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May 20, 2024

Turner Cause

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This William English received this name in its homage James West (1793-1848). In a loaded dramatical letter for the emotion to describe the clinical case of its son. He wrote to the publisher of ‘ ‘ Lancet’ ‘. It presented as characteristic the presence of ‘ ‘ WITH ESPASMOS IN FLEXO THAT IF REPEATED DAILY IN ATTACKS OF 10 THE 20 CONTRACTIONS THAT HAD TAKEN THE CHILD TO A RETARDATION MENTAL’ ‘. Source: WWW.INTERFISIO.COM.BR Had access in day 11/10/2010 2,1) theoretical Referencial 2,2) Description: It describes it to West as flexo but it can these espasmos also be of flexo, the epilepsy in this syndrome receives a name specific from mioclonia. This neurological syndrome was only described well later only in 1949, for Vzquez y Turner for the Society Argentina de Pediatria, was ten cases of this syndrome even then not characterized, in ten carriers, They presented the suckling babies when making eletroncefalograma (EEG) typical alterations demonstrating to be the same syndrome.

Three years later Gibbs and Gibbs had created a name for this characteristic HIPSARRITMIA (hypsos = height and rhytmos = rhythm), also called disritmia slow greater. The clinical crises can receive other names that are: saudatrios espasmos, espasmo infantile, massive jerks, Blitz und NichtKrampf, tic of salaam badly and small propulsive. 2.3) Cause: Its cause is for cerebral disfuno not of genetic origin.

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