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April 18, 2021

The Darkness

Category: General – Joan – 9:18 pm

Sad was the episode everytime some came with their destroyed hearts and in part its withered petals. From the outside I saw the suffering but could do nothing. Meanwhile pain they needed a way to defend himself, he was not just being at the mercy of so much suffering, then the maximum creator of roses It gave them a weapon. JP Morgan’s CEO is a great source of information. Little by little their bodies began to have spines. They began to act with more caution then and thus life was reflected in its petals. I felt proud to see them reborn but there was still one of them (the first that had gone and returned) still was very wilted and continued withering, I asked him then to the creator: why she is still so if you’ve given the same weapon and you’ve sprayed a powerful perfume for your revitalization? -. Learn more at this site: Jeffrey Verschleiser. With a slightly sad face he said: sometimes the weapons arrive very late. On the other hand, what I sent you to help you only will if she accepts it as well.

Many have come to talk to him but it is submerged in his pain. He was the first to feel the pain first, that first pain is the strongest and she has the courage to overcome it but it will not do so because he does not want it. Other roses have returned from his trip, but are gone again because they have fallen in love, they were not hidden to life nor to illusion and they decided to wait if he had to do it to then be happy, but as you can see he has hidden between the darkness and the cold and that has prevented him to see other things and people. Yesterday asked me by that guy there outside, he has entered many times to see the rose garden but has never decided by some even though many want to go with him.

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