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December 23, 2016

The Competent Leader – An Effective Leader !

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Develop the competence and people will be attracted to you. Cultivate a given quality. And it can be done as follows: 1. Every day, show his competence. Responsible people do not sit idly by when something expected and explicitly manifest themselves. But the truly competent people are always one step ahead.

They not only manifest their desires, but also readily recharged every day to claim them – Regardless of how they feel, what the circumstances are or what the difficulties are expected to continue its journey. 2. Any deal Bring it to a successful end. Operate at a high level of quality – it always a conscious choice, an act of volition. As leaders, we expect that our people will go to the end.

And they, for their part, expect from us as their leaders the same and still very much in excess of this. Quality is never occur by chance, it always is the result of clear intention and professional execution. 3. Be improved all the time. Learn and improve your skills every day. If you'll stand out from the masses other people with your professionalism, it's a very big step to your leadership. For professionals in their field people will always go and admire. You should always know what, how, and why to do something "4. Do more than is expected of you. Competent people will always go further than necessary. You must become a man. Never be satisfied with little. If you have some thing that you requested and asked to do make it to the end and then another and sverhnormy.

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