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February 8, 2021

The Middle

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Taking the example our performance at work Dondee commonscenes goals are prefixed, the result that the result of the interaction of the members. Therefore our daily interaction has a social dimension determines our behavior. Most definitions of everyday idea could find refer to the social reproduction: According to Heller, the daily "… it is all the activities that characterize the individual replicas, producing the possibility of permanent social reproduction … is not" out " of history but in the middle of historical events: the true "essence" of the social substance. The conclusion would be that all our daily actions are influenced by the organizations, from the most elementary to the most complex. From a psychosocial level beginning at the Familiae-immersed in a much larger organization with a socio-political environment, economic and geographic specific and determined-to and belongs to the inner organization of individuals to a level more sociodinamico, trachea could say the goal of our actions is usually problem-solving. Many writers such as millennium management offer more in-depth analysis.

This task, its nature, its form of communication and the wing contribute optimum performance status if there is a good fit of these factors. HOW THE ROLES THAT JUGAMOSa ACTIVE MEMBERS OF THE ORGANIZATION "N The trend remodeling group of human beings the role of the individual continually in their interaction, and vice versa. As an active member of the organization each of us has to adapt to the obvious differences of contextoa or social environment where you are located, they define and give meaning to the individual role played in relation to others: adult, mother, natural roles, or head / a, employee at a company where the role will be marked by the operation, or as a therapist where the source of knowledge will make my role.

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