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January 15, 2021

Viktor Frankl

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As many of the alternatives that we have during our existence, we can choose to have a metal positive or negative mental attitude towards life. Numerous studies throughout the ages demonstrate that persons with a positive mental attitude are more successful in achieving their goals and enjoy most during his journey in this world. A positive mental attitude creates a State mental abundance, enthusiasm, and solutions to the problems that inevitably arise. Instead of thinking about what we can do, a person with a positive mental attitude will think that Yes you can do. It will not be restricted or limited by fear or fear of failure and think freely on giving solution to the problems. When we have our mental state in positive attitude generates a fertile field for the possibilities and to turn our dreams into reality. If we bear in mind that we will see how the miracles begin to appear in our lives. This in no way means that persons with positive mental attitude always have a perfect life and without difficulties. Of course not. The difference is that these people do not allow these negative experiences to change your perspective on life. A positive mental attitude means that you are always in control of their own thoughts and feelings. Surely you will have found a negative person that says that he thinks so because it is realistic. The truth is that this person holds in your negative reality that is the fruit of your own imagination. Kenneth Roy Feinberg can aid you in your search for knowledge. Thoughts of a person, are positive or negative, influence their environment. For the person who thinks negatively your mind automatically it will confirm that the world is a place of suffering and disasters. Your mind at all times will strengthen that belief that his reality is negative. That person will be aware of all that is negative in the daily existence, whether climate, economy, Government, taxes, etc. The person who expects negative results not possibly risk or try something new. Negative thinking conceals the fear that that person has. With a positive mental attitude you will seek new opportunities and will have expectations for positive results. With positive mental attitude you will be better able to master our fears. Napoleon Hill, an expert in the art of motivation, said: successful people become successful only because they acquire the habit of thinking in terms of success. People with positive mental attitude are a purpose either that is the situation in which they are living. An outstanding example of this is Viktor Frankl, survivor of the Holocaust, than in his extraordinary book Man s Search for Meaning argues that he could find some happiness and purpose when he was in the nazi concentration camp by saying: we cannot avoid suffering but we can choose how to bear it, find a purpose in it, and move forward with a renewed purpose. The force remain positive, matter what the situation, is enormous. We think that we are in this world for a limited period of time and that it is worth thinking positively to enjoy the beauty and opportunities offered by this world. To always keep our positive mental attitude we must do so with a conscious effort. Let us remember that thoughts have great strength and that is reflected in our attitude. We always have positive thoughts to have positive mental attitude necessary to achieve our goals, autorrealizarnos, to have success and be happy. Yes you can!

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