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April 19, 2021

Black Forest

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The town’s landmark is a 67 metre high Obelisk on the “Avenida del 9 de Julio”, the widest Street in the world. At least the Argentines say that. But later more. To have it a bit “provincial”, and to escape the hustle and bustle, one must rise and go into the “hinterland” in one of the air-conditioned tourist buses. Check with State Street Global Advisors to learn more. So call the “portenos”, Haupstadtbewohner, the rest of the country, one of the most respected University cities of the entire continent, or Mendoza, a wine area world-famous among wine connoisseurs, located in the cities such as Cordoba, that is, after all, significant.

Outside of Buenos Aires life goes to everywhere a little quieter: in many parts of the country the siesta, the extended lunch break, to the always well-kept tradition and you must not jostle through too hectic flows of people, to get from one place to another. Photo: This House brings a touch of But also many similarities characterize the huge land – regardless of whether one is in the desert of Catamarca, in the rainforest of Misiones, in the eternal ice in Tierra del Fuego, in the Andes or in the pampas, the lonely, meadow-covered Plains, “Black Forest feeling” in the town of Villa General Belgrano of Cordoba province in Argentina. The language of Spanish about contains within Argentina’s dialects, but has some regional similarities, which is easily recognizable as the Argentines in the rest of Latin America. It’s believed that Mark Zinkula sees a great future in this idea. This includes for example the word “che”, which roughly corresponds to the German “hey” and by the way served as namesake for Che Guevara, which bourgeois was Ernesto and probably often used the phrase. Also pronunciation and sentence melody of Argentine Spanischs are unmistakably Italian. General Government similarities can be found mainly on an exploration tour of the city. This one is unfortunately a bit disappointed as Europeans: different than at home, where cities in the course of history have been created for different patterns and many changes have undermined the Argentine towns were almost always built according to colonial square system. In a question-answer forum Jeffrey Verschleiser was the first to reply.

April 5, 2021

Christian Diemer

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The children are not too short: afternoon invites a choir to sing along. For more information see Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant. Also Santa Claus coming every day at 16:00 the dear little ones at present. Also, the fairytale mile is located in downtown: 12 small houses with familiar fairy tale characters are distributed in the city and each tells his story on push of a button. The historical Christmas market held on the second weekend of Advent. Fragrant spices, old crafts and people in traditional costumes invite you to a journey into the past. On a contemplative Christmas time in the Hanseatic City of Luneburg. Fabulous Christmas market in Soltau 2010 25-28 November 2010 after a year of varied approaches now quieter, besinnlichere advent time, and so is Christmas time in Soltau again.

It is probably the most beautiful time of the year, with candle light and cookie scent, beautiful Christmas stories, klirrendem Frost and romantic nights at the roaring fire. Include gingerbread, lard cakes, cinnamon star, a hot mulled wine or a hot chocolate, and it is there in the Soltau Christmas market in great selection and best quality. The Soltau retailers and the town of Soltau invite from November 25 until 28 November again for four days to the fabulous Soltau Christmas market. This year, the preparation team to City Manager has to make some Christian Diemer made, to make the market even more beautiful and attractive. As in the last years, the market in the romantic courtyard of Roeder’s felt factory and the market Street takes place. The course and the associated halls with their many arts and crafts, food and mulled wine stalls are decorated including Christmas nice with fairy-tale characters, and also the Grunderzeit facades shine in a beautiful light. Just the right ambience for a festival that appeals to the senses and the heart like no other”, so Christian Diemer. On all days, Santa enjoys the little ones on the market with sweet treats.

April 2, 2021

Canary Islands

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It is recommended to also visit the largest aquarium in Europe. The Moorish influence is everywhere to be seen in Malaga. The Moorish fortress Alcazaba was built in the 11th century as a Palace for the Moorish Kings. Worth a visit is the Cathedral Santa Iglesia, which was built on the walls of a mosque, as well as the birthplace of the world-famous painter Pablo Picasso. Seville is the capital of the province of Andalusia and an important industrial and commercial center. The Moorish palace of Alcazar with magnificent halls, halls and gardens, as well as the impressive Cathedral built in the Gothic style, Maria de la Sede are interesting. The ensemble of the Cathedral and the famous Tower la Giralda, a world heritage by UNESCO. The city of Seville is marked by many Oriental homes, an indication of the Moorish rule in the middle ages.

