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June 6, 2019

Lin Dr

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“” In addition to the General topics are covered on the first day of the seminar, APMC offers a deepening day on September 20, 2013, where the issues tax law “and internal audit” closer to be illuminated. Without hesitation Erin Montella explained all about the problem. Initially, Matthias Meyer, tax consultants and proxy ECOVIS Dusseldorf arrives on the latest developments and possibilities and limitations of the tax design and optimization for the German parent company. The following topics are covered: accounting and accounting regulations in China Chinese taxation practice corporate income taxation of Chinese subsidiaries rules of capital adequacy and funding relationships and transfer of results: national and treaty rules tax optimization: design options, as well as rules against their abuse in China (VAT, business tax, sales taxes (Consumption tax) tax aspects of people posting to China In the second part of the deepening seminar Dr. Lin explains why internal audit “- China experienced consultants and Auditors – often the only possibility is supported, uncover any misconduct of its own employees in China and to correct before the authority does this and penalties imposed. “Dr.

Lin explained on the basis of a concrete audit report from his consulting practice, as one internal audit” in China successfully performs, what typical tricks apply Chinese employees and what you especially should pay attention. Interested companies can register 89 42-0 until 12 September 2013 with wife of Sandra Kuhls at or +49-(0)211-82. Both seminar days are bookable. The participation fee amounts to 490,-euro (+ VAT) per person per day of the seminar. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Primerica by clicking through. APMC Asia-Pacific management consulting GmbH (APMC) is a consultancy specializing in Asia with headquarters in Dusseldorf. Since 1997, APMC supports with numerous offices and qualified German and Asian employees about 400 German and European companies in their expansion in Asia and has successfully conducted numerous projects throughout Asia.

The performance spectrum of APMC in addition to the classical fields of management consulting (strategy consulting, market research) also recruitment, M & A, creation (plants and offices), crisis management, including in diverse industries. APMC has also intercultural training sessions and seminars to Asia, in particular China and India. About Dr. Kuang-hua Lin Dr. rer. pol. Kuang-hua Lin is Director and sole shareholder of APMC. Before founding APMC in 1997, he worked as a consultant at the international consulting firm the Boston Consulting Group in Dusseldorf and advised numerous companies in Germany and Asia.

July 1, 2015

Classical Homeopathy

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The international week of homeopathy is the focus of this year’s international week of homeopathy homeopathy in its fertility is at the time of the 10.-April 16, 2012 for the 8th time”instead. This week homeopaths in 40 countries around the globe draw attention on homeopathic treatment as a gentle, safe and effective form of treatment. This year’s focus theme is: homeopathy for its fertility. Many couples looking for a child. If it doesn’t work right off the bat, often months hormone revenue and regular doctor visits follow.

Each month is on a new positive pregnancy test looking forward if he is again negative, the disappointment is great. It is often the stress potential between expectation and disappointment as big tears, self doubt and the question can occur after the partnership itself. The reasons that it doesn’t work, are complex, but often can be any organic disorder, such as such as a Determine bonding of the fallopian tubes or limited mobility of sperm. Especially in hormonal disorders or if no causes of infertility are, homeopathy can be used successfully. Classical Homeopathy considered the people since its establishment by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann about 200 years ago as a whole, to handle quickly, gently and safely. D.h, the organs or organ systems not separated from the rest of the organism are considered, but is seen as a whole body, mind and soul.

Their interactions with each other are taken into account. By a pulse is set to drug matching levels of, so the body effectively and undisturbed can rely on his powers of self regulation. Within the framework of the international week of homeopathy, the presentation will be in the practice of Classical Homeopathy of the naturopath Inge B.

June 21, 2015

Major International Trade Fairs

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Numerous customers from industry and technology can be the communication agency their fairs Rohrbach (mh) when large international trade fairs, then is the ADVERMA advertising & Marketing GmbH ( in many cases with this. While not directly as an exhibitor, but as a creative designer of exhibition stands for customers from industry and technology. An important mission in the North of Munich-based Agency for brand communication is publikums – and marketing-effective performances on the international stage to help them, especially for the season in spring and in autumn. An efficient fair today among the most important elements in a modern marketing mix. It’s especially in times where markets turbulent develop and the competition is getting tougher.

