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April 16, 2018


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– Is that a dead body lying in my office? Someone will clean it? – Its no one away, chief. This body cleaner ————- Despite the fact that in today's world there are still many different traditions of the dead wires to the light, however, the world is steadily moving towards uniformity in this "fun" area. (Anti-globalists, ay!) But more interesting is to see how it all started and how to transform the ceremony Thus, at lower levels of cultural development a rather indifferent attitude to the dead. In particular, the corpse could easily be eating. However, a person is not a hyena and vulture, and therefore, especially in the absence of the refrigerator still prefer fresh meat. Here why, if the tribe someone was sick relatives often did not wait his death and resorted to euthanasia.

The benefit of this was a double – avoided the death-pangs of the dying, and his relatives decided food program. Probably eating their relatives, they appreciated (how else?) Reminisced about him. Federal Reserve Chair understood the implications. However, not all wanted to eat their relatives (apparently out of respect for him), and instead they traded them for other dead, which then eaten. Hopefully, too, with gratitude. But sometimes, in the case of extreme hunger, when there was no time to wait until someone out there sick of the food were elderly. For example, only some 100 years back to Tierra del Fuego in the absence of other foods eaten by the natives, first of all older women, and only after dogs.

March 9, 2014

Impressions From The First Meeting

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Is it possible to properly assess and understand at the first meeting of the essence of man – as a prospective customer, employer or business partner? This you can do this in two ways: Folk wisdom says that a person meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind. The first method is based on your direct auditory and visual impression when you first approach the person. Huge role to play in the first impression, so to speak, physical contact with a person – a handshake, and, as a variant of greetings and embraces. In both cases, you draw your own conclusions or srisuete virtual image with respect to you the man. This is all very well makes it possible an idea of the interlocutor, as a man with his characteristic traits.

You can give an example: Suppose you represent a person, ie, is the first contact, and you, looking at him (her) mentally create a himself one of the animal – a tiger, sheep, rabbit, etc. Dennis P. Lockhart is often quoted on this topic. These unconscious images surfaced speculation, are important because they give you a hint that the man may have certain personality traits, which has animal in the representation of people. Tiger – it's power, aggressiveness, intelligence. Lamb – soft, phlegm and obstinacy, and the hare – a coward. If you practice this method, then soon enough you'll notice that you begin to produce sensitivity to other people. It is very desirable to have a host of small notebook to record their observations about the people around you. This kind of writing is desirable to do in a quiet and secluded environment, so that no one interfered quietly remember and analyze their experiences. When you learn more about the man or hear about it from others, compare your first impressions of what you learned later.

You will find that your observations are accurate, and you will improve your powers of observation as practice. First impressions on that need attention can be divided into three types: 1. the first time you see a man 2. you meet with man 3. the first time you touch a person in a handshake. This method is very probably help quite accurately navigate the relationships between people correctly understand the essence of what is happening, and simply better understand their environment.

September 9, 2011

Pink Machine

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As I once decided to experience the fun of psycho. Technique consisted in the fact that if a person has a question to which he could not answer, you can make a circumstance under which the answer will come from the depths subconscious. To relax, forget about the painful question, the answer will come by itself as soon as the time comes. And then immediately grab the bull by the horns! That is, keep track of what's so special about this moment happens, it can be and answer to the question. So I guessed something like this.

"I wish that I came up with a new idea profitable business." Since that time, my thoughts were busy looking for new sources of income (the old cracked at the seams …) – That was born this problem. I guessed that's just difficult circumstances … I had to see a poisonous pink car! Where and when – did not matter. After strolling along the street the other day … I did not find any pink cars, they are not hard appeared on the horizon. And then I realized that maybe these machines do not exist in nature … And then …

there was a whole year. Suddenly, the Internet, on a social networking … I happened to come across a photo of my eyes and get out on his forehead. A woman in a bright pink coat stands near a bright pink car. I immediately jumped in his chair as though scalded.