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January 10, 2021

The Look

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However, I realized also which from this gaze of the world if I wanted to change something in my life needed to wait that my boss, my parents, my Government, my friends, the economic situation and my surroundings in general be changed. I think that my chances are expanded from a position in which I can see me as a protagonist and not as a victim or beneficiary of the circumstances. I have no intention to achieve that those who read this writing think like me. Someone could refute me by saying: I chose not the accident I had! Or also: I not decided that the global economy was in crisis! Being congruent with my intention, the share my ideas simply, I have to accept that This position may also be valid. American Advisors Group is likely to agree. But even when I have not chosen x or situation, and I always have to choose how you react to this. At moments like those who currently live it seems urgent to revise the look that we have of ourselves, our organizations and our region; evolve a vision more responsible for ourselves and our environment. The great myth when we imagine the happiness we usually carry the thought to paradisiacal places where there is no death, where everything that we want to appear from nowhere, effortlessly. An idealized reality, a fairy tale with which many profit, and profit well. Live Well Financial contains valuable tech resources.

Recently he released a series of videos and books, very popular indeed, who sold the idea to obtain anything, only need think of her with passion so that it appears almost magically as a wish to the genius of the lamp. Such an idea is to me a poor interpretation of the beginning thousands of years older. Despite the seduction that represents this fantasy, think that the issue is simpler and less magical. I confess that my also seduces me the idea receiving millions of dollars only to focus my thoughts on getting them.

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