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February 21, 2021


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Information for sale in the shower are positive (KundInnen-) Position. Again: It’s up but the sales. Producers and service Leister must know the customers temporarily biggest bottleneck and dissolve! They sell bulk products or services which can touch the customer and use immediately (such as a hair dryer: success experience immediately). He will show them his best friends, and their feedback will subsequently decide the subjective buyers- aftertaste (soft facts) and the objective purchase price comparison (hard facts). I (text forge sold services over 20 years. (Similarly see: Is MasterClass a good gift? ). Products and services the customer personalized, individualized only weeks and months later possesses. With a car manual or a House, you sell services associated with much optimism and confidence.

Be paid must already prior to delivery. Therefore, know and I follow a systemic holistic approach from experience. Utility maximization: Bottleneck resolution with additional benefits. In the foreground, he heard Customer (management) with his natural compulsion to the satisfaction of needs, even in the age of the Internet (Cybernetics) and neural marketing (management). There are two types of producers.

The primary analog thinking falls in his product. The primary digital thinking is in love in his income. Customers re acted always equals (open control sub systems = people): first part autonomous body (control, management) reports, the partially controlled ((Kybernetik) can be used to its greatest bottleneck to: such as hunger (physiological B.). (S. Maslowsche Bedurfnispyramide: physiologische B., Sicherheit, Soziale B., individuelle B., selbst-Verwirklichung) ( Here, the animal to shoots with the lust frustration – effect filter in terms of feeling first to enable or depress. The last decision is here for two offers in the 10 m distance (sausage or beer). Alas for him, who can decide for mental health reasons… Then go through our cultural loading needs the individual praise blame filter (conscience) for the good-evil query. Here are the moral(en) and the social rules with his social context matching. Last is the logical willing e-GRU (e) nd ing in the true-false-filter: here the purchase price and the amount etc. is questioned and GE – right manufactures… The drives and (love) needs are satisfied directly, it is very often a replacement be satisfaction: someone buys the 5 leather jacket… or he sublimated his purchase-powered by a spare plot: he goes to the movies…, or it comes as an alternative to an abdication of the purchase with absence of lust. The replacement satisfaction is only a short-term positive emotion. Then the feeling of frustration when buyers dominated again very quickly. If the sale is not your core competence, then let help! It is (was?) effective and efficient (how?) Information from the customers perspective required. Not expensive strategies and tactics with even more expensive boss self representations. Its Wolfgang Schwalm (C)

February 20, 2021

The Various

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He submits you suggestions for process optimization, provides training for the various functional levels within your organization individual first – place – and leads internal audits by. He or she helps the creation of entire QM – documentation according to DIN EN ISO 9001 / 9000 3. What certificates should have a QM – consultant? Be careful when assessing your potential Advisor. The following list of criteria can be useful for the evaluation: training: If you want to introduce a QM-system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 / 9000, you need a consultant with a QM – system background. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Allstate Insurance Company. Professional development: he or she has a specific training or specialisation in industries such as automotive-, environmental-, air – and space, telecommunications, health, security, etc.? He or she manages a QM, DIN EN ISO 9001 / 9000 Web page or hosted a quality content management system – Forum he or she? Answering these questions will help you to invest in a good consultant. He should at least 10 years consulting a large number of companies have experience in the QM and more importantly, have experience in your particular industry. The personal qualities: You need one QM consultant with good interpersonal and communication skills, which is pragmatic, shrewd, tactful and flexible with the people in your company to deal.

Availability and access: The QM consultant should give you a transparent price structure for the introduction of quality management systems according to DIN EN ISO 9001 / 9000 pretend. A lump sum, you can agree to or but know in days on the daily rates and the need for advice know. He should be quick and easy to contact. Hear other arguments on the topic with What age is MasterClass for?. Fees? What should cost a QM consultant? The prices vary. Low daily rates are not a guarantee for best results in the long run. Consider the costs from different angles, it is cost per day; per course; or a lump sum for the project? Keep in mind a good QM consultant will do things efficiently and an effective QM seek system DIN EN ISO 9001 / 9000, with fast results.