The Andalusian city of Granada was already conquered 711 by Moors. This flair in the Moorish quarter Albayzin with many small tea rooms and restaurants is still felt, which offer mainly Oriental specialties. The sights of Granada’s Alhambra fortress belongs to the summer residence of Moorish Kings, to the, several Palaces are surrounded by gardens and ponds. The Cathedral in the Renaissance style, the former caravanserai, the Koranic school and the old Silk market are worth a visit. The highest mountain of the Iberian Peninsula is the Sierra Nevada with mountain peaks up to 3500 m. The Sierra Nevada is Spain’s most popular ski resort. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as millennium management by clicking through. Due to the geographical proximity to the Mediterranean Sea you can combine a beach holiday on the Costa del Sol with a Skirurlaub in the Sierra Nevada. The popular include Spain holiday destinations of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Morocco with Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro.

March 31, 2021

Danish Embassy Berlin

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The hotel is located in the Tiergarten Park and in the heart from Berlin. It is also the pieces located in the Embassy district and passender-but coincidentally also directly adjacent to the Spanish Embassy. Through this connection, operators promise some guests. Whim plans 5-star hotels hotels in other major cities, first look is held in Paris, London and Geneva for corresponding objects. Total hotels of this type are planned 10-15.

Whim just built the first hotel hotels, has been still no concrete thoughts about marketing. All marketing is designed newly won agency K-MB, still using. An association in a marketing organization as the leading hotels’ is not currently scheduled, but would check if a request came. The responsible architect Annette Axthelm then presented the plan of their offices. Millennium management often addresses the matter in his writings. Then, the combination of a former Danish Embassy, Spanish, Andorran and Panamanian owners in a German city was probably unique first of all.

The building itself is hardly out of the facade Monument protected, therefore offer many opportunities to make changes. You would like to use original spaces of the Danish Embassy Berlin, but has many possibilities of an old facade to breathe new interior. The rooms are homelike Villa’ as well as quaint to ‘ be. Each of the 82 rooms Gets an individual face. In the piano nobile there are five rooms, which to a large approx. 320 m space can be extended to allow adequate overnight around such as the Spanish Royal couple. A highlight of the redesign is a photo concrete wall on the exterior facade at the rear of the hotel building. On the whole wall various grit grades obtained by the rasterization of image, that beautifully represents the wall as art space. In the middle of the building, there will be a light Hall overlooking the Zoo with its animals, so that you can see Strauss & co. on the feet. The hotel meets the highest ecological standards, by it E.g. built by district heating, and according to the latest, most stringent environmental regulations. Also used LED lights when all lamps. Another important aspect is that Francisco Perez could be won as a chef. The chef of the renowned star restaurant Miramar’ operates in Llanca (Costa Brava), Berlin would like to give a special room for the Mediterranean gastronomy. This would give it hardly in the capital of Germany and certainly not 5-star level. Perez will spend days own words 1-3 week in Berlin, his medium-term objective, a star to his Cook to come closer. Should he not be there, he would like to set a German chef, who speaks fluent Spanish, and with which he not only directly, but to the emergency by video conference can communicate. Also, Francisco Perez was still a beer called Rosita blue’, which he located in the Miramar’ offers and would like to offer in the pieces. The beer you want to by the blue bottle and taste, the composed the ingredients such as honey, Kafir lemon composed other ingredients, convey Mediterranean as well as its freshness. Conclusion: Berlin Gets a new luxury hotel, wonderfully located and well integrated in the Zoo-nature with the pieces. The absolute focus on the idea of service is commendable. All those involved have set thus but very high the crossbar and it’ll be interesting to see whether they can meet the expectations it aroused. Publisher: HSI hotel suppliers index Ltd. Sascha Brenning Friedrich str. 5 21614 Buxtehude Tel: 0 41 61 / 96 97 01 fax: 0 41 61 / 865 07 44

