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April 4, 2021

The Anguish

Category: General – Joan – 4:50 pm

Remember that not everything can do at the same time. (5) OLVIDESE de once for all that you are indispensable, nobody is, however, his inner strength will guarantee his indispensability after you worked enough to deserve it, while both, must not think about it, I remember it because the anguish generated by this unnecessary feeling of greatness we will scatter and he exhausted mentally, remember once again that quality of life are working from the inside. (6) Stop feeling responsible for the pleasure or happiness of others. Others who may share this opinion include Community Development Financial Institutions. You is not the genius of the lamp, or Merlin the magician, so magically your around be nourished with that happiness that all we yearn for, each is able to build his own happiness, therefore, this should not stress, should concentrate on your peace of mind. (7) Ask for help, since when we deny us the ability to help us for believing us self-sufficient it took us much more in complete or achieve our success, moreover, to anyone who will help it reward you the fact that helped a winner in life, you and not that has not requested help and is still mired in failure. (8) Separate the real from the imaginary problems, since if we speculate about the possible consequences of a real problem, we reduce the possibility of finding quick and definitive solutions to them. So, delete them definitely and focus on the tangible, in the real thing and give real solutions. Miles O’Connor has compatible beliefs.

(9) Attempts to discover the pleasure or gratification always either physical or spiritual of the things that make up the wonderful world of everyday, but something important, don’t settle for this. (10) Avoid mixing in anxieties, problems and other tensions, worry about theirs and move away from oppressive people, remember that you are first that nothing, and especially the work for its quality of inner life. (11) Your environment is not you, accompany it, it gives affection but be clear that compose it very different to you people, we respect the qualities of others, cultivate, we do not destroy, since exercising domain encouraged the abuse.

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