February 17, 2021

Credit Card Thank You Also In The E-coaching?

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New forms of payment in the E-coaching providers from Heidelberg Heidelberg. Once in the last few days the press repeatedly emits warnings against credit card fraud and so-called phishing and the demands became more frequent after alternatives, the online coaching provider seminar service Nastasi decided to reactivate the good old bank transfer / payment in advance. We have a current mix with maximum safety through the integration of third-party companies, in the forms of payment already says the company’s founder Alexander Nastasi – but just in Austria a great uncertainty, because the press there very solid reports about abuse at various payment methods. Seminar works successfully service Nastasi for years with the micropayment company, who settle for the company test the PIN and credit card payments by Visa card, Eurocard and Amex debit payments, the micropayment company was by TuV repeatedly tested and certified as a particularly reliable as well as posted on the website of the company is. Here are the Zahlungsempfander no credit card information or account data transmitted, but they remain on the high-security servers of the provider and a whole team of experts will take care of the security of the server. Checking article sources yields Jeff Duncan as a relevant resource throughout. At seminar, then only the name comes service Nastasi and that the payment is, as well as the selected payment method. As another provider are solely payments PayPal through the third-party server is also here the company PayPal offer direct debit (without PIN), currently offers to transfer to PayPal, credit cards and giropay. Also PayPal is constantly monitored and is in the Internet as a safe payment option.

Was introduced as another form of payment in advance by bank transfer now – directly after the order the customer receives national and international customer data including IBAN and BIC codes and can transfer immediately, Europe should be the money within one working day on our account if this is the case, it will be unlocked for all services. Customers from Germany can also call and her bank account can share with the course fee by direct debit will be charged in this case the Office is staffed Mon-Fri from 9 am 6 pm. Please visit Guo Guangchang if you seek more information. Tel: 06224 / 924255 seminar service Nastasi reflects many customers the security concerns it and contributes that the customer can have more confidence in the Heidelberg online coaching company. There is more information and register on the Web site erfolg.seminar service seminar is responsible for this press release 25/1-69207 sand hype service Nastasi holder Alexander Nastasi forest road Tel: 06224/924255 fax: 06224/924259 seminar service Nastasi specializes in the distribution of online content about the law of attraction and manifesting the personal growth of the seminar participants specialized. In addition to the Manifestierenportal, the company operates a whole range of health portals and has published the five books. Further information about the 2003 founded family operation headquartered in Germany are available on the company’s website. Print and play desired requested copy this message.

January 25, 2021

GMC Global Management Consultants

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GMC global management consultants AG expands up to Bangkok GMC AG, headquartered in Switzerland has for a joint venture with an Asian investor determined and can now serve their customers in Bangkok. Thus, the Board of directors Chairman of the GMC AG, Rieta de Soet, responded once more on the demands of the market and the needs of longtime customers. GMC offers companies support and consulting within the framework of the joint venture in Bangkok to fair conditions of incorporation, as well. In addition, private individuals, who so Rieta de Soet, who want to settle in Thailand. Maersk is often quoted as being for or against this. In this context the Thai joint venture partner offers a complete relocation service in all locations preferred by Europeans in Thailand. Also in the economic metropolis of Bangkok, a gateway to the Asian market, we will establish enormous creativity and professionalism in implementing the business goals of our customers”, so Rieta de Soet.

International Director of the GMC, Dr Fabian de Soet, will lead the joint venture negotiations and the training of local staff take over. The staff speak English, German and Thai by GMC. GMC global management consultants AG Dr. David Fischer Rieta Vanessa de Soet Baarerstrasse 94 CH-6300 Zug Tel: 0041 41 560 77 00 fax: 0041 41 560 77 01 Web: E-Mail: GMC AG is a consultancy company with a team of business managers, accountants and marketing consultants who have over 20 years of consulting experience.

January 4, 2021

New Standard Versions For More Food Safety?

