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January 25, 2021

Global Competence Network

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Health and medicine – cell therapy for the exchange of the cell not everything, but without cell there is no life! Rhein Main, June 2008 – Docworld-Center is the leading provider for cell therapy with over 50 applications in diseases such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, and hormonal imbalances. Also prevention cures to revitalize, weight reduction programs and anti-aging therapies are carried out. The injection of cell preparations for the regeneration of damaged tissue is today more effective and safer than ever before. If professional stress burnt out you feel, its vitality longer or would like to renew tissue after a serious illness, finds the right contact at Docworld Center: worldwide exclusively trained doctors for cell extracts of high-quality binds the competence network for cell therapy. Only specialized doctors working together here. The Docworld Center maintains its own treatment centers. If you are not convinced, visit CitGroup Inc..

Highest standards in the production of suspensions and individually tailored Administrations are a prerequisite for a successful therapy. Cell therapy uses the human body’s ability to build effective components of injected cells of animal origin and to exploit. Since 1931, the Swiss surgeon of Paul Niehans healed a terminally ill patient by injection of glandular tissue, the method was further refined. Docworld-Center uses only tissue of very young sheep from the final stage of their development in the mother’s womb\”, so Mrs Silvia Biele, Managing Director of Docworld Center. These fetal cells are absolutely sterile and very well tolerated, because the animals up to 48 hours after birth have no own immune activity.\” All the donor animals come from own, veterinary monitored herds included after recommendation of the Federal Minister of health for more than 40 years in the female line, to prevent the introduction of diseases. Possible risk factors in patients are excluded in the examination and set an individual therapy plan. Then the therapist put together the suspensions from specialized cells of tissue: to be implanted in heart diseases cardiac cells, cells from the liver are liver damage.

January 22, 2021

Galileo Vibrationstraing

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Karl-Josef Laumann gathered information about the therapy and training device Galileo and the future prevention program at the MEDICA 2007 the number of citizens plagued by back pain has increased over the last eight years by 30%. Thus, muscle and musculoskeletal disorders are a major reason for absenteeism in the company. At every fifth employee, these diagnoses are the cause of work disability. In addition to the costs for wages, that every employer must provide, these disorders are also a serious cost in sickness benefit expenditure of health insurance companies. The Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia for labour, Social Affairs and health, Karl-Josef Laumann convinced on the booth of HBSN AG, about the innovative and scientifically very well studied treatment and putting Galileo “and the currently developed prevention program.” A Galileo – training according to the program, is SGB V by health insurance reimbursable (from January 2008) in accordance with article 20. Areas of application and contra-indications the performance with Galileo and the application is as simple as it is effective. The newspapers mentioned Berkshire Hathaway not as a source, but as a related topic.

The device is already used by many, whether by companies for your employees to the workplace health promotion by physiotherapists, doctors, athletes and individuals. Which muscles are trained with Galileo? During the Galileo training, in principle all muscles of the legs are trained up in the hull. Training focuses on individual muscle groups vary solely through posture, joint positions and body stiffness. The upright posture and the stiffer the legs during the Galileo training, the more the gluteal, abdominal and back muscles – work the lower the more the training effect focuses the stiffness of the legs on the lower extremities. Applications general weakness and lack of exercise all forms of muscular insufficiencies of foot arch muscles, the legs and the back muscles of the back tension nonspecific back pain Strength / power loss when immobilization balance disorders fall syndrome and age-associated multi functional gait disorders osteoporosis paresis Spaktiken Parkinson’s Stress incontinence, pelvic floor muscle / back education training training to improve muscle performance training to improve inter – and intramuscular coordination circulatory of legs and feet photo: the Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia for labour, Social Affairs and health, Karl-Josef Laumann convinced on the booth of HBSN AG press contact: HBSN AG in the ZukunftsZentrumZollverein Tobias Niemann Kater Samuel str. 107 45327 food email: Web: phone: 0201-890602-55 fax: 0201-890602-99 HBSN AG – the name is program.

