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January 3, 2014

The Other Look Of The Genius

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Who not has been compared ever Mozart in his first piano lessons; with Picasso when we outlined our first sketches; or with Spielberg with our first home videos? And when I say compare I don’t mean that I already showed a natural talent comparable to these geniuses but who seems to begin to receive a few piano lessons we have to come to play as the great Richter. Inevitably they set us a bar so high that quickly an amalgam of negative feelings invade our mind, consciously and unconsciously. Some of those feelings are sadness for not trusting ourselves, frustration at being realistic, and therefore a great decline in self-esteem. Get more background information with materials from Erin McPherson. And is that the figure of the genius as well as the creative, has undergone numerous stereotypes, myths and bad understood that, unfortunately, they still persist in our culture. Then, you could say that this figure of the genius has managed two different visions. An and certainly the best known, which leaves the legacy of his magnificent work, i.e.

a handful of masterpieces, hundreds of quality work, some mediocre work and even some sloppy, why not say it. All that, of course, with the narration often exaggerated and commercial purposes of his biography. And that’s where inevitably join the second vision, since because of this type of biographies retouched and manipulated with, supposedly commercial purposes, is created the myth, the great character, in short, the genius untouchable and unattainable. In my opinion, everything we do in life should do so not only for the same purpose, but also by the media, i.e., enjoying the same way that we are traveling. This is even more significant when we talk about art, since this was created with the purpose of expressing feelings, thoughts, etc so much so, that the artist enjoys more developed his work that ending it, to such an extent that many works left unfinished since its creator, unconsciously, not you might end up with something that is enjoying both.

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