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April 14, 2018

The Professor

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Such revelations during the accomplishment of the activity can allow to the professor a rework of its prxis teaching to improve the concepts of the pupils how much to the nomeclaturas, properties and relations between bidimensional and three-dimensional figures. The professor understands itself as soon as needs a formation directed toward the geometric field of deepened form more, that according to Pavanello; Andrade (they are not in the references, to verify if other cases exist thus) (1995) he needs is related with the ability of the professor to work with the pupils in different levels of mathematical knowledge. CONCLUSION the research presented resulted that they allow to verify that an activity that sends to the construction of mockups potencializa the understanding of geometric concepts because it works of practical form these concepts. It promoted a rediscusso on the form to teach mathematics, therefore it presented the opinion of the future professors of initial series that will have this responsibility to work geometry and, possibly, the mathematics as a whole, tied with the partner-cultural reality of its pupils. An activity of this nature, beyond to be able to awake the interest and the curiosity of the pupil, presents the mathematics of concrete form, without disentailing its theoretical, basic character for the understanding of this disciplines. She is necessary that the estea professor directed to search elements that help in the mathematics education, so that its pupils learn to interpret this new world that emerges with the advent of the globalization. The professor must be cliente that the traditional methods little effect have in the pupils of this reality that however if presents in our region. Inside of the teach-learning process contemporary if he makes necessary new instruments of work. He understands yourself, therefore, by means of the research that an activity related to the reality of the pupil is an important variant in the process of learning of the pupils.

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