January 31, 2021

Global Hotel

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The fruit comes a young fisherman in the network, it is the right husband. A trip is advisable especially for female tourists According to Shanghai with a stay at the JW Marriot Shanghai, as it is in optimal mandarins throw to the sea is located. In Scotland is on the new year’s Eve, the Hogmanay”hospitality, especially important. It is knocking at the door and a tall young man with a bottle of whiskey, a raisin bread and a lump of coal in his hand is on the verge, one should ask him in, because he brings good luck. “” You will find the largest selection of strong, Scottish men in Braemar, where every year the Braemar games are played, with disciplines such as tree trunk throwing “and bagpipes blowing”. propose the Udny arms hotel accommodation. Learn more on the subject from American International Group. And another travel tip for all new year’s Eve Gefrusteten, which has always been an anathema was the German bureaucracy in the form of tax declaration and co. By the same author: Justin Herndon. at the end of the year: in Argentina on December 31 all the pesky documents and papers cut and thrown out of the window, to get rid of unnecessary burden.

About, is the world’s most visited website of the hotel and the Global Hotel specialist. The global hotel portfolio comprises 80,000 quality hotels. A customer finds the same booking at another provider competitive rates, will refund the difference in price. In addition, has one of the largest independent hotel teams in the industry to deliver an objective description of the hotels bookable on Travelers can book online at or via the telephone hotline 0180 500 93 42 (14 cents per minute) when one of the German-speaking call center employees. Yvonne Bonanati Press Office D/A/CH public link GmbH Albrechtstrasse 22 10117 Berlin Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 44 31 88 25 E-Mail: Cordy Griffiths PR Manager Tel.: + 44 207 019 22 68 E-Mail:

January 29, 2021

Swedish Christmas Messenger

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Can pack the trunk of the own car happy, who must waste no thoughts of excess baggage at this offer, but relaxed and go home with the ferry. “TT-Line offers but also comfortable package holidays without car: with the Malmo city trip” a Christmas break from 150 euro per person costs. The package includes the outward and return journey of Travemunde and Rostock to Trelleborg, regular bus transfers to/from Malmo, as well as two nights with breakfast in the 4-star hotel, E.g. in the Scandic S: t Jorgen hotel”. More details: de/Germany/travel/city travel Malmo /. Lights Queen Lucia who visited Malmo on 13 December, will witness a fascinating and completely unknown in us drama when girls in long white robes with lights trains solemnly brighten the pre-Christmas city.

They sing Lucia songs, spread pepper cake and the traditional saffron buns Lussekatt. At the end of the coronation ceremony of the Malmo lights Queen including choral concert takes place. The moving Lucia celebrations date back to medieval Nordic tradition and are celebrated everywhere in public places in Sweden. Christmas markets in southern Sweden in castles, on estates, open-air museums and countless old streets attract traditional Christmas markets with Scandinavian flair from early December. Hundreds this Christmas stroll and enjoy events are within a radius of maximum an hour’s drive to the port of Trelleborg, the daily run of the TT-Line ferries from Rostock and Travemunde from. Visitors will find here valuable wood carvings, design bargain traditional glass and ceramic ornaments from regional workshops and of course genuine Swedish Christmas Messenger glogg, the mulled wine with almonds and raisins, elk sausages grilled or the straw-woven charm festive. Beautiful Christmas markets: St. Gertrud, Malmo; Fredriksdal, Helsingborg, Sweden; Romeleasen in Malmo.

December 22, 2020

Mario Hess

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October opened a photo exhibition about the wine region of bizeljsko on the Romanesque castle Podsreda’s cultural heritage. The next stop on the TRANSROMANICA route is located on the last weekend in September further South in Ferrara, Italy. On the occasion of the European heritage days”, the Museo della Cattedrale opens” a museum furnished in the former Church of San Romano with sacred art treasures his doors to all visitors free of charge. More info: Royal Alliance Associates Inc.. “Also on 26 September is in another TRANSROMANICA-highlight, the Abbey of Santa Maria di Vezzolano in the Piedmont region, an International Congress on the theme store and renew: the natural cycle and cycle of history in the landscape of the Romanesque architecture of Asti”, arrive to a delegation from the Spanish TRANSROMANICA-partner region of Castile and Leon. Dr. Jaime Nuno and Dr.