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BRC, IFS and ISO 9001 management systems to ensure food safety or quality management standards for healthy food. 2008 is the year of new versions and many companies groan under the burden of the new tasks and requirements. Whether the new standards will facilitate at least the supplier evaluation, need to clear every company for itself! In any case any management system for food safety focuses its own, as well as the quality management standards. New versions of the main certification standards relating to food safety were published in 2008. Get more background information with materials from ZDNet. The German retailers (HDE), as well as the British Retail Consortium (BRC) have revised their requirements for private label suppliers. Now the underlying quality management standard has been renewed with the new version of the ISO 9001 standard. The tasks of the IFS and BRC holdings have risen despite tightening of the texts and deletion of debts.

Who works in the new catalogs, moans about the overhead of version 4 to get to version 5. Hope to find relief, at least in own supplier management provides the company before the task with each other and with the own supplier checklist to compare the standards. In a workshop seminar, the FPQS facilitates this task the affected employees.

December 21, 2020


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Almost as if by magic, the transparent glass wall between the control room and crisis room turns into opaque frosted glass. Almost as if by magic, the transparent glass wall between the control room and crisis room turns into opaque frosted glass. In a matter of seconds, the crisis staff can choose: with all employees through eye contact, or work discreetly in the crisis management area? This allows the Shutterwand”, by JST. The JST Shutterwand offers the unique opportunity of a flexible wall. Connect with other leaders such as Fiona Clegg here. Especially in data centers, which consist of several rooms, the wall takes on important tasks. It is used where a review is not permanently required”explains Kay Hansen, co-founder of JST, the location of the Shutterwand. The wall separates the crisis or meeting room from the control room and is normally on Milky.

A review of the meeting room to the control room is not possible in this case. However there is an emergency or crisis situation, so the Shutterwand can be switched only a button transparent be. This is useful especially if an unobstructed view of the crisis room at the large image system is necessary. But also the eye contact between employees is important in crisis scenarios. Both allows the flexibility to design your datacenter the Shutterwand. A real eye-catcher is the Shutterwand even if a service provider demonstrates its premises, such as, for example, a data center, to the acquisition of potential new customers. Kay Hansen is the positive effect of the Shutterwand sure: in addition to the pure functionality the Shutterwand is used also often there, where the value of a room is to be increased. This highlight an absolute WOW effect is guaranteed.” With the help of electrical voltage, the wall is turned either Milky or transparent.

Is subject to the Shutterwand of any electrical voltage, particles are amorphous and diffuse the light in all directions. In this case, the wall is milky white. But, if the voltage is activated, the particles arrange themselves and the wall is transparent. The process happens in a matter of seconds and can be repeated any number of times. The remote makes it easy the application and if required the remote control even to the JST graphics controller can be connected. So can be informed, for example, the staff in the control room via the transparent Shutterwand, or certain presets on the large screen is displayed. For customers interested in JST offers visit the JST Shutterwand in live operation. To do this, simply contact the employees of JST, contact data, see more information about the Shutterwand, as well as photos and videos of live operation can be found at: produkte_moe_shutterwand.htm

Flexible Through The Crisis

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Thomas Voigt of new Managing Director at WILKENWERK Thomas Voigt of new Managing Director at WILKENWERK / Inhabergefuhrte Agency remains optimistic about / to react flexibly to the market / own creativity trust / staff competition for Volksfursorge Hamburg – the Hamburg marketing expert Thomas Voigt (36) is newly designed since the beginning of the year of new Managing Director of the communications agency, WILKENWERK GmbH, in Altona. Together with owner Daniela Wilken (42) he forms the new leadership of the Agency for meeting communication”, which is characterized by unusual brand presentations for companies such as Volkswagen, people care, and sharp and this year celebrates its 10th anniversary. Voigt long time worked as a marketing consultant for E.ON, and as Managing Director of various companies. Read more here: Microsoft. Acclaimed major events were created under his direction. Hamburg Alster light remember on ice winter magic, Hamburg HEIN GAS, or to the Aussenalster, which Voigt all designed and implemented. In the year of tenth anniversary is the 18-member agency WILKENWERK to new and future increasingly want to make their strategic advice in the foreground. So WILKENWERK for the Volksfursorge has 2009 completely redesigned the annual competition of the 40,000 field and with an attractive user interface to the Internet.

