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April 14, 2018

Verbal History

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We have however a ressignificao of what it came to be the spaces of referring sociabilities to the pleasure, places that until previously were frequentados only by its customers start to be white of the curiosity of its women, that they wanted to know where its husbands were until afternoon, also making what and with who. However that it only arrived at the cabaret> LIFE Before starting to speak on the history of life of Diraci Maria a theoretical agreement concerning the subject becomes necessary, therefore we work with the categories Verbal History and Memory, that part of what is Le Goff (1995) approaches in its book the New History, that if constitutes for we, historians as a global history, a total history, that searchs a new form of constitution of the field of history. Source: Craig Menear. However, we have the knowledge of that new history is born as a form of plea of positivista history, come to extend the field of the historical document, invites in them to leave the stigma established essentially in texts, in documents written for a diversified document gamma, as: writings of the most varied photographic types, documents, documents> Recorremos the certifications to strengthen or to weaken and also to complete what we know of an event on which already we have some information, even so many relative circumstances it remain obscure for we (HALBWACHS, 2006 P.29). was accurately what it happened; although let us have in the academy some productions concerning thematic prostitution are extremely difficult the localization of these studies, and using the cited words above we remain obscure for the fact of only knowing of the existence of these research but without terms access they, and leaving of the affirmation of Halbwachs are that we are in considering> entered in this life the use of this term if she makes necessary for being the language used for them, prostitutes – and answered with much calm and certainty: My son, my mother was poor, poor I, then, to marry pra me a poor man and to go to live in roa, I preferred to enter in this life, only had an exit.

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