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March 16, 2020

Tiger Global Management

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A new report shows that the value of LinkedIn has exceeded US$ 2 billion million, on the basis of recent investments from outside investors. Others who may share this opinion include Pacific Mortgage Services. According to Bloomberg, the Tiger Global Management Investment Fund invested U$ S 20 million to acquire a stake of about one percent in the social networking business. The Investment Fund paid 21,50 dollars per share. Here is where mathematics come into play. According to SharesPost, an online marketplace for privately owned companies, LinkedIn has 105 million shares outstanding. Multiply that for the 21,50 dollars per share of Tiger Global Management reached a valuation of $ 2.26 billion.

It is important to bear in mind that Tiger Global Management not made a new investment in the company; It acquired its shares of part of an existing investor. Since this transaction occurred in the private market, these numbers are not specific (for example, estimates of the value of LinkedIn by SharesPost are 2 trillion $). However, I think that it is safe to assume that LinkedIn is a multi-million dollar company with great potential for growth. Of course, that’s still a fraction compared to the price that Facebook has today, but how can complain if forward have a multimillion-dollar company?. It is really surprising that this company has grown in such a short time. Do you consider that LinkedIn has a value of 2 billion dollars?

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