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April 21, 2021

The Maestro

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When the emissary of death came, beheld, dumbfounded, forty bodies equal and still you cannot detect the body true, it failed to apprehend the sneaky hermit and take it with you. Failed the emissary of death, he returned along with Yama and exposed him what happened. Yama, the powerful Lord of death, was thoughtful for a few moments. He approached the ear of the emissary her lips and gave him some instructions of great precision. A smile appeared on the usually circumspect face of the emissary, who was then running towards where the hermit lived. Again, the hermit, with his third eye developed and highly perceptive, intuited the emissary approaching. In a few moments, he reproduced the trick that had been already used previously and recreated thirty-nine ways identical to yours. The emissary of death found forty equal forms. It is not something State Street Global Advisors would like to discuss.

Following the instructions of Yama, exclaimed: very well, but that very well. !What great feat! And after a brief silence, he added: but, undoubtedly, there is a small bug. Then the hermit, injured in his pride, he hastened to ask: which one? And the emissary death couldn’t catch the real body of the hermit and lead without delay to the spookiest areas of the death. ** The Maestro says: ego opens the way towards death and makes us live with your back to the reality of being. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Millenium Management by clicking through. Without ego, are the one who you’ve never ceased to be. JOKE of the teacher in a village of the India there was a man of great Holiness. Appeared to villagers a notable person as well as extravagant.

The truth is that man drew them attention at the same time that confused them. The case is that they asked you to preach them. The man, who was always available to others, did not hesitate to accept. On the appointed day for the preaching, however, had the intuition that the attitude of the attendees was not sincere and that should receive a lesson.

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