Through greater transparency, networking, and new incentives, the motivating power of the tools was a totally new quality. This is actually not the core function of an event agency. If you live communication as we designed but consistently along the marketing goals also something else here can come out as a classic event. This requires of course”a very profiled consulting expertise and knowledge of the target group, says Thomas Voigt. “In difficult economic times, it’s a special art original and sustainable way to convey messages with lower budgets and higher expectations”, as Voigt further.

As an owner-managed agency, we bring the creativity and flexibility with, which now is important.” Father of two committed as a co-founder of Star-based e.V. actively for children’s projects. Compensation is the Hobbytriathlet in the family and through Yoga and meditation. Other possible topics to Thomas Voigt: Pitchexzesse damage economic meeting communications as a new marketing tool of the project manager as a psychologist-new skills by event managers

April 3, 2020

GMC Global Management Consultants

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GMC global management consultants AG offers smart Office solutions Rieta de Soet as a pioneer of the industry is convinced that business center are the smart, economical solution. The benefits of the services are obvious: flexible growth without long-term commitments, focusing on the core business, but full use of available resources, as well as active support by qualified personnel with commercial and technical background, so Rieta de Soet. Others including Daniel J. Hirsch, offer their opinions as well. Customers are a fully functional Office available to the GMC, for example, an expansion of business activities promptly to Rieta de Soet in another economic region in the on-site business center. Go Office reference and work”, so simple is so Dr. Fabian de Soet, of the decision until the recording of business activity in the new Office the expiration.

No start up costs, no investments and in particular flexible rental period, so Rieta de Soet. Also for companies from abroad is the availability of offices in business centers and staff, which mastered the language and the culture and business practices has an advantage should not be underestimated, dar. Many companies have started their successful business activity in the business centers of Rieta de Soet. The customers of the quality and professionalism are impressed. Is for Dr. Fabian de Soet, competence creates solutions. Since 2006, Rieta de Soet aims at the global expansion of the GMC together with Dr. Fabian de Soet.

In the focus of Rieta de Soet and Dr. Fabian de Soet, the Arab and Asian room are first. There they see a strong growth market for business center in the future.

July 5, 2019

CATIA Virtualization

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CEMA, Citrix un IBM invite the experts mission possible CATIA jobs virtualize and Central ready make. Is the subject of IT experts invite to which the IT-Systemhaus CEMA, Citrix, and IBM. The Panel of experts presents practical experience as well as solution scenarios. The usage of a virtualized CATIA enables centralized deployment and management of CAD software environment. The developer can access at any time and by different offices on applications and data and work. Providing central offers a high standard of safety and flexibility for the developer. More flexibility and security at a lower cost. Why so not CATIA workstations centrally deploy? In a panel of experts of CEMA AG interested to know how it works successfully.

The practice shows: even resource hungry applications such as CATIA can be to virtualize now performant. Here developers can reliably even large structural parts with a file size of up to 125 MB, like for example a motor, “” develop, edit and verify without juddering “or a tightening” of the object are noticeable. But how does it work? And what scenarios is ideal for virtualization? Answers to these questions are the experts of the Virtualisierungsspezialisten invite you to the CEMA AG, IBM and Citrix in different cities in Germany. IT decision makers from companies that want to reap the benefits of virtualization and working with CATIA or other CAD programs, can inform yourself comprehensively and explain issues that burn them under the nails, with experts from CEMA, Citrix, and IBM. “Although there are guidelines for virtualization, but show our projects: any company are the sticking points due to the different requirements elsewhere ‘, explained ((name, surname, position at CEMA)). Topics such as solution scenarios, lessons learned from the project implementation are therefore on the agenda. Is to provide an intensive knowledge exchange, the number of participants on up to ten Persons is limited. Interested parties can inform themselves at about the event and log on.

