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November 29, 2012

The Hopes

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On the contrary of the waited solutions, other innumerable problems, at least imagined previously, had started to be part of the center of the concerns. The same affirmation of the historicidade of the human beings, the reason and the society led to the idea of that History is discontinous and not gradual, each society having its proper History instead of being only one stage in a universal History of the civilizations. The progress idea passes to be criticized because it serves as excuse to legitimize to colonialismos and imperialismos more (‘ ‘ adiantados’ ‘ they would have the right to dominate ‘ more; ‘ atrasados’ ‘). It passes to be criticized also the idea of progress of sciences and the techniques, revealing that, at each historical time and for each society, the proper knowledge and the practical ones possess sensible and value, and that such direction and such value disappear at a following time or are different in one another society, not having, therefore, continuous, accumulating and gradual transformation. The past was the past, the gift is the gift and the future will be the future.

(Id. ib., P. 61) As it affirms Arduini (2002, P. 14), after modernity presents great conquests and great devastaes. The fact is that, all the questions and events that had been being verified during century XX had launched for land all the hopes appeared in the previous century. The technology it did not bring the solution for the waited problems. Before this, it brought problems still more, as its massive use in the military field. So waited autonomy human being it did not happen. Before, the brutality finished being the main characteristic them relations human beings. It did not have the globalization of solidarity, but the gradual extermnio of the truily human values.

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