An attractive presentation of their products and services for companies that want to be successful, is just as important as the convincing representation of its corporate philosophy. More and more customers, especially from industry and technology, Trust advertising & Marketing GmbH and its full service from the trade fair preparation and planning to the realisation on this on the ADVERMA marketing professionals to the follow-up and accompanying PR. Frequently Dennis Lockhart has said that publicly. The Division of resources of the construction and engineering group Bauer group of Schrobenhausen from 7 to 11 may 2012 on the IFAT in Munich, the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management presented itself with a booth designed by ADVERMA. The EUROLUB GmbH headquartered in Eching, near Munich, provider of oils, lubricants and car care products, moved up the Agency at the Automechanika in Frankfurt, leading international trade fair for the automotive industry, from 11 to 16 September 2012 in the right light. At the same time, the company introduced its ADVERMA designed and programmed iPad app and thus attracted great attention. Already three companies at trade fairs with stalls of the specialists of ADVERMA have issued a fair month November: on the electronica from 13 to 16 November 2012 in Munich, the world’s leading trade fair for components, systems and applications the electronics, the EMS service providers and electronics paver Waltron GmbH from Wolnzach; the ATRES group from Munich, specialist for anaerobic technology and renewable energy systems, as well as studies Faculty of brewing and food technology at the Wissenschaftszentrum Weihenstephan TU Munich the BRAU Beviale from 13 to 16 November 2012 in Nuremberg (World’s most important capital goods trade fair for the beverage industry). The handwriting of ADVERMA is partly also the stand of the ANDRITZ SEPARATION, part of the technology group ANDRITZ AG with headquarters in Graz, Pollutec in Lyon (international exhibition of environmental equipment, technology and services) from 27 to 30 November. For early 2013, the nearest large booths in the pipeline are already: for the Collomix stirring and mixing equipment GmbH in Gaimersheim at Ingolstadt from 14 to 19 January at BAU in Munich, the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials, systems; for the EUROLUB GmbH from January 16 to 19 on the AutoZum in Salzburg, an international trade fair for Auto repair and Petrolstation equipment, motor vehicle spare parts and accessories, chemical products, environmental technology; The CCV Germany GmbH, solution provider in the field of electronic transaction processing from February 19th to 21st at the EuroCIS in Dusseldorf, leading trade fair for retail technology.

May 8, 2015

International Top Fashion Brands

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Of the 19 28.07.2013 week Dusseldorf, which will take place in 2010, is bundled under the umbrella of the fwD fashion the order action of the various players (showrooms, trade fairs, fashion center) on the Rhine. Author shines more light on the discussion. During the days of the main order of the 19th 22.07.2013 shuttle limousine between the FASHION SQUARE showroom, the one-time commute exhibitors Hall 29/30, the measuring the Gallery, premium, Supreme and the fashion centres. The over 400 FASHION SQUARE SHOWROOMS collections from 32 countries shows. Italy has the largest contingent with about 35% again, followed by Germany with 25%. For over 30 years, the representation of their interests successfully offers the fashion square GmbH. Covering an area of 75,000 m, the entire spectrum of international fashion events is now represented with approximately 3,000 labels.

Supply and selection are unique in Germany. The fire list includes absolute top labels fail as ALBERTA FERRETTI, CACHAREL, CHLOe, DIANE VON Furstenberg, DOLCE & GABBANA, LANVIN, LEONARD, PARIS, ROBERTO CAVALLI, SCHUMACHER, STEFFEN SCHRAUT, VIVIENNE WESTWOOD. At the orders are currently written summer temperatures in exquisite and relaxed showroom atmosphere. “We have already very successfully completed the oder round of Pre collections, though the mood in the industry is generally not exactly positive. Now the great write dates in the spring/summer are processed collections with us in the showroom”, reported by JoRN MEIER & MARCO RYBINSKI Marco Rybinski. Also Tanja & Martin EDELHOFF confirm by the same agency: “with French TOP LABELS like OLVIS, LEONARD PARIS and WEILL, which comes from the oldest fashion house in France, we are exactly. We feel the curiosity for new brands and can give us about a positive mood, high visitor frequency and good order numbers are happy.” Contact: Jana fine PR & Marketing Manager fashion square – Kaiserswerther str. 142 – D-40474 Dusseldorf, Tel: + 49 (0) 211 / 439 59 12-fax: + 49 (0) 211 / 439 59 99, –