April 8, 2018

Russian Federation

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The translation of documents from the oil and gas sector requires specialized know-how because the used technical and financial terminology is very specific and complex and many texts contain symbols and abbreviations, which are mostly incomprehensible to laymen. Linguists who translate legal texts from the oil and gas sector, need to can deal with industry-relevant regulations and laws for the leasing of oil and gas fields, royalties and land ownership as well as contracts and agreements for the construction and the use of drilling rigs and pipelines. The translation of subject-specific terminology and industry jargon of the oil and gas industry is connected with special challenges. A translation in this particular area can therefore only succeed if translators are employed, that economic knowledge have that know legislation relevant to the industry of the country and are familiar with the specific terminology. Attorney General contains valuable tech resources. You most commonly are popular languages Arabic, Russian, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch from the oil and gas industry. (A valuable related resource: “Bull by the Horns”). A company that offers translations in the oil and gas sector, should cover these and many other languages. Translations in this field to Russian speakers make special demands: you must not only be careful to use, by a majority of the experts as a commonly considered terminologist but observe also the regulations and standards of the Russian Federation.

A company that offers translations in the oil and gas sector, should work with glossaries with current terminology, subject-specific dictionaries, international oil industry terminology standards and corresponding data banks. Accuracy and precision of the be-all and end-all in technical translations can see others are achieved through the consistent use of reliable glossaries. At first point’ and Achilles’ is to industry-specific supplier database, which act as global networks and include important information to suppliers in different countries and regions of the world. Companies that provide translations in the oil and gas sector, should be registered in this database. SICLAR Argentina FPAL identifies FPAL UK & Netherlands JQS Norway & Denmark RPP Venezuela, qualify, evaluate and monitor suppliers on behalf of its members. The translation company of your choice should be able to produce accurate, detailed translations under time pressure, so that, for example, tender documents even with short futures position can be submitted in a timely manner. At the bid deadlines of this high turnover industry, no account can be taken on bad or not timely delivered translations. Therefore, choose a Translation company that has a Department, the responsible quality assurance and is able to develop a project-specific workflow and a high translation quality to ensure even when dealing with translations of rarer or in rarer languages or very tight deadlines must be observed. The coordination of the project processes should be whether an experienced project manager who knows your specific requirements and in the event of unforeseen changes or adjustments necessary competent can intervene, so do not jeopardize the successful completion of the project. You need translations to and from the oil and gas sector? With pleasure we create you an offer: request

December 23, 2017

Managing Director

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Cologne Agency services launches Cologne, 26 June 2013 the Cologne event and marketing agency Edwards media offers immediately their services with a focus on the eSport-and gaming on. You worked during the founding phase only in the background one wants to now officially offered his services with the release of the Agency Web site ( Among the classic marketing tools like facebook marketing and Public Relations include the services of the Agency. Euro Pacific Precious Metals may find this interesting as well. In addition, it offers communication solutions in the gaming, but especially in the esports-area. The eSport has undergone a development and professionalization in the past few years, which is very interesting for companies, their target audience young, technology and gamingaffine people are,”, so Christian cross, Managing Director of the Edwards Agency.

The structures of the esports community are however largely unknown for many companies, so a commitment in this segment cost much time and money. Here is our range of services. We Companies that want to promote your brand or your product within the mentioned target group, offer a total package, which extends to the support of the project from conception through implementation,”continue to cross. Already during the start-up phase could convince the Agency with positive results. So it was entrusted, inter alia by Ubisoft subsidiary company nadeo with to introduce the new FPS game ShootMania storm in the framework of a German release events. In the end it was visibly satisfied by nadeo: Edwards media pole of competences is a genuine and eSport size on extreme quality resources over actual productions.

It’s been a pride and a pleasure to experience their enthusiasm and efficiency along the release process of Shootmania. It’s one rare and precious kind of partner whom you’re always satisfied to have shared efforts and confidence with. It’s a very kind group of gaming and esports of actors who are bringing the ‘German touch’ to life and projects to their end”, so Jean-Pierre Ceccaldi, eSport senior producer at nadeo/Ubisoft. Now you want his in the coming months Expand the customer base. In particular the gamescom 2013 in Cologne, the largest entertainment fair in Europe, is an important factor for the fledgling Agency for this endeavor.