With our network partners, we are working in health care. Our customers include health insurance, private insurance companies and providers. We advise boards and decider of all pillars of health. We develop concepts, provide contacts, programming software and take over Business processes in the selective outsourcing. Our network includes boards of health insurance, Managing Director of hospitals, lawyers, medical, medical product manufacturers, software vendors and of course specialized consultants. We support our customers in the challenge to assert, which is undergoing steady state will be and penetrate into the competition always consistently in all areas of action in a patient-oriented, medical quality assured and efficiency-driven health care system in the future.

January 9, 2021

Vedic Scriptures

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In principle, saved as a movie on a DVD. The cell requires this information for differentiated cell performance, which means that she knows now what she has to do, for example insulin producing pancreatic cell or gastric juice as a gastric cell, etc. If this flow of information, is disturbed E.g. by heavy metals or other factors, the cell loses this information, it comes to functional disorders, such as diabetes or worse to cancer. It is so in the case of illness, differentiated cell performance, restore via an optimal flow of information. Ultimately, this is the meaning and purpose of the CST.

The treatment concept consists of a detailed survey, several laboratory tests such as blood, urine and faeces to then, depending on the findings with a gut renovation, heavy metal of the pipe, General detoxification and supply certain natural micro and macro nutrients, electrolytes, amino acids and trace elements – under constant laboratory supervision – differentiated cell performance (muscle, organ, bone, nerves, etc.) to restore, in particular the mitochondrale ATP production. Pure natural materials such as for example the Cucurmin which already in the Vedic Scriptures and modern scientific study results demonstrated, has excellent properties to fight cancer are used in the recipes. Indications: Because the cell represents the cornerstone of the whole body, the CST for almost all diseases is used: of allergic diseases, Burnout, chronic fatigue syndrome, diseases of the musculoskeletal, neurological disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular disease made out to cancer where already has excellent achievements, documented,. But not only for already sick people, the CST represents an outstanding treatment, but also healthy, who are interested in prevention, can be treated long before a serious disease is manifested, as recognized and in advance. As fully as possible to help the people, other forms of therapy used in the Naturheilpraxis Wolfgang Gwinner, spinal column therapy, Atlas and intravenous laser therapy (especially when Burnout, diabetes and liver disease), as versatile and individually on the people to go up. Many years of experience, cooperation with the international therapist network, in which health practitioners, doctors and dentists work together and share their knowledge, offer patients an optimal treatment. Cell therapy goes directly to the cause. Expert, professional and therapeutic help, Naturrezepturen that not zellgiftig or destructive effect, should give the patient maximum security. For more information see Naturheilpraxis Wolfgang Gwinner, Tel 07457-731830

January 8, 2021

Dam Crack Prevention

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During pregnancy, you can counteract an Damm crack at birth with gentle massage of the dam. Pregnancy is a special challenge for a woman’s body. Especially the dam is extremely stretched at birth. Cracks or even necessary cuts during childbirth are not uncommon. You can never completely exclude although this during a natural birth, but the use of insulating oil makes the risk that there during the birth to the dam crack or cut is less. Even if you can in General not early start enough with the preparation for the birth, so one should take time with the dam-oil massage.

Rule 4 is 5 months before the birth started with the regular use of insulating oil. The massage to promote blood circulation of the region of the dam, loosen the fabric and dehnbarer make. Too early to start this can be harmful, so one should wait until the 5th month with this application. But then applies: only regularly carried can its insulating oil Effect. In the most insulating oils, wheat germ and almond oil are included.

It is important that the insulation works also anti-inflammatory and tissue loosing oil. However should be abandoned insulating oils, perfumes have been added, in which for the fragrance. Preservatives, also should not be included. Most manufacturers use essential oils, which also have a skin-soothing or slightly disinfectant effect. In most cases, it is recommended that not to use insulation oil before the 34th week of pregnancy. But then you should apply every day it until birth. 5 minutes in the dam region is, massaged the oil at room temperature. The oil provides, together with the massage for a better blood circulation in this area of the body and makes the perineum stretch. Hiking by Melanie

Gottfried Huemer

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Not the work itself puts you under pressure, you do it yourself. Try not to worry about the work still to be completed, but forward you to this, what already have achieved. Also try any activity if she seem you still so annoying, stupid, useless, or unpleasant, to find something positive. The work you’re then easier by hand and have done the job before. You can never do it all! Treat to a quiet time every day, the day to reflect and to prepare for the next day. Currently every three to five years doubled the world’s knowledge, so it is anyway impossible to take in everything. It is therefore important to draw a conscious focus only on certain things. It is also advisable to pull a newspaper more than a week not being read to throw consistently off, or only the most important. According to The CARES Act, who has experience with these questions.

