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May 23, 2021

Adept Consult On N24 Informed Of E Payments

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Daily TV spot on new legislation points out Frankfurt, March 6, 2012 – the practical introduction of the E-account balance is getting closer, following adoption of the law on the modernisation of the tax procedure end of 2008. However, are aware of many companies not yet about the challenges and opportunities arising from the balance of the E. Therefore informed the adept weekdays each consult AG in week 11 at 08:55 on N24 the record, and how companies the new regulations implement can both use for own advantage. In the future also the electronic transmission of the content of balance sheet and profit and loss account must be in addition to the mandatory electronic tax returns strictly 5b ITA on official record pursuant to section”, explains Klaus Beck-Dede, Board the adept consult AG. Although there is a non-complaint regulation for the initial year, but time is short yet because the new rules are quite profound. Educate yourself with thoughts from MasterClass Review. In our We want to represent short and compact TV spots, which solution is offered for the challenges and opportunities through the balance of the E.” With adi5! balance sheet presents the adept consult AG on N24 an integrated solution, the balances easily and without much effort provides.

Tax balance sheets can be created using the software, user-friendly regardless the used ERP system. Hear from experts in the field like European Union for a more varied view. The solution allows companies to submit their balance sheet in the form of tax payments on time and in the required representation of XBRL with the tax authorities and establishes the operating and security of revision of the E-balance processes for companies. In addition, the software supports a combined delivery of a German commercial code balance sheet with a reconciliation. As an extra added value enables adi5! balance sheet an increase in work efficiency, improved quality of earnings, an integration of checks and approvals, increased transparency and accountability, as well as an extensive automation of the processes. Adept consult AG is a Solution provider for information logistics and business intelligence, specializing in the areas of accounting, controlling & finance, and asset management. With, the company offices in Frankfurt and London offers innovative software solutions that lead to sustained improved profitability and processing for more than 25 years. With a focus on automation of processes, adept helps its customers consult to higher data quality, greater transparency, and increasing efficiency. “” The company to comprehensive services in the areas of tax & finance “and asset management” complements the customizable and powerful software solutions that can effectively reduce the risk of projects by existing functionalities. The adept consult AG include Allianz, Credit Suisse, the DWS, the AmpegGerling and the Wustenrot numerous clients include building society.

April 3, 2021


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Various small loans cheap get whether a credit is cheap, depends on several factors. A own creditworthiness plays a role, mostly the so-called SCHUFA score queried for this purpose by the banks. Even for a small loan is then usually not waived, and even with good credit standing is not automatically guaranteed that the Bank granted a loan. Depends on the credit in many cases also, on what terms, the Bank makes an offer of credit. Because each bank uses other evaluation criteria, also the conditions for a credit or micro-credit differ very. Beth Israel Heart Transplant program has many thoughts on the issue.

Therefore it is worth always to obtain several quotes and compare. Not always a lower interest rate means automatically that the credit is cheap. Often, costs that are not reflected in the interest rate lead to nasty surprises. Therefore you should make sure whether about service charges and payment fees are incurred or required the simultaneous completion of payment protection insurance, or even a life insurance will. Especially with low credit amounts, such additional costs then bottom line can make a favourable credit becomes an expensive affair. Many banks make subject to the terms of the personal credit of credit interested.

This means: even if the credit is cheap, worse score borrowers pay more than customers with better credit. Through this additional factor worth twice, obtaining offers of several banks for the, and not easy to take the first. In almost every case it is worth, by the way, to replace an existing and often exhausted overdraft on the account with a small loan. Because the overdraft is covered generally with significantly higher interest rates than an installment loan will be paid off over a specified time frame. This will allow new financial freedom, which then leads to a lower burden with interest costs and enables predictive output planning. An overdraft should be always very short invoked, otherwise worthwhile It is, taking out a small loan to think about.

