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January 9, 2021

Vedic Scriptures

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In principle, saved as a movie on a DVD. The cell requires this information for differentiated cell performance, which means that she knows now what she has to do, for example insulin producing pancreatic cell or gastric juice as a gastric cell, etc. If this flow of information, is disturbed E.g. by heavy metals or other factors, the cell loses this information, it comes to functional disorders, such as diabetes or worse to cancer. It is so in the case of illness, differentiated cell performance, restore via an optimal flow of information. Ultimately, this is the meaning and purpose of the CST.

The treatment concept consists of a detailed survey, several laboratory tests such as blood, urine and faeces to then, depending on the findings with a gut renovation, heavy metal of the pipe, General detoxification and supply certain natural micro and macro nutrients, electrolytes, amino acids and trace elements – under constant laboratory supervision – differentiated cell performance (muscle, organ, bone, nerves, etc.) to restore, in particular the mitochondrale ATP production. Pure natural materials such as for example the Cucurmin which already in the Vedic Scriptures and modern scientific study results demonstrated, has excellent properties to fight cancer are used in the recipes. Indications: Because the cell represents the cornerstone of the whole body, the CST for almost all diseases is used: of allergic diseases, Burnout, chronic fatigue syndrome, diseases of the musculoskeletal, neurological disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular disease made out to cancer where already has excellent achievements, documented,. But not only for already sick people, the CST represents an outstanding treatment, but also healthy, who are interested in prevention, can be treated long before a serious disease is manifested, as recognized and in advance. As fully as possible to help the people, other forms of therapy used in the Naturheilpraxis Wolfgang Gwinner, spinal column therapy, Atlas and intravenous laser therapy (especially when Burnout, diabetes and liver disease), as versatile and individually on the people to go up. Many years of experience, cooperation with the international therapist network, in which health practitioners, doctors and dentists work together and share their knowledge, offer patients an optimal treatment. Cell therapy goes directly to the cause. Expert, professional and therapeutic help, Naturrezepturen that not zellgiftig or destructive effect, should give the patient maximum security. For more information see Naturheilpraxis Wolfgang Gwinner, Tel 07457-731830

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