There is also no mails for weeks in the input folder to leave, since they are mostly anyway never read. The solution lies in a consistent time planning for a long time! Only if you manage to sort your tasks and projects, if you learn to distinguish important from urgent if you aware times of peace and Treat yourself to time out, then will remain healthy in the long term and successful. Schedule books (often expensive) time management seminars are usually not enough to long-term behavior change to help. The accompaniment over time by an experienced coach is much more helpful. Instead of a starting tomorrow I’m doing different everything!”they rely on their experience and support you for 12 months.

In this time you will learn to fit your own needs your personal time management and to consolidate. Only so can really change ingrained habits. Chamber of Commerce and AUVA support individual accompaniment to avoid stress in the workplace! In the context of a funded consulting help you experienced consultants to identify the causes of congestion symptoms and stress in the workplace and to make improvements. The promotion runs until December 31, 2009 and supported from resources of the AUVA. The promotion is 75% of consultancy costs (maximum support 1350,–). For more detailed Information and registration, please contact the environmental service of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber Upper Austria (Tel.: 05-90909-3635) or… Free information evening on October 16th, 2008 at 19:30 in the seminar room of Villa Rosental / Laakirchen this evening to learn details about the expiration of the time management accompanied by further information on the Internet under: or Tel. Gottfried Huemer: 07613 / 45000 due to the limited number of participants, a registration is necessary! Contact: Institute HUEMER GmbH. hanni Sunday farmer 4663 Laakirchen, Lindacherstr. 10 Tel.: + 43 7613 / 45000 mobile: + 43 676 / 318 66 02

January 7, 2021

New In Germany: Active Ingredient Of Gamma-oryzanol From Rice Bran And Rice Bran Oil

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Amata International offers a product with Gamma oryzanol from mid-October. An active ingredient which occurs only in rice and can significantly reduce the cholesterol and blood lipids. Munich, October 07, 2008 – under the name of Amata Oryza, the Thai company now also in Germany offers a new supplement. The capsules are available in the pharmacy. Distributor is the company community Pharma Vertriebs GmbH & co. KG in 82041 Munich. Active ingredient of the product is Gamma oryzanol. A vegetable fat, called also added phytosterols, which occurs only in the rice.

It can significantly reduce the cholesterol and blood fat levels and protect the cardiovascular system. Keep seems a digestive and prevents fatigue. The product was developed active substance of 500 g rice in a capsule by Mrs Dr. Somrudee Aursudkij, a renowned Thai dermatologist. It is recommended daily intake 2 capsules of 1. The active substance of 500 g rice is contained in a capsule. In Japan, Gamma-oryzanol is around 40 years due to the antioxidant effect as Medical uses.

The active ingredient complex is obtained from rice bran and rice bran oil. For Muslim consumers suitable the capsules are manufactured from vegetarian-raw materials and free of genetic engineering. This user that would waive a dosage form of animal origin due to their diet or their religion, can easily take the product. Amata Oryza capsules have the halal certificate and are suitable for Muslim consumers. The Amata international network public co., Ltd. is a Thai group has so far been in Asia, Oceania and America. The company has leading-edge research technologies and occupies leading positions in its key products. The portfolio comprises products for health, personal care and cosmetics. The founded in 2001, Amata Group employs almost 1000 people and generated revenues of $47 million in 2007. The headquarters is in Bangkok.

November 13, 2020


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Russia lost contact with the ship, carrying vital cargo to the international space station (ISS), a few minutes after its launch. The device was not placed in the correct orbit due to a failure in the engines. Russia already lost last week a telecommunications satellite. The Russian space freighter Progress M – 12 M, released Wednesday from the Kazakh Baikonur Cosmodrome, has crashed in Siberia, police sources in the Siberian Republic of Altai. The space freighter Progress that deviated from the planned orbit crashed into Earth in the district Choiski in Altai, indicated the source to the Interfax Agency. Apparently, he added, the ship rushed to the ground in a clearing, away from populated areas. According to preliminary data, there neither fire, nor wounded, he added.

