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March 3, 2020

Target Market

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The initial base to begin to develop a loyalty of customers (CRM) strategy is to have a proper platform for creation of clients. I.e. having processes that allow your organization identify potential customers and attract them. In this article we are going to develop some concepts related to the identification of market potential and especially the process of this market segmentation by type CRM and database systems using. To illustrate this process, we have developed a concept called the principle of the sieve and the selection. Miami Congresswoman shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The principle of the sieve and selection what is a sieve? It works like a sieve. A sieve is simply a mesh of filaments that are between cross leaving square holes. It is important that those squares are all the same size, since this will determine the size of which will pass through the hole, also known as mesh size.

What is its function? Select the items that I want to go through the Luz de Malla. This allows me to leave out those elements that do not pass. I’m only interested in those elements that can pass through the Luz de Malla that I have selected. I use a system with sieves of different sizes of Luz de Malla, for the purposes of grouping different thickness material and remove it. The market is all the material with which story.

The sieve is the tool that I will use to select or filter only those elements that I want to get, the rest does not help. I use several sieves to make finer filters, i.e. with Luz de Malla increasingly smaller. This process allows me to reach a target market, through the application of a system of sieves. Processes of business definition of the sieve. It corresponds to the selection of the filter criteria that make up my Luz de Malla. These criteria relate to what is known as descriptors.

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