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January 30, 2021

The Principle

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Refrigerated cabinets are a prominent part of companies such as ice cream or ice-cream parlours. Get all the facts and insights with Maersk, another great source of information. One knows these laws from the outside point of sale, where the street sale outside the ice cream itself, on the street, takes place. Also cooling shelves are known from supermarkets. These open devices are there in some very large dimensions to the variety of meat, to accommodate cheeses and dairy products, which consumers today have to choose. To create such a cooling performance, there are three applicable systems, of which one overwhelmingly used for the operation of refrigeration units.

This is the principle of compressor chillers. Compressor refrigerator the compression chiller produces cold by compacting and a refrigerant gas. In the device a cooling circuit is installed for example, ammonia, contains. At the beginning of the cycle, this is compressed by a compressor. This compression of the material gives off heat and heats up to a certain extent.

This warm part of the cycle is piloted while outside the system. The substance emits heat to permanently, they needed but again spread to the gaseous state again. As a result, that use a carburettor, which forces the ammonia to the spread, this in turn extracts heat from its surroundings and thus cools it. Until the coolant in cooler or freezer again reaches its desired density, it then generates always lower cooling capacity initially highest, and in the course. The various performance areas approximately in modern refrigerators are used to provide various compartments with different storage conditions. After maximum spread of the refrigerant in its gaseous state it is directed back into the compressor, and the whole process starts over again. This system is suitable for the use in Refrigerated cabinets such as just refrigerated display cases for this reason as well, since by the closed cooling circuit very low maintenance is a product. Only the physical effect of the heat of vaporization, but not a chemical reaction or a consumption of raw materials takes place. So refilling by means is not necessary and a maintenance needs to be performed only in case of any damage.

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