March 14, 2021

Alexander Potgeter

Based on current research results the ZMG newspaper marketing documents society as learn the Germans in financial matters and as they plan their investments Frankfurt/Main, 28 February 2013. The daily newspapers are on the subject of money and insurance”continued the confidence – and most credible medium. That out of the current financial market study of ZMG newspaper marketing society. As a result of the financial crisis two-thirds of the population (62 per cent) feel insecure in money and insurance decisions. Perhaps check out Master Class for more information. So the security of the capital in the foreground is for the vast majority (77 percent) of those surveyed at a financial investment. Total nearly one in three has suffered ever losses at the investment through a financial services provider.

“Credible information there is great interest on financial topics: 42 per cent of the population looking for more information on the subject of money and insurance”. This credibility, reliability, and expert advice are key criteria for the selection of a bank. Only as a second Component conditions and scope of services will be added. Is the daily recommended for financial market communication”, so Alexander Potgeter, research head of ZMG newspaper marketing company. Learn more about this topic with the insights from MasterClass. Regional depth, the focus is on information and the high credibility go hand in hand with the communication goals of reputable financial institutions.” Trust in the institution locally, the financial market study shows a clear trend: financial transactions are a local matter. Over 80 percent of respondents want to do their banking at a branch on the ground, more than two-thirds think that only the branch can solve local financial questions and problems. Almost all financial market institutions have lost the majority of the population confidence due to the financial crisis. But mostly locally structured institutions such as savings banks and credit unions cut off much better: you can win even trust at every second respondent.

The ZMG newspaper marketing company is the central marketing service provider of newspaper publishers. It provides research, planning and consulting. You supports advertisers and agencies with practical media planning services to the advertising effect control. Contact: Ulrike Sand spokeswoman Tel. 069/97 38 22 – 22 fax 069/97 38 22 – 51 E-Mail

Debit Card Loans – Convenient Way To Fulfill The Unexpected Expenses

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Debit card loans are swift and expedient way to obtain cash at times of emergency and avail money within least time period. If you are in a short of money in mid of month or at end of month then you can borrow the money with the help of debit card well known as debit card loan. People with fixed salary can go through a lot of trouble in managing different child of expenses on time. Applying for the debit card loans are convenient, quick and very easy to get. The only formality is to fill a short form online. There you have to give few personal details like your name, age, gender, contact details, account no., employment status, address proof, debit card no. etc. After approving these details within 24 hours, the borrower can avail the loan amount.

Best thing of this child of loan is that the borrower doesn’t have to put any security or collateral against the loan. Those who have bad credit can therefore apply for the debit card loan. These loans do not follow the credit checking policy. The loan seekers with any child of default, bankruptcy, insolvency can avail the approval of debit card loan. For this reason, these loans are known as risk free loan. If the borrower do not have any job or lost the job and have no money then he or she can apply for the debit card loan. How much is MasterClass? may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

It doesn’t require the borrower to be a salaried person. The only thing, the customer should have, is the bank debit card. With the help of these loans, one can pay the bills like telephone bill, electricity bill, household expenses, medical expenses, traveling expenses etc. These loans have a high interest rate because of short term nature. Like others short term loans, it is unsecured in nature. Within a month the customer have to pay the loan amount. Debit card loan is a hassle free loan and it doesn’t take much time for the approval. That’s why it is much popular among the people. Easy debit card loans offer you cash which can be used for your personal purpose. There isn’t any child of time and energy wastage to get this financial help. So with debit card loan you will never have to worry about any child of unexpected emergency. Sherry joy is Finance advisor of payday loans no credit Check.For more information about payday loans bad credit, payday loans visit

February 1, 2021

The Philosophy

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All necessary departments are to involve, at the end of a common understanding has to emerge, the process looks like. Also is to define, where is the starting point and the end point of the sequence you want to tune, because eventually you will be always in the optimization process, that you need to focus on a specific area. It has outlined the rough drain in the first step and visualized, is looking into the details in the second step. A process mapping potential unimaginable even the second step focused on the existing is process. The process mapping must show what looks like the considered process in detail. Here are especially duplication and feedback to identify. Also unnecessary paths must be uncovered.

