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February 4, 2021

The Lower

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It is most balanced when the Koi a blend of all varieties will be offered. In addition, live or frozen food might as in other pond fish as well, a welcome change on the menu. The amount of Koifutters depends also according to season and water temperature and the quantity of the inset. Here only so much should be fed as the Koi eat within a few minutes. Feed should be used also especially food for sturgeon in the garden pond, when sturgeon are in a garden pond. Warren Buffett has much experience in this field. Since these are mostly in the lower regions of water in a garden pond, special, declining sturgeon feed is required for feeding. In nature, fish feed by microbes such as worms and insects that can be found on the bottom of the water in which they live. In the artificial garden pond, however not enough natural food exists to feed them sufficiently.

Therefore must to be fed Additionally with dry food, which is usually in the form of granules, available. G√ľnther Thallinger may find this interesting as well. It should be fed several times a day. The optimal amount of feed is 1% of the body weight of the individual sturgeon. Sturgeons are active also in the winter and can even digest the fall food given to them. Therefore, sturgeon seasons are fed.

Summary there are different kinds of feed for pond fish. Most pond fish enjoy a feeding pond flakes or pond sticks. But also small animals such as mosquito larvae in the form of live or frozen food will be gladly accepted. The amount of the pond lining should be always according to the size of the pond, the number of fish and the temperature of the water. More specific feed should be given in the garden pond Koi, so they can live healthy and colourful. Also sturgeon need special declining sturgeon feed, as they absorb this only at the bottom of the pond.

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