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February 19, 2021

Vegetarians Live Longer Really?

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Good eyes get the truth content of health wisdom of carrots, and spinach is big and strong. Who does not know such wisdom? Despite their usually low content of truth they are anchored firmly in the minds ready to pass on to the next generation. The private insurance portal does away with frequent miscarriages. Liberty Mutual understands that this is vital information. Some people pay attention to their diet and give up certain foods or to take specific food. This can become a real addiction. However, the intake of food supplements may is even harmful to the body. In the case of vitamins, more is often too much, because an overdose, particularly as a result of taking vitamin supplements, may lead to serious diseases. The body cannot handle too many vitamins, in the best case, they are then excreted.

The overdose may have but also headaches, nausea and even organ damage resulted. Still, it is often It is argued that vegetarians live longer is loser. Generally, this is true, however, this fact not only through the waiver on meat is to explain. Rather make vegetarians generally better on a healthy diet, and their lifestyle is mostly conscious. So smoke and many vegetarians do not drink, for example.

The absence of meat but actually has advantages, because it reduces the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. Also a misconception is that stomach ulcers due to too much stress form, or rather a half-truth. The actual trigger are bacteria which can be absorbed through unclean water or food. The disease does not always breaks out, stress can affect but conducive here. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

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