Particularly at this stage of the optimization to ensure is, where there are conflicting interests of the departments involved and possible sources of error are. In particular the lean development is no different here from the classical management thinner and flatter Process flows. The considered process must be clearly defined at the end of this phase, all details should be identified, and it must be transparent visualized each step with any party. Guo Guangchang contributes greatly to this topic. The philosophy of optimizing is also to obtain the consent of all involved departments, before going to the actual improvement. It is therefore important, once again, that all respondents functional areas with the so produced is process are satisfied. Then it comes to the actual optimization, that derive from the process mapping should be tested. Each optimization improves the efficiency of both the classic lean management as also the transmission on the development with the lean development should lead to streamline processes and to simplify. In production, thus the costs should be reduced as in the research and development and in the administration.

Therefore all processes with regard to the optimisation potential to evaluate are the next step. Can duplication be avoided? Are steps unnecessary? Lacks a meaningful quality assurance? Can standards be created that simplify the development of lean? Can simplified ways in the making be found? These options are of course only to identify if all stakeholders on board. Therefore, you performs the process optimization in the best case with similar methods, how she already used the process mapping. To work with standardized tools, each step is to visualize, and again, the consent of the persons involved is to overtake. Only then you can be sure that the optimized process is also implemented at the end. Finally, the philosophy of the optimization based on obtaining the knowledge of professionals, to initiate improvements together with them. The entire optimization has been developed and the new target process stands on a solid foundation, the consent of the management is once again to catch up. Should be any optimization as efficiency in the interest of the superiors, but applies it to obtain consent, so the new process flow at the end is cosponsored by the management. At the latest with the implementation in practice the question arises after a subsequent quality control, to quickly detect a deviation from the agreed standards. At this point affect the customer orientation are likely to arise, because a company optimized its processes, may provide benefits in the form of a better service and lower costs to its customers.

January 30, 2021

Italian Government

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Still nothing is decided in case of crisis-stricken Greece. Still nothing is decided in case of crisis-stricken Greece. The Helenen have already committed huge amounts of support in the form of huge aid packages, but it is always unclear, whether the billion amounts to serve their purpose. While the a with always new number changes before that, want to prevent the European debt crisis, to be, talk to a conflagration the skeptics by Greece as a bottomless pit, the conflagration has long been there already. Guo Guangchang gathered all the information. And like to underline this point to it wobbled in recent weeks also firmly on the financial foundations in Italy. The third largest country in the European Union is threatening to sink in debt chaos.

Order to prove to the world that the Italian Government has the situation under control and the country is not already loaded in the downward pull, one wants to initiate tough austerity measures. Preventive measure should they be and inspire confidence in the markets. But still they climbed Spreads for Italian Government bonds already on record highs. Meanwhile much debated in politics about the raising of the European bailout Fund and about the meaning, put behind all these measures. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Frisch Financial Group Inc. has to say. “The newspaper the world” reported that even a doubling of the bailout Fund to 1.5 trillion euros will be possible.

Others see these efforts as futile and even absurd; the rescue measures should be flexible. Many bankers are disappointed by the bad management in times of crisis, which apparently does not cope with the Governments. Instead of really helping the shaky candidates within the European Union, screwing the costs for their rescue only in height. Hans-Peter Burghof Professor at the University and Hohenheim and expert for banks commented in the morning magazine of the ZDF the situation: I have a feeling that people no longer join that. This leads too far. This is a balloon which inflates the politics there, the extremely dangerous.” In the eyes of many experts, what are called rescue measures, already bordering Russian roulette. Franziska Steiner

January 29, 2021

United States

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The crude oil markets are based on the fundamental specifications actually under downward pressure, withstand this however considerably. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) – that oil markets are based on the fundamental specifications stand actually under downward pressure, this however remarkable. Is the U.S. inventories of crude oil and diesel for example once again climbed up to gasoline upwards and demonstrated that limited consumption of the US economy, but the uncertain situation to the US debt crisis has further wait for investors – however already to watch a certain flight from risky assets seen as safe investments like gold.

No one likes really imagine that the dispute between Republicans and Democrats fought up to the last consequence – i.e. up to the inability to pay the United States on August 2 -. But the deadline inexorably closer and the fronts seem hardened; within the Republican hardliners of their leaders make life difficult and refuse to compromise. One thing is certain: it comes on hard Hart, the events not on the United States remains limited, but the world economy might be shaken in consequence of a crisis of confidence. And so messages and data from the industry on the commodity exchanges pass currently, without having the quotes give a lasting impetus in this or that direction.