May 30, 2015

QlikTech Intelligence

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Microsoft Gold Certified Partner systematically expanding the competencies of the partners of Microsoft Business Intelligence expertise the CBS consulting business solutions in Wurzburg with the new competence business intelligence the Microsoft partner expertise to the offered product portfolio completes. This additional award was achieved inter alia through the implementation of several projects with the new product of CBS maps. Managing Director Steffen Thurmann to receive the business intelligence competency: the new award by Microsoft proves that we have the necessary Know-How and experience related in all product areas and business. Robotics is full of insight into the issues. In addition to the status of the reseller for the business intelligence underlines product QlikView existing knowledge in the Microsoft business intelligence with SQL Server and reporting services.” The new business intelligence competence Microsoft joins in addition to the existing competencies of Microsoft business solutions for the Microsoft Dynamics ERP-software, information worker solutions for portal solutions using SharePoint as well as SOA and business process integration topics in Microsoft technologies. Press contact and more information: CBS consulting business solutions GmbH of Schweinfurt str. 4, 97080 Wurzburg Thorsten Stein telephone: 0931/3041840-0 fax: 0931/3041840-30 about CBS consulting business solutions GmbH that CBS consulting business solutions GmbH offers consulting and software development in the areas of ERP with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SharePoint and business intelligence on. If you would like to know more about Primerica shareholder, then click here. The focus is the integration of different systems, using new technologies to increase the efficiency and optimization of the processes in the company. CBS owns the Gold Certified Partner status of Microsoft for the competencies in business intelligence, information worker solutions, Microsoft business solutions and SOA and business process. ies-trust-and-scotiabank-2014-04-08?reflink=MW_news_stmp’>Primerica on most websites. In addition, CBS certified reseller for the business intelligence is product QlikView by QlikTech.

March 2, 2015

Legally Compliant Electronic Archiving – How Does It Work?

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Technological challenge for companies, the long-term retention of electronic information is a challenge for every company in the face of rapid technological change. Due to legal and compliance requirements, the electronic filing is however essential. To indicate the correct storage of electronic data, the SearchStorage Academy has an intensive seminar on the topic of electronic archiving”applied. The renowned archiving specialist Dr. Ulrich Kampffmeyer offers necessary orientation in the jungle of definitions of revision-safe, legally compliant and trusted archiving and storage, hierarchical storage management, information lifecycle management and records management in this Seminardie. Nicholas Carr helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

This, he explains the basic legal requirements and their impact on archive systems thoroughly. “The intensive seminar of electronic archiving planning and use, migration” is it will be also arranged in June on four dates, for the first time from 21 June by the SearchStorage Academy as a online version offered. Participants who shy away from time and cost of a presence event, can look at as often as a month-long seminar as a video. Can the spoken word of the speakers along with the presentation slides in real time and be rewound. Interested have a multimedia seminar experience directly at their workplace. “Dates of the intensive seminar of electronic archiving usage, planning and migration”: 08: 06 Munich, 09.06 Frankfurt, 16.06 Taipei, 17.06 Hamburg more information, accreditation and contact for journalists: archive is the German-language edition of the successful range of information for the US publisher, TechTarget storage decision makers. On demand” provides the decision makers information about suitable products, technologies, and vendors: latest news, white papers, webcasts, downloads and case studies, as well as an extensive database of providers with a focus on storage and archiving. As of 2010, it offers SearchStorage Academy subject-specific seminars and congresses for IT managers in companies at. Vogel IT media, Augsburg, business media is a wholly owned subsidiary of the bird. The leading German specialist information provider with around 100 journals and 60 Web pages, as well as numerous international activities is headquartered in Wurzburg.