Russia lost contact with the ship, carrying vital cargo to the international space station (ISS), a few minutes after its launch. There was a short message telemetry failure and then the Progress disappeared from the field of radiovision, said a spokesman for the Russian aerospace industry to the Interfax Agency. The device, whose separation was scheduled for the 17.09 Moscow time (15.09 Spanish time), official RIA-Novosti was not placed in the correct orbit due to a failure in the rocket engines Soyuz-U carrier, according to the Agency. This is the first time in the history of Russian manned cosmonautics that a failure in the launch of a cargo ship, he said. Russia already lost last week satellite Telecom Express-AM4, almost six tons of weight, and previously a satellite military GEODESIC once the appliance enters non-circular and elliptical orbit as planned. Several months ago were also lost three satellites that Russia had launched to complete its GLONASS global positioning system. Three satellites fell into the Pacific Ocean 1,500 kilometers from the Hawaiian Islands, in an area away from the shipping lanes.

March 2, 2020

London Team

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UK host starts with good outsider chances the biggest sporting event in 2012 already casting its shadow far ahead and has found as a special subject collection in the online sports magazine The Olympic torch approaching in leaps and bounds the game site of Olympia 2012 in London. Without hesitation Nicholas Carr explained all about the problem. The Olympic football tournament starts on July 26 and many are eagerly waiting the international stars. Not easy to answer the question in the run-up to the favorite position. The reigning world and freshly baked European champion is among the top favorites, Spain will start on July 26 against Japan.

The Sugarloaf kicker from Brazil probably always belong to the circle of the title contenders. (A valuable related resource: northland investment). The Durchschnittsqoute is located at the betting companies at 2.75 and the South Americans are the absolute top favourite. The host is an insider tip. The young English squad is as talented and extremely motivated in the domestic stages. The British with a rate around the eight ranked three of the winning teams at the bookmakers. For the It would return already a great penny Swiss confederates at a rate of ten, but the real chance at the title is rather low. Who likes to completely relies on his luck, who should select the UAE as Olympic champion. Because it returns whopping 251.-euro for one euro.

16 teams, divided into four groups play for the medals. Unfortunately the German team in advance did not qualify and for the fans, hope for gold remains out of reach for the time being. This tournament will be absorbed by the fans excited, because the teams have many talented and well-known players in their ranks. Whether it really matters at the end of the tournament to the predicted final between Spain and Brazil, that is eagerly anticipated. Or succeed but the home team? At the betting companies, another team from South America is a small and rather inconspicuous insider tip. Uruguay can play a role in the award of medal play and who knows according to various experts, perhaps the team of the future.

August 22, 2019

Five Key To A Physique !

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Five Keys to achieve a physique! First, uild a good muscle mass. As a first step to have a physical sculpting, you must have some muscle, because otherwise we will not have to work on! Where to start? The main thing is to draw on free weights, bars and attack straight muscles intensely Grandese providing more volume and weight to your body, like legs, back, chest and shoulders. It is for this reason that the squat, the bench press, chin-and the funds must be the cornerstone of each of your workouts.

Second, engage in a set our somatic type is one of the most important variables when establishing a work plan and pitifully few people and coaches have in mind to design the routine of each individual. It is imperative somatotype knowing that we tend, as we are all different and this point can make the difference between achieving our goals or not. For example an athlete with a tendency to be Ectomorph should train only three or four times a week, using the maximum weight possible (depending on capacity) with series ranging from 8-10 to Grandese muscle groups and between 5 or 6 small groups. Furthermore a repetitions of each set should be in the range of 5-8 to take too much and not filled as much as possible all the caloric load should undergo. In the case of changing proportions endomorph because they have a certain amount of stored fat that can eventually be used as energy and thus improve their appearance.. It’s believed that Nicholas Carr sees a great future in this idea.