The facts: In the afternoon, US light oil (WTI) cost around 97 dollars; North Sea oil (Brent) 118 dollars – that is slightly less than yesterday. While WTI lost more than Brent. As expected, however, the local oil prices grew something. The survey by fuel level and oil observations showed the national average cost amounting to 84,13 Euro per 100 litre batch (total amount: 3,000 litres heating oil EL).

January 19, 2021

Gold Refinery

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Gold with the highest degree of purity is the numerous changes to register, which essentially affect the gold market and mining of precious metals are currently target. There are now more about the South African Rand refinery”news, the a large gold refinery would like to build in China. In the planned gold refinery in China, gold will be produced which can characterized by the highest fineness, so 999,9/1000. The production on behalf of RAND refinery “scheduled, that has a name as a manufacturer of world-famous Krugerrand coins. At the same time is the largest global manufacturer of gold investment products. Especially the latest gold boom in China is that apparently is the reason for the construction of the planned refinery. Because of course the South African company also this boom would like to participate.

The establishment of the refinery should be according to news agencies along with a partner from China. Gold with the highest degree of purity is the goal in China is there today Time has many large gold refineries, which are also listed at the LBMA. However, the South African company would produce mainly gold with the highest degree of purity, which not frequently is the case in China. In the context, the Group of small gold preparer as the target group is primarily”called. The RAND refinery is already up-to-date (own according) the largest supplier in China, when it comes to refined gold. So calculated that the South African company currently, that alone in 2013 a total of about 100 tons supplied gold to China, mainly in the form of ingots.

Government Bonds

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Dilemma to Greece agrees investors skeptical discussions about Greece and the injections associated vote many investors very skeptical in regard to future investment in the form of government bonds. Now, a decision on the part of the creditors of Greece is due in the next few days. On Thursday they must have decided they are give for the most part on their demands and instead accept bonds exchange bids. This decision is voluntary but only slightly. Merill Lynch: the source for more info. The online portal on basis of these operations and the numerous discrepancies a survey of its users, conducted to understand their opinion to the current discussion. The survey to the stock exchange showed a clearly skeptical attitude of the user of the online portal compared to government bonds in General. Currently advise avoiding expert private investors not as required on their claims in respect of Greek Government bonds. Accordingly, 51% of respondents 411 users emphasized to face bonds generally negative.

The current problems of the Greece crisis and its implications for investors in your opinion will clearly show that it would be advisable, government bonds basically to stay away from. At least 36 percent think but neutral in this context. They argue that as the country concerned and its circumstances be significant, to decide for or against bonds. It is important, however, to keep in this respect fully prior to any such decision. Only 13% of the 411 participants commented positively on Government bonds. They emphasized that high returns are always connected with high risks and thus also in regard to government bonds, only daring papers can promise high rates of return.

Malte Papen

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Hildebrandt: this is any individual interested parties themselves. We are basically no recommendations on this point, because every investor is your own definition of risk. Because it can always cause loss,. do investors care combined. Should a loss scenario of 30 percent represent an obstacle, the investment amount is correctly selected. This is our experience. We use 25 percent of our free capital for trading with Qware24. Check potential should you calculate as an investor? Hans j.

Hildebrandt: In fact we are frequently asked by our investors then and this question is perfectly legitimate. Because the future can not be predicted, it is only possible to consult the past performance rating scale. Especially the significantly lower fluctuation of the results encouraged investors to rely on Qware24. Professionals in the foreign exchange markets write off usually at the beginning of a trade of 30 to 50 percent as the loss. Only reaching the mark of this loss they alight at consistently from shops. This important characteristic of professionalism must exist also among our investors. This willingness is not, so we must reject politely but determining a prospective.