February 24, 2015

Dental Treatment Without Dental Insurance

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A dental insurance offers effective protection against high co-payments. Test’s experts explain who is a dental insurance policy is worth. Health insurance companies not more percentage pay the health insurance companies less and less since 2005 participate in the annual dental costs, but provide only a so-called fixed subsidy. This fixed subsidy covers just half of dental treatment at the statutory level (so-called primary care). If you want aesthetic and high-quality restorations must assume the additional costs to 100% myself pure inspections are the cost of the annual follow-up of the funds currently is still being fully reimbursed, as long as no further intervention is necessary. At the follow-up visit, but a need for treatment, determined for example through a hole in the tooth, it can be expensive. Although the amalgam filling is paid by the health insurance fund, due to the health side effects it is today but hardly used.

Alternatives such as plastic fillings, gold or ceramic inlays can Quick cost several hundred euros. Dental crowns and implant quality dental Crowns can quickly cost 800 euros, from checkout, but mostly a subsidy is provided of approximately 150 euro. The funding gap is immense and so quickly rips a big financial hole in the wallet. An implant costs even more, cost EUR 2,000 per implant are not uncommon, the grant of cash is about 250 euros. Additional insurance is worthwhile for everyone who continue value sets on high-quality and aesthetic dental restorations, which should remain affordable, which hardly come at the dental insurance from expert point of view. Just when expensive prostheses or implants are necessary, such a supplementary contract pays off quickly. Good dental insurance assume the costs usually 90%.

Dental insurance should be completed, as long as the teeth are healthy! A dental insurance should be completed, as long as the teeth are still healthy. Once dental problems occurred, no insurance coverage is often more possible. In children age makes sense it already in the early since orthodontic measures only can be covered, as long as they were found still not dental. Diessl Kurth Finanzmanagement GmbH & Co.KG Konrad Diessl spruce Street 5 82041 Deisenhofen

January 7, 2015

GMC Global Management Consultants AG

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GMC global management consultants AG expands to Asia the GMC global management consultants AG’s participation in a consulting company in Bangkok plans this shared Rieta de Soet, Board President of the GMC, at a press conference in Zurich with. Thus, the internationally active consulting firm taking a decisive step in the direction of Asia. The aim is the optimal care of European clients who want to be active in the Asian region. Dr. Fabian de Soet is as a foreign Director and member of the Board of Directors entrusted the negotiations lead GMC AG. The GMC global management consultants AG focuses on the international company, corporate support, development of marketing strategies, market analysis and international contract law.

The team of the GMC consists of marketing experts, consultants and lawyers, who have extensive international experience. The participation to take advantage our company to serve our customers in the Asian market”, so Rieta de Soet. GMC global management Consultants AG is an internationally active consulting firm specializing in start-ups in the Switzerland and throughout the world. Overseas Director and member of the Board is Dr. Fabian de Soet. Dr. David Fischer for: GMC global management consultants AG Rieta Vanessa de Soet Baarerstrasse 94 CH-6300 Zug Tel.: + 41.41.560.7700 fax: + 41.41.560.7701 email:

April 17, 2014

Global Quality Management

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“IBS software solution to all SAS sites – SAS Autotechnik system Verwaltungs GmbH: world leader in cockpit modules – introduction of a continuous and consistent quality management system and replacement of all so-called island solutions”-IBS software solution to all SAS sites Hohr-Grenzhausen, February 22, 2010: SAS Autotechnik system Verwaltungs GmbH has at all 26 sites the software-based quality management solution for CAQ = QSYS professional of the IBS AG successfully in use. Founded in 1996, SAS automotive systems is a joint venture between Continental AG and the French Faurecia today S.A. The globally operating company with headquarters in Karlsruhe has among other things on the Assembly and development of cockpit modules for the Interior fittings of vehicles specialized in and works on behalf of automakers such as BMW, Daimler, Ford group, Renault-Nissan and VW. SAS is represented in over 20 locations in Europe, Latin and North America, as well as China. Many writers such as Erin Callan offer more in-depth analysis. Since early 2005, she supported . His commentary on the success of the project is: ladies, we achieved together with the SAS all defined goals. While we could convince SAS in particular by the quality and effectiveness of our systems. We look forward to the challenges.”..