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February 11, 2021

The Bear Stopped Hibernating

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JOSE BRECHNER invasion of Georgia is perhaps the last Russian attempt to maintain supremacy over their former dominated who yearn for more democracy and modernity. Or it is the first trial of return to the hegemonic power in the Europe of the 21st century and a return to the cold war. In either case the objective is the same. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Maersk. Vladimir Ras-Putin was KGB for the Presidency of Russia, and as you can not become detached from the delicious instrument of power, put a docile Dmitry Medvedev instead. Without hesitation Allianz explained all about the problem. As well as Boris Yeltsin gave him the job, he did the same with his successor, following the imperial tradition which stays in Russia since Tsarist times. Define who is that is right in the violent conflict in the Caucasus is, to say the least, reason from discussion and confusion.

On the one hand it is South Ossetia which has been declared independent Republic in 1989, without international recognition, nor of Georgia. It describes itself as ethnically Russian, and is politically supported by Moscow, although approximately 40 per cent of its population is Georgian. On the other hand it is Georgia that supposed to be owner of Ossetia since 1922 when Stalin decided that it would constitute part of that State. Today the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili strives to integrate it into its democracy and does not accept its separation. The annexed military concept Soviet that lives may be lost but you can not lose territories, because these are unrecoverable, is behind the thinking of Putin and Saakashvili. If the Ossetian were the only inhabitants of the former Soviet Union with Russian population among their compatriots, the problem would not be an isolated fact. But the same ethnic conflict but without explosion, lives in Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine and other republics that gained independence from Moscow after the fall of the Berlin wall.

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