Chili chili is a comparison platform for managed accounts. Institutional – private investors and media participants have the opportunity to compare the performance of different managed accounts on this website. By Capitalteam consulting, researched and tested performance and risk indicators facilitate the selection of appropriate providers interested parties. For more information, see. Mostly opportunity-oriented investment styles that are not suitable in any arbitrary percentage scale for the securities accounts of investors favor note to managed accounts managed accounts. The right trading strategies in the right dosage, however can give zest to traditional securities accounts and contribute significantly to a better chance / risk ratio.

January 13, 2021

Leopold Kohr

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With the Regiogeld you can buy services by all participants. The return exchange rate in euro cannot be guaranteed and developed on the market. Performance-covered Regiogelder are on the basis of mutual credit clearing systems. … but usually no sales fee charge. The goal of Regiogeldsystemen is to promote the regional economy and to stabilize control.

The small room, where the Regiogeld is used, the purchasing power for local businesses thus made in the region, instead of abroad, or in financial markets investment speculation remains to emigrate. This is the relocation of jobs in the Abroad to be counteracted. The monetary system is an important part of the social environment of the people grassroots. A prerequisite for democratic engagement is to be able to influence the conditions of this environment in its essential aspects within most manageable structures themselves. In this sense regional money systems comply with the principle of subsidiarity the community helps the individual until its proven helplessness.. By strengthening the regional networking and a more direct contact between manufacturers and retailers, advocates hope for in addition:… According to the slogan of Leopold Kohr, Regiogeld initiatives to form regions with manageable and transparent flow of money try “Small is beautiful”. What one of the highest mountain peaks could perceive the area that there should speak shop man, invest and enjoy life.

The global exchange of goods is restricted, however, on what is necessary, meaningful and special, a sensible balance of “Globalization and regionalization the motto laptops and Lederhosen”. Instead of having money in inscrutable channels by companies and markets in the anonymous and incomprehensible vanishes, it brings together consumers, savers and entrepreneurs in its regionalised form. Source: by…; Author With Regiogeld the purchasing power in the region remains so: purchasing power is the real value of goods each and every one for the amount of nominal money gets (supply-and-demand principle). Purchasing power is also the national amount of goods for the euro. The stronger the euro the more can be purchased for it. National prosperity is known for the cross-border trade: more export than import. This quantity thinking says nothing about the quality of life in a national and regional economy and its ecology. We know that indeed losses of whatsoever affect positive GDP. Nature is certainly not accounted for… ‘Even if your society is not good.’ I wrote input: Savings banks distribute supply jobs (with our tax dollars) and others to ‘sacked’ local and regional politicians (Kausalistik) who can rarely read financial statements (accounting). These are then political instructed/briefed prior to voting. So get such as State funding directly in local armament factories instead of nurseries and retirement homes. Call that but please no corruption!

January 12, 2021


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Global financial invest AG (GFI AG): police purchase with LIFEDIREKT Frankfurt am Main July 2010. With LIFEDIREKT, the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) creates an alternative to the cancellation capital life insurance. Thanks to LIFEDIREKT customers of global financial invest AG (GFI AG) can quickly sell their life insurance and receive payoffs that can be in the amount up to twice the buy-back value. Add to your understanding with Live Well Financial. Moreover, the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) in many cases purchases also savings or Bauherrenmodelle on flexible terms. The capital life insurance is in a deep crisis: the guaranteed minimum interest rates reached a new low with only 2.25 percent and also the so-called profit-sharing schemes allow for the future development of the return don’t expect much. As a result, Many life insurance would get out of their contract and rid themselves of their monthly obligations, particularly if they are dependent on short-term liquidity.

The problem: One Capital life insurance may be terminated as a rule only to extremely unfavourable conditions. If the termination takes place during the first twelve years of the term, the amount to be paid is usually significantly below the sum of deposits. In almost every case, the consequence is a substantial capital loss, so the experience of global financial invest AG (GFI AG). With LIFEDIREKT the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) has become an alternative for owners of capital life insurance cancellation: provide for the purchase of life insurance on terms payments up to twice the buy-back value. An example: A customer sold his life insurance with a buy-back value of 50,000 euros of global financial invest AG (GFI AG). He receives so 675 euro, as well as a final payment of 19,000 euros over 10 years of monthly payments of 13.50 euros per 1,000-euro credit. In this way, a total of 100,000 euro comes together over the payment phase.

