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April 4, 2021

Together For The Rights Of The People Of The Iran

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ISHR offers a wide range of Iranians in exile to the 38.Jahreshauptversammlung in the sum, the pleas of all speakers at the press conference were that the pursuit of human rights by the regime in the Iran is the right way to support the population. At the press conference in the Gustav-Stresemann-Institut in Bonn, the international society for human rights had called on the occasion of your 38th Annual General meeting. Beth Israel Heart Transplant: the source for more info. Magnet for the press was the son of the Shah, Prince Reza Pahlevi, who had come from his American exile in Bonn. The vast majority of cameras and cameras have been busy to capture his likeness, the Iran human rights seemed almost forgotten. Very elegant, Reza Pahlevi tried then but the attention the press representatives at the people in the Iran. At the beginning of his statement, he translated a letter from the Iran which should remind the press in the West to the unknown in the Iran, which suppresses the system controlling them are harassed.

Mahin Moussapour, pastor in Germany and from Islam to Christianity converted is that described the attacks of the authorities in the Iran on converts. Several pastors are gone or been killed, house churches have been closed. The Committee against stoning Mina Ahadi stressed its decades-long commitment to people in the Iran, who were threatened by the death penalty and stressed that many women in the Iran fight for equal rights as men, and also within the unrest against the regime play a crucial role. Ali Babaei campaigned for the green revolution in the Iran and a gradual transition to reform with the help of Mirhosein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi. He spoke for United4Iran, a worldwide network of exiled Iranians who support the green movement in the Iran. Last emphasized Dr. Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh, Member of the International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes in the IRA n, that there is no Islamic regime in power in the Iran, but a sect of Messianikern (alternative name: Armaggedonisten), which is written the world revolution on the flags and its true face in the brutal action against the Protests for the last year have shown probably fake elections.

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