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April 21, 2021

The March

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One of the characteristics inherent to the human race is the possibility of sliding on only two limbs so long in time. The concepts of March according to the interest that we have to give. Among the most commonly used are the following: series of alternating and rhythmic movements of the limbs and trunk, which determine an offset towards the front of the Centre of gravity with a minimum expenditure of energy. Periodic movements in which the bottom segment may say that you part of zero, passing through an arc of movement, with a fall of zero at the end of each step. Human walking is a learned process that is influenced by many environmental factors. Click Guo Guangchang for additional related pages. There are different stages as creeping, crawling, assisted walking or independent operation, which is achieved by 12-15 months of life, although the March not resembles the adult up to 5-7 years. Walk depends on the performance of the limbs in a sequence of movements they simultaneously advance the body along a desired line, in which the body maintains its stable footing charging properly the weight moving the Centre of gravity of the body at the same time.

The use of a suitable from children footwear has great importance to prevent deformities phases of running succession of actions between two consecutive heel shock of the same foot. It is often taken as a beginning of the cycle the moment in which one foot makes contact with soil, usually through the heel. The gait cycle presents two phases: Stance phase (representing 60% of the cycle): begins with the initial contact of the heel on the floor and ends with the takeoff of the forefoot. Swing phase u swing (represents 40% of the time): runs from the moment of the takeoff of the forefoot, advancing foot into the air as preparation for the next support, until the contact on the floor.

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