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May 18, 2024

The Wonders Of Ayurvedic Medicine

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As a scholar and holistic health therapist for over 20 centuries old, I admire more and more the results of Ayurveda or Traditional Medicine in India. Ayurveda means Science of Life. It is one of the few traditional forms of Mind-Body Healing that has been preserved intact over time. The magic of all this is that combinations or ceremonies are very similar to those in towns such as China, Latin American Indians or Native Americans. It’s as if the man had originally had only one way to cure, accumulating thousands of trial and errror with the tools available in nature.

The use of oils, smoke, the floor of the snuff, ginger, essential oils extracted from plants, bark, flowers, Ayurvedic Medicine etc.La puts equal emphasis on body, mind and spirit, and strives to restore individual’s natural harmony, a prerequisite for global health. Ayurvedic Medicine is based on the concept of three humors or doshas, there are three types and are known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The primary feature of Vata from the metabolic point of view is the variability. The unpredictability and variability in size, humor, and action is the “trademark” of vata. Vata tends to be thin with prominent features, joints, and veins, with cool dry skin. Changing, enthusiastic, imaginative, and impulsive. Vata types are fast, irregular sleep and are prone to anxiety, insomnia, premenstrual syndrome, and constipation. Vata energy fluctuates in an irregular manner, with the peaks and valles. This person is structural, strength, and resistance means, is well proportioned and easily maintains a stable weight.

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