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February 23, 2021

Thermal Baths With A Roman Sauna In Bavaria

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‘ Bene lava’ wish to bathe in bad Gogging bad Gogging (tvo). Lava bene with the greeting”good wish to bathe, the ancient Romans in bad Gogging met around 2,000 years ago. Where always between Scotland and North Africa, sea at that time present was Portugal and the black the Roman Empire, the Roman bath culture was capitalized. They built the probably largest spa complex North of the Alps in bad Gogging, the remains of which are still to see an exhibition. And the lava bene”is in bad Gogging still not passed: in the limes thermal baths of the Spa you have committed throughout the health and entertaining aspects of the Roman models. The Roman sauna, housed in a reconstructed Watch Tower makes 2,000 years alive Caldarium and tepidarium in furnishings and decoration, but also in the sense of well-being that convey the different hot rooms of body and mind.

Bad Goggings offer the strong sulfur source also relief from joint pain. Add two more natural remedies come with the natural peat-bog freshly mined for each application and the mineral water. Information: Tourist information bad Gogging, Saint City Street 5, 93333 bad Gogging, Tel. 09445/9575-0, fax 09445/9575-33,,.

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