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June 11, 2019

Happiness in Life

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What is most important for a person in his life? This question is often possible to get an answer that is most important for a man his own life. Did people say, some people will not give everything he has, for to live? Also you can often hear in response that the person is most important for his health. When people tell other people suffering from lack of health, he is also very willing to sacrifice. Erin Callan often says this. Sometimes the lack of health brings a such suffering, that he is ready to give even his life, just to get rid of this suffering. But in fact the most important thing for a man his own happiness, the presence of joy in his life. Even the life and health are for human less important than its internal spiritual condition. This confirms the fact that many healthy people commit suicide, when unhappy and have no hope to change the situation.

On the one hand. On the other hand, there are numerous examples of happy people who have big problems with health, financial situation, etc. But what about extreme situations. Man, even in normal conditions are often willing to sacrifice their health, and sometimes in the future and life itself for the sake of positive emotions. For example, a diabetic can eat a piece of cake, drink alcoholic wines stack, even though he and the other is perfectly aware that this is it categorically contraindicated. But they, nevertheless, go for it. And all in order to once again enjoy. This again emphasizes that personal happiness, the joy of human existence is more important than your health and even life itself.

April 16, 2018


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– Is that a dead body lying in my office? Someone will clean it? – Its no one away, chief. This body cleaner ————- Despite the fact that in today's world there are still many different traditions of the dead wires to the light, however, the world is steadily moving towards uniformity in this "fun" area. (Anti-globalists, ay!) But more interesting is to see how it all started and how to transform the ceremony Thus, at lower levels of cultural development a rather indifferent attitude to the dead. In particular, the corpse could easily be eating. However, a person is not a hyena and vulture, and therefore, especially in the absence of the refrigerator still prefer fresh meat. Here why, if the tribe someone was sick relatives often did not wait his death and resorted to euthanasia.

The benefit of this was a double – avoided the death-pangs of the dying, and his relatives decided food program. Probably eating their relatives, they appreciated (how else?) Reminisced about him. Federal Reserve Chair understood the implications. However, not all wanted to eat their relatives (apparently out of respect for him), and instead they traded them for other dead, which then eaten. Hopefully, too, with gratitude. But sometimes, in the case of extreme hunger, when there was no time to wait until someone out there sick of the food were elderly. For example, only some 100 years back to Tierra del Fuego in the absence of other foods eaten by the natives, first of all older women, and only after dogs.

December 18, 2012


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It will be with this concept that this will artigotrabalhar concerning the language through music. For Chomsky (1998) not only the lexicon and agramtica exert influence on the linguistic language, but signs tmforte representation in the mental structures and the vision of world of the individual. The language is constituted of two components queSaussure apud Penna (2003 nominated) them of ' image acstica' of significant and a' structure conceitual' of meaning. These are constituent of all aspalavras that arriving at an individual plan they start to compose a sign. In music one observes three important aspects for alinguagem. The physical aspects, that are the musical structure, the physiological one receive dequem it, that they are the agencies of the direction, and the psychological one.

Penna (2003) presents two types of language: adenotativa and the conotativa. Being the first one characterized for the ideal character cientficoe and second for the emotional impregnation. Ahead of this podemoscaracterizar music as a predominantly conotativa language. For Chalhub (1995) we can still infer that amsica it is a referencial function, therefore has predominance of imbricados factors deemoes. Being that any communication to occur is necessary that it has umaprimeira person who emits to feel, souvenirs, expressions and confessions umasegunda person which will be the pointed person as receiving.

Chalhub (1995) detaches that the songs popularesprovocam emotion for the fact to express through the subjectivity of the individual, through the way as if it speaks. Therefore, in the novel contexts to podemosobservar the nucleus of on action to the dramatical expression of feelings and affection, using itself of music co-to move the viewer. Vygotsky apud Fields (2001) affirms that the man seconstitui in its relation, and that its psychological functioning is shaped pelacultura, in this way, it becomes natural of the human being in elapsing of the development, therefore he is inserted in a historical context.