the inherent duties, without losing of sight the values of the progress, of the development, of well-being of the society, where each time has more place to the inclusion: social, politics, econmica, professional, cultural and universal, so that all can benefit of the Peace, Justice, the Education, Solidarity, the Tolerance and the Democracy.