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February 8, 2021

Women In Society

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Questioning the social identity of rural women respond well to social processes that converge, and result in the disruption of a traditional model of women's hard work, rooted in family domesticity in which the activity of women, hidden in the realm of family-private, rarely takes the social category of "work." The failure of the traditional order, which the woman was clearly in each area of social life, in contradiction in many cases with the narrowness of the local labor market, unable to provide alternative employment and social integration of women. The uprooting temporary or permanent migration, in these cases may be the inevitable consequence of this situation. One of the characteristics of farm work, in general, is the event. The development of the most profitable sectors of agriculture, has been based largely on the use of a large number of potential female workers (strawberry, cut flowers, olives, grapes, cotton, orange …). To know more about this subject visit Liberty Mutual. The group of laborers is characterized by low professional qualifications and the frequent lack of contractual relationship with which they carry out their work. Piece-work, excessive working hours, poor working conditions and salaries "female" are some of the features that characterize this hard work. Emancipatory value of wages is somehow undermined by this marginal integration of women in the labor market, may mean the take that occurs many times between the wage labor of the rural youth and reproduction of the traditional order, family to become his salary in exchange contribution to the family that is returned at the time of marriage with the purchase of furnishings, and much of the fittings and furniture of your future home. The fact that rural women have entered the labor market does not in general, there has been a process of emancipation that puts him in a position of equality with the male.

The assessment as a subsidiary of female labor, both the domestic and the extradomestic, makes the aspiration of equality. And as the poet said: "I thought that with time / my pain would stop, And I will rise / and the hours of the day." Francisco Arias Solis Freedom not are those who have no thirst. Of Internet Portal for Peace and Freedom and Free Forum. URL:

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