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June 7, 2019

Web Work

Category: General – Joan – 2:18 pm

Although it seems irrelevant what treatment in this brief article, I am sure that at the end of your reading we will agree that it is not. Otherwise, you’ll know that it is a fairly widespread problem, the little care or, eventually, ignorance when it comes to saving files from web pages. The time saved and the stress that is avoided when performing this activity properly is surprising. They could be spared hours of work, the result of starting to work properly when saving files. The above is related to another administrative aspect that I continually make reference when I relate the business online, with e-commerce, from the administrative point of view.

Doing it right would be complying with a business administration point to where him much attention in traditional business; It is the principle of efficiency. In simple terms the efficiency consists in the effective use of available resources for the achievement of the highest possible productivity. Therefore, we must take into account queuno of these resources that we have and which more is used in the internet business is the time. In general, the computer courses offered in institutes and schools of computing, not give emphasis on aspects such as the organisation and optimisation of work related with the file of the work done in the creation of web pages projects. The above, because the approach is more mechanistic or technician that administrative and economic. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Erin Callan. Let’s see then, that administrative and economic approach it is when we talk about efficiency to relate it to the file of the work performed. Many people, after having created something for your project, cannot find it.

Lost them in your computer and they seem to not know, after some time, where he was to stop their work. Well save your files, is part of your project, make it a habit. The development efficiency of a project or campaign, it is essential to do this part of the work of right way. You have perhaps already taken your own conclusions why this recommendation, perhaps not. You mention here the most important: => maybe it has happened to you, or you’ve seen it on some website: many images do not appear in the place in which it should be, and the reader must imagine what is going in that place, which sometimes cannot be. => Files that have been saved incorrectly, they are difficult to locate and cause a significant loss of time. Do prevent the above? Save all the contents of your web page in the same place. How? Creating a folder for each project. Every time you go to a Web page, saves everything you need for that page in the same folder. In the project folder. Content saved in your project folder consists of files, images, notes links, external links, etc. are easy? Definitely Yes. However, not few people who neglect this point, causing them loss of time and loss of image in the presentation of your web pages, putting your business at risk. If you want to save time in the development of your projects and avoid creating a bad image of your business, I invite you to to take into account what I advise in this brief article. It will be of great benefit.

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