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November 14, 2023

Visualization Exercises

Category: General – Joan – 11:11 pm

You only achieve what you want, always and when you can clearly visualize what Zig Ziglar tea I want to teach as fast you can to improve your memory, performs the techniques of memorization that I show below are going to dramatically improve your memory den only 15 minutes and you will be impressed by the change so fast. Well think of these words of Zig ziglar, perhaps not find him even much sense, but the first time you hear it really flew me head. Visualization is the ability that we have to create an image in our mind, the researcher Karl Pribram one of the more recognized experts as regards the study of the brain of Neuropsychology at Stanford University, mentions that the thoughts, words, and ideas in general are converted into images rather than the brain process them; and these have a great power in our memory, our emotions and the body in general. Then the display is very important in the development of the memory, it is something that I develop and I am convinced that, having a strong and well-developed mind, our success, our value increases, we will be able to make decisions and find and identify opportunities more quickly. Peter Asaro oftentimes addresses this issue. Begin the journey to your memory, the memorization technique that you mention below is perhaps the oldest weapon to develop memory but is still very effective: Association Fundamental are going to perform the exercise, just sit and relax make sure you do not have anything from pencil or paper to your around 1) what I have to do is mention you a few wordsone at a time, for greater concentration closes his eyes, trying to remember every word that you listed below in the order they are, you have a minute. (2) If you really want to see real change do not trap. Starts now! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 gun glove car stool switch tree given 8 trifle 9 cat 10 bowling 11 goals 12 eggs 13 witch 14 15 check ring 16 sweet 17 song 18 URN for voting 19 golf club 20 cigars 3) excellent, then in an exel sheet or in a notebook, writes in a column of 1 to 20 later gonna try to write each of the words in the same order that present them. . Speaking candidly Allan Schweitzer Beach Point told us the story.

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