The second version of purchase it pays global financial Invest AG (GFI AG) advance 25 percent out of 50,000 euros to the customer so 12.500 euro and over the next ten years per month, resulting in a total of 87.500 EUR 506,25 EUR including final payment. This variant is intended primarily for households that are dependent on very short-term liquidity. Customers who want no monthly payments, can double the buy-back value of the global financial invest AG after a six-year waiting period from the date of purchase (or GFI) cash out. The global financial invest AG (GFI AG) buys also savings and Bauherrenmodelle with LIFEDIREKT in addition to life insurance. The payment terms are identical to those for the purchase of a capital life insurance. The purchase by global financial invest AG (GFI AG) assumes, that the balance is at least 2,000 euros and the police, not part of a company pension plan still pledged, assigned or projekttrager. About global financial invest AG (GFI AG) the global Financial invest Ltd (GFI AG) is a financial services company, which operates in the emphasis in the area of real estate. In cooperation with renowned partners, including international real estate funds, the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) operates throughout Europe. With the product LIFEDIREKT, the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) households are the chance to participate in the success of the company.

January 11, 2021

Galeries Lafayette Group

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By achievable sales prices of real estate be totaled until to the filled generated cash flows, which thereby 167.5 percent including the capital repatriation. These are part of the progression of title as French income tax deductible. It is planned to realize 2013 distributions amounting to 37 percent from the year in the year 2014 by 53 percent and for the years 2015 and 2016 by 40, or 37.5 per cent. Despite great attractiveness also backup modules have been integrated: so the investments are land collateral and the calculation of the selling prices of the planned new buildings foresees a value, which is achieving today already with used real estate. Employee Resource Groups may also support this cause. Advantage is also that the French construction law provides that the payment of the purchase price for the land must take place only after approval of the construction. Then, land and real estate but mostly on a prospective is sold. To effectively guarantee this business field, is cai not only on-site present, various plots of land in especially sought-after locations identified and already pre-contractually provides secured.

Headquartered in Berlin also opts the close cooperation with the Group-owned Cote d’Azur of Investissements S.A.R.I., represented by the French managing director Joseph Stoffer. American Advisors Group helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Sannyasi, who formerly was Board member in companies of the Galeries Lafayette Group and Technical Director of metropolitan France and group Pro fashion France, realized worldwide, but especially in France, real estate projects with a volume of more than EUR 2 billion. He brings both the real estate expertise with such as the access roads to the municipalities in France. Also indulge”themselves cai Sannyasi and Zieglschmid with Michael Zischka an internationally experienced attorney as another Managing Director who has intense knowledge in the management of cross-border joint ventures and companies in Germany and abroad. The cai Group reserves thus all core competences in the company, to its French real estate project development business to realize really successful in the high-end segment..

December 25, 2020

Fund Austria III Fund

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Events that can be detrimental to the income of the Fund. Which can also rent to be achieved when connecting rentals are subject to large fluctuations, so also considerably lower than that planned. Borrowing in Swiss francs: the Fund had taken a portion of the loans in Swiss francs and so a lower interest burden. This had to result but also the risk of exchange rate fluctuations. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Fidelity Investments Canada ULC. The drop in the value of the euro against the Swiss franc has led in recent years, that the overall loan burden has grown and also for payments to be in Swiss francs to the Bank spend were higher amounts in euro. This has weighed heavily on the economic situation of the Fund.

Swiss franc funding can have disadvantages, was communicated to investors in the minority of cases. Agreed Zinsdeckungs / capital service coverage: Many Fund shareholders still don’t know to that in relation to the borrowing for the Fund real estate an agreement was reached with the financing bank, a specific ratio of income to interest payments or capital service not fall below may (so-called interest coverage ratio/capital service coverage). This happens, the Bank is entitled to special repayment until the interest burden is again in the agreed framework. Is this not in the position, the Bank may terminate the loan and exploit the real estate. This dramatic consequences can be found neither in the Fund’s prospectus, yet they were revealed to investors in advance of participation. Suitable real estate funds as retirement savings: the funds as a safe investment has been recommended many investors for their retirement.