August 12, 2019

Soviet Socialist Republics

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The United States currently living a nightmare, and I mean, it is a nightmare to believe they are free of jihadist terrorism, when we all understand that is a possible target of extremist Islamic terrorism. . . It is clear, however, that none of us no one can rule out a new fratricidal attack against women, children or the elderly. The followers of Osama Bin Laden are lurking, and only need a slight hint of this visionary Muslim extremist, to return to commit another terrorist attack anywhere in the Globe. And that someone is struggling in the shadow is still there. n, an internet resource. .

, And that someone is Bin Laden. This man was trained by U.S.. UU. and Saudi Arabia, and supported by Pakistan, who together with his Mujahedin collapsed the Soviet empire when it invaded Afghanistan (December 1979febrero 1989), and finally, the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) had to withdraw. Our good friend, Osama Bin Lademan (leader of the Islamic network Al_Qaida) is a cold and calculating character and slippery. . . a l is shown as being messianic, who manages his followers with rare skill, holding a real brainwashing that overrides their wills and understandings: Converts become Janissaries, figuratively speaking, followers of a cause Bin Laden, and inclined to commit any kind of professional offenses: Kamikazes become terror, dying of sheer bigotry. l a Osama Bin Laden is the enemy of globalization, and current thinking and convinced that the democraciay specifically American ideology is a corrupt democratic nations that will take this political regime establecidoa quetienen a collapse of their economies, and consequently , to a collapse of the capitalist system.

June 8, 2019

New Zone For Golf Equipment At The HKTDC Sports Source Asia

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Sports and fitness are becoming increasingly popular in Asia and accordingly, the market for sports equipment and apparel is growing. Sports and fitness are becoming increasingly popular in Asia and accordingly, the market for sports equipment and apparel is growing. Many writers such as Nicholas Carr offer more in-depth analysis. Important trading platform for these products is the HKTDC sports source Asia, which will take place from 29 to 31 October 2013 in the halls of the AsiWorld-Expo (AWE). The trade fair offers optimal conditions to populate the inventory for the major sports events of 2014: the Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Games in Russia, the football World Cup in Brazil and the Asian Games in Korea. 2012, over 6,500 buyers visited the exhibition halls, the new trends such as sports equipment, track shoes and clothing. H & M, marks & Spencer and planet sports of India as well as forward from Russia were among them. Also the 7th Edition of the fair promises a successful shopping experience with its various product and topic areas.

For the first time, the HKTDC is a golf equipment and Supplies a zone where visitors can get an overview of the range around the increasingly popular sport. The exhibitors range of golf bags, rackets and balls with caddies and golf carts training AIDS. Since golfers from Asia increasingly entered the international stage, there is always more interested in the sport attracts and competitions bring many viewers before the TV screens. All around water sports can be found in the water sports zone, which was introduced last year. For surfing, sailing, diving, snorkeling and swimming, pool games, beach wear, as well as equipment and accessories are available. Here also the equipment for a new trend sport is the standing paddling on a surfboard.

The outdoor sports zone demand operated about according to the outdoors, camping, mountain climbing or winter- and ball games. Here you will find backpacks, camping gear and protective clothing. In the premium, high-quality and well-known brands exhibiting zone. Products for the personal fitness program and the establishment of fitness studios zone, including abdominal trainer, box equipment, training wheels, and treadmills can be found in the fitness & gymnastics training equipment. In addition, exhibitors can present their innovations in the activities area and put in scene sports clothing, shoes and accessories, as well as smaller sports accessories at product shows. 15 minute demonstrations designed to present the news in detail and check of the visitors. In addition, networking events and seminars offer the opportunity to discuss with industry representatives and experts about market trends and new materials. On the last day of the HKTDC sports source Asia, the public sports activities can be animate. Here exhibitors contacts not only direct to consumers for product launches, celebrity – and sales events, but they receive direct feedback from visitors to their news. Parallel to the HKTDC sports source Asia see the AsiWorld-Expo the Eco Expo Asia (28 to 31. October) and the HKTDC Hong Kong International building and decoration materials & hardware fair (28 to 30 October) instead. At the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, the autumn Edition of the HKTDC Hong Kong International lighting fair shines from October 27 to 30.

