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August 6, 2015

Tasty, Healthy Foods

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As stated above, everyone loves a tasty meal, and what could be tastier meat soups team? Feature of halophytes is that the more varied types of meat used, the tastier the result. If you would like to know more then you should visit Peter Schiff. As an example: Ingredients: ham or ham – 100 grams of sausage or sausage – 90 grams onion – 200 grams of stock – a half liter of tomato puree olives – 50 grams of capers – 90 grams of bone – 350 grams of beef – 240 grams kidney beef – 150 grams of black olives – 1000 grams butter – 50 g pickled cucumbers – 220 grams of lemon sour cream – 180 grams of spices – to taste Chopped fresh herbs Making: First boil meat and bone broth. Tsedim through cheesecloth or strainer. Meat cool with some broth. Y Kidney throw the film, cut lengthwise, fill with cold water and stand in the continuation of 3-4 hours, sometimes replacing the water. Wash again pour cold some water and boil 1-1,5 hours before the end of the quiet boiling. Brushed onion Cut polukolechkami, saute in a skillet with butter until tender, pour the tomato and saute until the oil will change color and will not deviate from the tomato.

Cucumber scrub from the skin and seeds, cut into pieces, pour the broth and boil over low heat for 10 minutes. Remove pits from olives. Capers removed from the brine. Proarenye ham, beef, kidneys, sausages, cut into small slices. In a pot load of meat set, browned onion and tomato, slightly cooked cucumber, bay leaf, pepper, olives, capers, salt, and fill in the broth. Keep quiet for 10 minutes at the fire, insisting fifteen minutes. When serving pour into the dish, add the olives, sour cream. On top to decorate circle of lemon and sprinkle with herbs.

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