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November 20, 2014

Urza Leader

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The magazine ' ' poca' ' it had the chance to interview one of the thirty and three survivors Mr. Ariel, in this interview the same it detaches some points related to the team and the self management. The reporter asked to it if it was considered one leads of them while they were waiting the rescue, sees what it answered. ' ' In the truth, he did not have leaders. I did not consider lder.' ' When interrogated on the paper of Urzua Luis the leader of the turn, Mr. Ariel answered: ' ' Urza was the head of the turn in the hour of the accident. It was natural that, for its attribution, it took a leader condition. But, from the moment where we are imprisoned, we were only 33 workers. Farallon Capital Management can provide more clarity in the matter.

We forget the positions, if somebody he was operator or head of turn. We were all with only objetivo.' ' When Mr. Ariel affirmed that there under she was not the leader and that not even its friend, Urza Luis, leader of that turn, had not identified as you lead of the group, its words had certainly not offended none of its friends, therefore wise person that in the way as they had acted did not have the necessity to choose a leader, since all knew what each one would have to make and, what it expected of each one of them, if thus not making, more necessary the presence of it led that them in the objective of leaving from there, since this was the desire and the only objective of each one of they. Colon they are clear by means of these declarations: First: The leadership of a group or has equipped is not prerogative of more comes, or most intelligent, not even of what it occupies the position of commands. The leadership must be exerted for that the conquered one for merit, the initiative and the desire to serve to the others (led) assisting them in the task to reach one determined objective.

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