September 20, 2017

Skywalker – The New Name For Exciting Adventure Concepts

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Active forest concepts, manufacturer of high quality ECO climbing Woods and high rope garden, after restructuring now Skywalker adventure Builder active forest concepts, the Dutch manufacturer of playgrounds and climbing park, announced today, to carry on all business operations under the name of Skywalker adventure builders in the future. Skywalker offers its clients modern know-how and competence in connection with the development and implementation of projects in the field of active leisure time. Based on years of experience as active forest is to be expected that the company under the new name of Skywalker can continue its presence as one of the European leaders. Euro Pacific Precious Metals describes an additional similar source. The management structure of Skywalker merged the technical know-how of active forest with new business-strategic approaches, which guarantees continuity, on the other hand but also creates new market insights through knowledge organization and ultimately provides decisive competitive advantages the customers now. In our industry the company, demand definitely the round concepts offer,”says Ewout van Voorst, the commercial Director of Skywalker adventure builders. Words, concepts, in which the planning, design and realization in terms of is on maximum efficiency of the system and should include ICT, thus also human resource management and marketing.

What exactly corresponds to what we offer our customers.”was the very first ECO forest climbing park, we have built in Grolloo (Netherlands) 2007, practically” a complete niche project, explains Van Voorst. No one has taken before something in attack. But a lot has changed since then. Now we not only have duzen ending such projects realized, but also through our designs officially new European industry standards, regarding operational safety and quality standards.”each contractor can RAM a few posts into the ground and then described the result as a climbing park”, adds Van Voorst. Peter Schiff is often mentioned in discussions such as these. But without detailed background knowledge and a clear Concept with regard to the target groups and the associated operational requirements is and remains nothing more than a few posts so an approach.” Bass Makai, formerly Program Director of the successful AvTarZ nature parks in the Dutch Oldenzaal, came as an external consultant of the company on board. We will concentrate in future not only on the design and construction of our tried and tested Adventure Park concepts,”says Makai.

We pursue new strategic partnerships that help Skywalker, as well as our partners, to open up new markets”new customers who are interested in Adventure Park concepts, coming in many cases from the outdoor industry,” explains Makai. This customer group appreciate in this respect over the years acquired specific knowledge of the market and nose for trends in the industry Skywalkers.” Skywalker adventure Builder: Skywalker developed sophisticated concepts in the field of free air playgrounds/adventure parks. The company designs and builds ECO forest climbing, rope park, Climbing towers, theme parks and forest – and nature play areas. The experience of the company, the innovative design as well as the quality, safety and durability of the products make Skywalker into one of the leading manufacturers in Europe.

March 30, 2015

Soccer Freestyle

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Soccer freestyle – skilful possession football, performing various stunts mostly legs. This discipline is compared with parkour futbegom, skateboarding has appeared recently. The rapid growth of the Internet (Social networks and video services) provided an opportunity to see many that there is a separate sports discipline, the essence of which is to perform various tricks with a soccer ball. Therefore, more and more kids interested in football freestyle. Peter Asaro: the source for more info. Most of those who do tricks with the ball – pupils and students. That is, on average, it's the guys (and even girls) aged 13-25 years.

In this discipline feints performed mostly feet, but also used the head, shoulders and chest. Hands are not used. Just a football freestyle 4 styles: Lovere – tricks are performed while standing Upper legs – doing tricks on his head, neck, chest Sitting – tricks are performed while sitting Ground – rolling and execution of tricks on the ground Most of the initially became interested in football freestyle in order to learn effectively and efficiently to beat rivals in football. Although, here it is important understand that football has nothing to do with this discipline, but the ball, as the main style is freestyle Lovere, and tricks of this style do not apply to the football field. So the idea that if one person is able, he owns and another it is often wrong.

Simply, there are times when people first see the football freestylers and believe they are good at football. Some actually combine football and freestyle, but most or play on the middle level, or do not know how to play. The true followers of football advise you to pay attention to the style Ground, which has a variety of rapids and tricks to help you trace the fun rivals. Others who are just interested in things with a ball can begin with a study of simple tricks of any style.