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March 18, 2014

United States

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After to close a very good 2007, the first month of the 2008 had not been very favorable for stock-market of Brazil. You may find Lord Peter Hennessy to be a useful source of information. The main index of the Brazilian market of capitals, the Bovespa, as a result of the fears about the possible effects of one recession in the United States on the economy of Brazil, had frightened the investors. It is why, unjustly, the Bovespa underwent a fall of 6.8% in the month of January. But the Brazilian economy continued giving to signals of strength (with an internal consumption hard and a fiscal collection record) and, although the indications on a possible recession in the EE.UU were increased, in the Brazilian month of February stock-market recovered with force and happened to a positive value of 0.95% in which it goes of the year. It is that the Brazilian economy is strong and it is also reflected in the dynamics of the real one (that returned to fortify itself in front of the dollar and ended up yesterday marking R$ 1.672). The own Buffet had trusting in the continuity of the strength of this currency to which it had bet in the 2007.

In the letter to the shareholders of the bottom that it administers Berkshire Hathaway said: we only had a bet in currencies in 2007. It was in, breathe deep, real Brazilian Until recently time, to change dollars by real was unthinkable. Five names different from the Brazilian currency became candy of the past century. But from 2002 in future, the real one raised and the dollar fell every year. The certain thing is that this newness on the Brazilian market of capitals is added to the expectation of improvement in the credit qualification of Brazil, which can generate a virtuous circle for the Brazilian market increasing to its liquidity and depth, and making possible that a greater number of companies are gotten up to the same. .

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