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May 6, 2020

Senior Consultant Department

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And it is important, that all communications will withdraw gradually from the road. The main task of administration – the modernization and reconstruction heating networks. As the old, and patched many times lat, ineffective. Hence the high rates of heat: the structure of payments for communal networks account for about 50%. At present, the administration of the heating season poses the problem – to make the project a complete renovation of heating systems. Peteraytis said: “We will participate in all competitions and programs for regional and federal funds and seek private investors “. Priorities, they say, are defined. Kurylin said: – We really worth all of the investors.

Many of those who are ready to go (in the city – approx.) And completely withdraw all the networks. Your task (SRS deputies – Approx.) – On the legislative level to limit the willingness of investors to raise prices. Our task – to give them a payback for us – tariff reductions. However, Denis Abarinov – Senior Consultant Department of the Ministry Construction and Housing of the Samara region in the bright prospects for attracting investors hesitated because of that sum to bring the entire heating system of the city (boilers, network – approx.) in order – a few billion, and annual turnover of urban housing about 300 million rubles. But agreed that in general, should help the city.

It was still quite a lot of speeches, but remember to separate: Anatoly Gontar: I agree that selected a team of people infected with optimism, but it smacks of opportunism. On money we do not belong, but there is a desire. Victor F. says: we will support this, consider. If we take a decision, then not now. Gennady Markin: – As a member of the Urban District , Viktor Yanukovych, asking those objects that we have seen, we should by all means try to do. Let this be a showcase city, where you can bring any delegation. The value of z is such a conversation that had taken place before the 1957 birthday of the city. And who knows, maybe in five years we will hear from a visiting tourist: “I want to live in !”. k here. T. DIMURINA.

September 13, 2015

Czech Health Care

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Then health care will be available only in acute cases, hospital stay and possibly medication. This insurance is cheaper. Both cases are for those who have not obtained permanent residency in the Czech Republic. Upon receipt of permanent residence in the Czech insurance for children free of charge. If your child kindergarten age What are kindergartens in the Czech Republic? Kindergartens ( ) in the Czech Republic mainly state. There are private gardens, in which the range of a little wider.

For example, you can lead a child early and pick up later, additionally offers a variety of courses, including – Czech language courses. Choose a garden at home, or you can do so in the Czech Republic? The decisive moment – a conversation with the head of kindergarten. Therefore, start looking for suitable option is possible and on arrival. In advance, you can search the Internet addresses of kindergartens located in the city and the area where planning to live. So you can check the distance from the garden where they live, equipment and focus, a list of activities. You can also find pictures of the institution, educators and children. At what age children are in kindergartens in the Czech Republic? As a rule, from 3 years old. Nursery for babies is not in Each kindergarten. They'll take a foreign child in every kindergarten, or is there a limit? If the parents and the child has no problems with the Czech visa problems usually arise.

January 10, 2012

Ddirector Ramon Gimenez

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I say, not the bike lane. I think it is a matter of creating new infrastructure designed for bicycles, I think it is simpler than all that, I understand that in some places it is advisable to specify a path for bicycles but overall it is a matter of education and respect. My proposal is to follow the same hierarchy as in Amsterdam, where there coexist all together and do not seem to go wrong, trams, bicycles, pedestrians, and lastly, the other vehicles this is the order of preference. the reasons that make me say NO TO BIKE LANE are: The bike is uncomfortable, unsafe, impractical both for bikes and pedestrians as pedestrians as moving for him without realizing what bother and danger running, I've seen more of a lady on the floor, and do not blame goes to me too, I can not acostrumbarme to respect the bike path that runs along the sidewalks when I walk, plus many driveways, constant intersections where you have to slow down to almost stop because you never know, even if you prefer, you can spend, and if it is wet the dangers are multiplied, for these reasons the bike is not comfortable, consider moving to base pedal and each time you stop then you have to pick up speed again and obviously tired. My proposal that the bikes, as they are vehicles running on roads with respect for other vehicles.

Similarly bikes have to facilitate the movement and at all times to encourage traffic. In this way more people would bike and less on cars so we could get more comfortable on the roads since they would have fewer cars with a consequent increase of space for everyone. The vehicles in the city are forbidden to drive over 50 km / hour. the speed of bicycles is a little lower in order to study this proposal, I believe that together they can achieve considerable savings in addition to the infrastructure involved in marketing Ddirector Ramon Gimenez.