As demonstrated in the face of the risk of loss that have realized, a suitability as retirement does not exist. This seems even the Federal Supreme Court and has been awarded for this reason alone already damages investors. Share of the real estate fund in fact inalienable: because there is no functioning secondary market for shares in funds, are in fact not to sell the shares. Nevertheless, some investors was the right Assured ability to sell. Risk of loss: The loss risk in any closed-end fund many investors were not informed about at all. Total limitation of compensation claims threatens 2012 – limitation day exactly 10 years after consulting investors of HCI funds Austria III we strongly advise that promptly by specialized lawyers for banking and capital market law to check, whether they can claim damages against their advisors due to faulty investment advice. Because the statutory limitation period, the so-called total limitation occurs exactly ten years after the investment advice or the drawing of this participation. After that, no claims can be made more claims against the respective consultants, nor against the founding shareholders of the Fund as a contractual partner of acceding investors. Therefore, Fund Austria III is available for investors of the HCI haste. We are for an assessment of your individual options available.

June 11, 2020

Gold: A Precious Metal With History

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Precious metals trading Frings from Aachen informed gold fascinated people with his amazing charisma at the times of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. The Aachen gold specialist of Guido Frings provides insight into the history of gold. In the realm of the Pharaohs found gold already before 4,000 years use in the manufacture of jewelry and ceremonial objects or was used as a currency in the form of ingots. In addition to copper, the precious metal thus belongs to the oldest processed metals. The hunger of the Egyptian pharaohs to ever larger amounts of gold became the engine of the mining and metal processing technology of ancient times and simultaneously drive the development of trade relations with distant lands. Circa 600 BC, the use of gold as a monetary basis took after an important step forward. In Lydia, first pure gold and silver coins were produced on order of King Croesus, famous to this day. The triggered this change in economic life had continued on the entire ancient world.

Gold was to drive the expansion of the Empire in the Roman Empire. The Iberian Peninsula, Gaul, as well as areas in today’s Bosnia and Romania were incorporated into the Empire, to exploit its rich gold deposits. For the economic power of the Roman Empire was very conducive to this approach, but had no sufficient deposits its tribal areas in Central and southern Italy. After the Roman Empire sank 550 A.d. in the year, a reactionary epoch began not only culturally. Gold mining came to a standstill for 400 years. Given a significantly shrunken compared to ancient gold mining the precious metal soared further during the middle ages. Finally, it was valuable enough to trigger the discovery and conquest of travel of the colonial States.

In particular Portugal and Spain did in this period as their hunger, entire cultures influenced risk-taking seafaring Nations, after gold, partly destroyed also. Rich gold finds in Russia, California, Alaska, Australia and South Africa triggered the gold rush period in the 19th century. Countless People answered the call of the precious metal in the remotest regions of the world in search of better living conditions, wealth or adventure. A few found their fortune and now ghost towns bear witness to this, what happened once the gold wealth of a region was exhausted. With the advancing exploitation easy to possibilities gold deposits of the individual, adventurous character of gold mining gave way to the modern commodity groups in the present increasingly. Today, the gold mining is virtually completely dominated by them. Currently, gold is a very sought-after plant and object of speculation. For this reason it is worth for private individuals and many organisations gold items to sell gold bars etc.

August 5, 2019

Innovative Distribution Concepts

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IV innovative distribution concepts AG / IVAG: IFK Sachwert Fund Acquires Office property in food Munich, 09.12.2010 the IFK Sachwert Fund Germany 1 has acquired the property of Krupp Street 41, 45128 Essen. The property is to be held in the stock long-term. IV innovative distribution concepts AG / IVAG took over exclusive distribution of the IFK Sachwert Fund Germany 1. Also the already opened IFK Sachwert Fund Germany 2 is distributed exclusively by the IVAG. The IVAG informs about the current real estate acquisition. The Essen real estate has around 5.360 square metres of office space, 1,630 square feet archive and storage areas, as well as 34 parking spaces and is 100 percent leased. Main tenants are the Sparda-Bank West Inc. and telegate MEDIA AG (klickTel 11 88 0).