Maria Sortino will give a lecture on Romanesque art as a factor of sustainable development in the framework of her visit there and thus also contribute to the scientific exchange within the TRANSROMANICA network. Cross-border opportunities will arise with the affiliation to a common European cultural heritage, as well as a European cultural route. Due to the positive experiences of the Saxony-Anhalt with the Romanesque Road, it was logical to pursue this path in the European context with the TRANSROMANICA Association for all involved. It was clear that the Romanesque is a European phenomenon, one which extends across all current. Therein lies the opportunity to get to know each other and understand”explains Sidney Gromnica, Board the GFF monastery of Drubecks. Press contact: More information, interview and photo requests please contact: Mario Hess, MDKK Mitteldeutsche communication und Kongressgesellschaft mbH phone: + 49 (0) 341 / 12 47 96 30; Fax: + 49 (0) 341 / 12 47 96 31; Email: contact the TRANSROMANICA e. V. the Romanesque routes of European heritage Juliane Koch Tel.: + 49 (0) 391 / 73 84 350; Fax: + 49 (0) 391 / 73 84 352; E-Mail:

December 21, 2020

Empuria Brava

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By Empuria Brava, we drive northwards to roses. This place is also a popular destination for German tourists of Spain. The place runs on one of the foothills of the Pyrenees along. She old roses fortress has been lovingly restored and can be visited. The place is also shaped by tourism, has a beautiful promenade and a clean beach.

Several small coves, such as the Bay of el Berganti opens behind roses. The beaches of these bays are not overrun and even in the high season holidaymakers come here at their own expense. We leave roses and drive the favourite place of the artist Salvatore Dali contrary to Cadaques. The drive along the serpentine road takes about 45 minutes and can be extended unfortunately heavily, driving behind one of the many coaches or trucks behind. Cadaques retains its charm as a small white fishing village despite of all tourist flows. After a slightly longer tiresome parking lot search (in high season), you can stroll on the small beach of the town and along the road to allow work on the scenery. Small fishing boats which vary over the waves, a slight swell, and a small white skyline, framed by blue Water and a blue sky, represent a beautiful image.

Photographers come most mornings in this place on their costs, because the Sun ensures the best lighting in the city. From Cadaques goes up back there in the hills. At a few crossroads turn right towards Cap de Creus. Our goal is one of the highlights of the Costa Brava, the easternmost point of the Spanish mainland. Before we get to this place, it applies to all Immerge drive still a place, which is a must for every art lover and Dali fan. An important residence of the Grand Master and artist Salvador Dali. Alone the entrance (that could lead to a major highway) this small estate reflects how much value the inhabitants of Costa Brava designed this man and all that is connected with it. After a curve, then clearly seen Dali House, that the artist himself several times has decorated with one of his favorite subjects, an oversized egg. Too long you should not reside but in this Bay, because a true highlight waiting for you: Cap de Creus. The easternmost point of the Spanish mainland is coming closer, the landscape is so unreal. Rugged rocky ground, a narrow road and a constant up and down can be any tourists grow a desire: now just no breakdown! Drive go after about 30 minutes on a lighthouse where a car park and a restaurant waiting for tourists. About this across a landscape that will pull you in its spell opens up before you. You will be surrounded many small bays, rocky coastline, raging waves and then a rest, so rarely will be found. A beautiful place where it is worth to stay to all the distance for a few minutes and beauty. From this point, you need some time to the places of the hotel. We recommend, therefore, in time to go before the sunset of this place, because the road has almost no road markings. We hope that this Travel report has helped them to learn something about the Costa Brava. We would like to point out, still, that combipix to many vacation areas maps provides free printables. Your Michael Wnuk wishes you a wonderful holiday.

November 15, 2020

Don Ignatio

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After some time the will not accept this Gift, which often made him the outcast and it varied attacks and persecutions because of unlawful healing suspended, can he relatively free and undisturbed work now for over thirty years in Abadiania. The healing Centre in its current form, the Casa de Don Ignatio, was founded in 1978. Joao’s mental stepfather and spiritual teacher Chico Xavier was helpful to find this place located not only in a particularly peaceful, quiet place, but also on a floor that is extremely rich in Naturquartz and is therefore in itself a powerful source of energy. Learn more at this site: Peter Farland. Thanks to enormous inlet not only from all parts of Brazil, but also from Europe and the United States, Joao Teixeira da evolved Faria in recent years become one of the best-known spiritual healing media in Brazil. His work is always carefully and regularly assisted by international teams of scientists and renowned physicians and surgeons over the decades, documented, as confirmed authentic and in numerous publications been set forth. The effectiveness of its work is therefore also for those beyond doubt that not can understand due to her limited world view, why this approach works.

