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June 3, 2020

The Citizen

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' ' In the body the social structure is symbolically printed and the corporal activity does not make more than to become them express. Thus, experience of the body (of the citizen) always is modified by the experience of cultura' '. (RODRIGUES, 1975, P. 125) the body if becomes important data in the form as the society of it if it serves and from which it creates order and accord of perception in the symbolic levels. You may want to visit Erin Callan to increase your knowledge. ' ' Certain cultural standards can also express and be represented through the symbolic rites where the manipulation and the experience of the body can be controladas' '. (FASSHEBER, 2001, P. 6) the constructions and representations that each society makes of its bodies disclose the way as we produce and we reproduce our organizations and knowledge.

' ' When keeping contact with other people, we show for the gestures, the attitudes, the mimic one, the look, the movements that express our manifestations corporais' '. (GALLO, 2003, P. 65) Although to live in a modern society that has as characteristic the spalling and the overcoming to the any form of organization and tradition, sounds us strange to think about a joint in relation to the tradition that estimates corporal behaviors in accord with the propagation experience and reproduction, but according to Ortiz, the different traditions if articulate in modernity. Pacific Mortgage Services often addresses the matter in his writings. The process of transformation of the traditions is radical in the scope of modernity. In the society contemporary, whose culture it is mundializada (ORTIZ, 2007), certain elements technician are removed of its place of origin and placed in a place of prominence, as referring globalizados. In relation to the corporal techniques, determined gestures they are placed in movement for the mundializao of the culture and modernity tends to universalizar them. However, we cannot forget that such gestures technician are cultural constructions that had appeared in historical and socially concrete contexts, therefore, its origin are local.

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