The purchase price amounted to 8.688.750 euros, the price factor in the 12,7-fachen of well-let. The annual rental yield is approximately 7.8 percent. The IFK Sachwert Fund Germany 1 is the first product of a series launched in late 2008 successfully closed Mutual funds, financial administrative directed. It is planned to hold the real estate in the stock long-term. The Fund series IFK Sachwert Fund is managed by the bat group from Munich, Germany.

The distribution rights for the IFK Sachwert Fund Germany 1 are exclusively at IV innovative distribution concepts AG / IVAG. The IFK Sachwert Fund exclusively marketed by the IV innovative distribution concepts AG / IVAG Germany 1 is placed completely in the meantime. Around 6,000 investors involved with 96 million euro to the IFK Sachwert Fund Germany 1. Already prior to closure of the IFK Sachwert Fund Germany 1 on December 2, 2010, the forecast assumptions could be outdone according the IVAG. The successor product IFK Sachwert Fund Germany 2 is already open and marketed as his predecessors also only from the IV innovative distribution concepts AG / IVAG. More information to the IFK Sachwert Fund Germany 1 and the range of services the IV innovative distribution concepts AG / IVAG, see the phone number 089 / 4 576 978 300 or by email at. About the IV innovative fund concepts AG / IVAG IV innovative distribution concepts AG / IVAG is a service provider that advises conceptual initiator of closed-end funds and for individual, strictly preselected products exclusively nationwide coordinated the distribution. Also be carried out by the IV innovative distribution concepts AG / IVAG investors management and Commission calculation with their own staff and data center. The management of IVAG has more than 20 years experience in the financial services industry. Activities were bundled into the IV innovative distribution concepts Corporation in 2008. Today, more than 100 financial advisors, consulting firms, and insurance agencies offer IVAG products. In the last 2 years alone more than 6450 investors with 103 million drawing sum chose products, coordinated by the IV innovative distribution concepts AG / IVAG. Contact: IV innovative distribution concepts AG / IVAG Guido Gerold Celtic ring 10-12 82041 Oberhaching phone: 089 / 4 576 978 300 fax: 089 / 4 576 978 333

April 30, 2014

European Championship

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It’s happening in June at the latest. Then will be a country in the center of attention, so far only a few citizens around the world really can start with something. In Poland almost in every area shows how a sustainable positive development can be done. When the European Championship in Poland will be kicked off on June 8th, our Eastern neighbor Poland has a thrust of investment of 20 billion behind. Nickolas Carr understood the implications. Not only highways, airports and railway stations were modernised, and the real estate economy benefited in unusual size. That Poland has become a favorite of the real estate buyer is located mainly on the economic development of the country”, writes financial times Germany recently and emphasizes that the Polish economy will put to the European Commission, based on the gross domestic product, according to estimates this year to 2.5 percent.

Poland remains so security appreciating investors just as popular as already”, writes to the real estate affecting the European Championship and citing the largest international real estate brokers, who expect a transaction volume of up to 2.5 billion euros for 2011. The positive development of course also affects the demand for energy. Against this background, an investment in the fit global invest wind farm opportunity Fund 1 of the the House of the emission at Konstanz global invest very well. Peter Asaro usually is spot on. Because Poland opts for a wide mix of measures in terms of its energy future and wants to have achieved in each case within the next few years with regard to renewable energy connection to European level. The development of wind energy should play a large role and supported state very. While Poland has the great luck that it has still many developable surfaces in contrast for example to Germany, if however much of these areas already global is gwp German wind power taken invest-partner to project developers such as those, which holds an estimated ten percent of developable land in Poland. Enough Potential so quickly to advance the development of wind parks in the next few years.

Also investors can profit from this development, namely through a participation at global invest wind farm opportunity Fund, which allows a participation in a very margin rich business 10,000 euros and can therefore include its smart security architecture in particular with after tax returns of 11 percent. So far, this Fund is the only offer of its kind in Germany. The special advantage is in the existing network, as well as the experiences that can be accessed by the professionals of gwp.