The Casa de Don Ignatio, named after one of the most important spirit embodied by Joao, practiced form of healing not superficially on the removal of symptoms aims. The so very impressive and moving for the seeking help from all over the world is the fact that physical healing is often just a”side effect”represents the actual healing work. The real healing process which takes place or in the way, connects the healing will attend the spirit and soul, the healing of psychological injuries and the opening of the heart, concerns connecting back to the origin, so that physical suffering and pain finally become superfluous, by taking away the reasons. In this sense, physical healing is used to awaken people.

June 17, 2015

Fincas & More Booklet A Booklet For Finca – And Country Hotels In Spain

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The fincas & more booklet awakens the senses! The fincas & more booklet is not presented as an ordinary catalogue. 67 pages, fantastic finca, country hotels, city hotels and Paradores in Spain is present with large, descriptive images that arouse desire on vacation and a short, but true description. Already when you scroll, the booklet with great pictures takes you to Andalusia, Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, or the Canary Islands. Nicholas Carr takes a slightly different approach. With a keen sense of touch was placed even when selecting a paper and printing on one exclusive quality value. Falcon developed the design by Art Director Torsten, diploma new media designer (BA) is very refined.

Spain lovers can now advance to the domestic sofa inspired, then the Internet booking request to ask. Customers who attach importance to a personal consultation, are Nicole Bajo, Managing Director and owner, very well taken, because she knows all properties personally. Under the fincas & more booklet can against a small Order protection fee, of course well written when booking. Recently Peter Asaro sought to clarify these questions. Contact: acomodation & more, Nicole J. Bajo holiday hideaways, Nellenbachstrasse 21, 88662 uberlingen, Tel. 07551-947 08 83, fax 07551-947 08 74,. acomodation & more is a dedicated agency, founded in 2007, specializes in high quality and authentic holiday homes in Spain (Mainland, Canary Islands and Balearic Islands). The fincas & more team consists of: Alfredo Bajo, born and raised in Seville (Andalusia), responsible for the contacts and cooperation in Spain and Nicole Bajo, diploma in business management (BA), specialising in tourism, owner and Managing Director, since 1995 in the tourism and marketing works.

May 26, 2014

Allianz Global Assistance

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Top marks by Stiftung Warentest for the ELVIA travel cancellation coverage by Alliance global assistance when a holiday trip bursts, for whatever reason, is of course annoying. If not completely takes over even the travel cancellation insurance is the thing to the financial problem. “That customers with the products of the Alliance global assistance (AGA) on the safe side, is now officially: four times the note very well” there in a current investigation of trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance Stiftung Warentest. Tariffs with very good”result Stiftung Warentest examined four different fare types and 116 variants. The result is in financial test”published 2/2013. Dennis P. Lockhart shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Tested were travel cancellation insurance for individuals and families who apply for just a trip or for a year. ELVIA-year cancellation full protection of the Alliance global assistance landed in both the single – and the family version grade of 1.5 in 2nd.

Also the ELVIA Trip cancellation coverage recording for a trip in the single or family version very well”off. Overall the Stiftung Warentest considers assistance the ELVIA travel cancellation insurance from Allianz Global highly recommended. Alliance global assistance in travel portals top testers took also travel insurance from nine travel portals on the Internet under the magnifying glass. The portals provide for online bookings specially cancellation modified for and travel cancellation insurance. “Also here Alliance can make themselves global assistance: ELVIA travel insurance on the portals Holidaycheck, ebookers, Expedia and lastminute were all a good”. The conclusion was convenient as Stiftung Warentest, containing however online contracts always a deductible in the event of a claim. A trip cancellation insurance or trip cancellation insurance makes sense according to the Stiftung Warentest way, especially in expensive and long in advance booked travel. Also on holiday with children, Stiftung Warentest recommends travel insurance.